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Sinclair Junior college. Inspiration. PC Wrongdoing and Security Review 2002 by PC Security Foundation (CSI) 90% reported security ruptures 80% with budgetary misfortunes 85% recognized infections 78% improper utilization of the web. Inspiration. CSI/FBI Overview in 2004
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Sinclair Community College League IT Conference

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Motivation Computer Crime and Security Survey 2002 by Computer Security Institute (CSI) 90% reported security ruptures 80% with monetary misfortunes 85% identified infections 78% unseemly utilization of the web League IT Conference

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Motivation CSI/FBI Survey in 2004 Almost 500 respondents Average misfortune $300K Denial of Service assaults Loss of Intellectual Property League IT Conference

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Motivation The famous press Availability of fast web availability Growing utilization of little office/home office systems League IT Conference

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Motivation AACC study of “hot programs” 1100 schools overviewed; 31% reaction 65% checked on or changed educational programs because of expanded country security IT Conference

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PDD #63 Critical Infrastructure Protection "Critical bases are those physical and digital based frameworks vital to the base operations of the economy and government. These frameworks are vital to the point, that their inadequacy or annihilation would have an incapacitating effect on the barrier or monetary security of the United States." - President William J. Clinton, 1998 League IT Conference

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Legislation The E-Government Act (Public Law 107-347) went by the 107th Congress and marked into law by the President in December 2002 League IT Conference

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Legislation Title III of the E-Government Act, entitled the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), requires each elected office to create, record, and actualize an organization wide program to give data security League IT Conference

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Legislation Privacy necessities Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) League IT Conference

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Security Awareness “Pro Bono”, non-credit workshop Small Office/Home Office Individual clients No pre-imperatives League IT Conference

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Security Awareness Recommended errands to secure your PC Topics League IT Conference

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Courses Add security themes and attention to each course in our educational modules Integrate secure practices all through Confidentiality, uprightness and accessibility of information League IT Conference

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Courses CIS224: Web Server Administration & Security CIS206/207: Network Security I/II CompTIA Security+ CIS200: Programming a Firewall Cisco PIX 501 or comparative League IT Conference

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Courses CIS101: Home Computer Networks & Security Personal or home office CIS253: Securing a Windows Network MCSE exam 70-299 CIS255: Securing a UNIX/Linux Network League IT Conference

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Courses CIS257: Microsoft ISA Server MCSE exam #70-227 M72/M73: Cyber Security Tools and Cyber Ethics League IT Conference

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Courses For course depictions and expert syllabi… League IT Conference

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Certifications Achievable objectives for non-degree understudies Demonstrate a level of fitness Employer repayment for understudies Various levels League IT Conference

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Certifications Cisco Microsoft CompTIA CISSP SANS/GIAC Sinclair Community College League IT Conference

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Certifications Security for the Networking Professional Four courses/14 credits Network Security I & II Securing a Windows OS Securing Unix/Linux OS Three scholarly quarters League IT Conference

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Certifications Small Office/Home Office Six courses/10 credits Introductory courses Heavy web introduction Cyber security instruments and morals Two or 75% League IT Conference

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Marketing Field of Dreams: Build it and they will come?! Radio/TV Print media Brochures, hand outs, and so on. Group IT Conference

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Resources National Centers for Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education National Security Agency & Dept of Homeland Security 59 organizations in 27 states Assessment criteria scholarly world/caeiae.cfm League IT Conference

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Resources WPAFB Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) Dr. Richard Raines, Director IA Certificate Program and degree choices Partnership and award application League IT Conference

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Resources Center for Systems Security and Information Assurance (CSSIA) Moraine Valley CC Five accomplice universities in the Midwest IT Conference

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Resources SANS (SysAdmin, Audit, Network and Security) Institute Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC) IT Conference

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Resources National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Security for little organizations IT Conference

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Resources Information Systems Security Educators Assoc Infragard: FBI and private segment organization League IT Conference

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Courses League IT Conference

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Courses League IT Conference

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And in conclusion… What about your…. Thoughts Experiences Suggestions Questions Thanks for sharing and taking an interest today!! Alliance IT Conference .:tsli

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