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Your company deserves to be here. The best cost per square meter. In the best and most complete. business park in Brasil. Why Condominium ?.
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Your organization should be here The best cost per square meter In the best and most total business stop in Brasil

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Why Condominium ? Change in the idea of owing enormous structures of organization, that creates high expenses and loss of a few assets, while these could be put resources into different ranges. Because of this reality, organizations have been searching for organizations parks, since the organizations got into gatherings of various businesses and diverse sizes, providing the vital infra-structure to each of them. Atibaia São Paulo Itatiba

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Advantages Reduction of worldwide expenses in the establishment of the organization. 24 Hour Electronic Security. Infra structure prepared to be utilized. Vital Location. Asphalt floor prepared for substantial trucks. Because of the way the distribution centers were worked, there is adaptability in changing the lay-out when important. Biological Conscience: ISO 14.000 Tax Reduction

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Basic Services Administration Main Entrance working 24 hours: Graber Voice and Data Infra-structure Office Building: CEA TRADE CENTER Restaurant: Breakfast, lunch and supper VIP dinning space for business lunch or occasions. Weighting Scale with limit up to 80 ton Dedicated programming : report for every organization Parking Lots Heliport

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Basic Services Video Conference Room, Meeting Room, and preparing Room Bank Office Automatic Cash Machines (Banks) Clinic for Health Care Health Club Green Area Maintenance of blooms and plants Preservation of the characteristic green assets is 20% of the aggregate range External Maintenance and cleaning (water powered , electric, and so forth) Club to play a few games with recreation territory

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Infra-structure Sewer Treatment Station Anaerobic framework, in consistence with NBR 7229 ABNT. Water Treatment Station Electrical Distribution in medium voltage: 13.800Volts - Public light Water framework supply with two inner systems: - 2 water repository (200.000 liters each) - essential system with artesian well (165m) - auxiliary system utilizing precipitation water tank Large lanes with asphalt floor to high activity Voice and Data appropriation by fiber optic system

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Trade Center Office Building Post Office, Bank Office with money machines (UNIBANCO, BRADESCO, REDE 24hs); Health Care center; Telecommunications Carriers Rooms; 05 assembly rooms; Office Space (500m2/story)

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Storages Industrial range totally spotless; Office territory with little kitchen and restrooms ; Possibility of decision of more than one module; Facility for any Layout; Roof with warm acoustic insurance; Eight meters of tallness least; Dock : Covered spots, brought or up in similar level of the floor

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Business Focus Multinationals new branches or webpage moving High advancements organizations: Technologies Cosmetics Car-parts Food industry Freight Transport Selection Importance: Environment

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TELECOMMUNICATION Embratel - Impsat - Telefonica - Vesper Telemar - Intelig - AT&T - Vivo - BCP

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Telecommunication Telefonica Fiber Optic Link POP within CEA Impsat Fiber Optic Link Internet Access Vesper Fiber Optic Link Voice circuits Intelig Long Distance Voice calls Carriers Room Individual enclosure for every bearer Dedicated access for workers Embratel POP within CEA Fiber Optic Link AT&T Private Network Internet Access Telemar Fiber Optic Link (Ring Topology) Voice and Data joins

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Video - Conference Planned Room Multipoint office Up to four destinations can be associated Polycom System Telecommunication

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Telecommunication PABX Meridian (Nortel) 1200 augmentations 360 Lines Voice Mail Call Center office

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PABX Less Costs courses São Paulo: Vesper Inside of state: Telefonica/Vesper National: Embratel/Intelig/Telefonica International: Embratel/Telefonica/Intelig Cellular: BCP/Telesp Cellular Telecommunication

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Telecommunication CEA Data Center Host Allocation Host Administration Shared Servers Back-Up Servers Safe space for tapes stockpiling 24 hrs operation Data Network Services Cabling Maintenance PC Technical Support Server Administration Software Support Maintenance Hardware field administration PC\'s rental

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Access Control TV Cameras Outside Security Fire discovery Security Access Control Contact less card Readers in fundamental passageway and every building Used in all Business Park benefit (eatery, and so on)

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