Smelter Administration Data Frameworks (SSIS).

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Smelter Administration Data Frameworks (SSIS) Taking after are directions on the most proficient method to enter SSIS, SSC's new data framework. Utilizing Web Adventurer or Netscape sort in the location line. Click on GO or press ENTER Our landing page resembles this:
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Smelter Service Information Systems (SSIS)

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Following are guidelines on the most proficient method to enter SSIS, SSC’s new data framework.

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Using Internet Explorer or Netscape sort in the location line. Click on GO or press ENTER

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Our landing page resembles this:

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Click on the SSIS logo. The accompanying page shows up:

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Click on “Change your Password”. The change secret word screen resembles this:

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You will be accepting a letter with a duplicate of these directions that will incorporate your login name and watchword. Sort in the login name that SSC sent to you. Sort in the secret key that you got from SSC. Sort in another secret key. Sort in your new secret key again for confirmation. Click on SAVE.

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The accompanying screen shows up:

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Click on “SSIS” logo. The accompanying screen shows up:

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Type in your login name. Sort in your new secret word. Click on Login. As of right now, a screen will show up with your login name and data. Reports will be recorded on this page.

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About Your Reports You may get reports in a few arrangements including Microsoft Snapshot (*.snp), Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word (*.doc), Microsoft Access (*.mdb), Rich Text Format (*.rtf) and others. A few reports may be seen specifically in your program. Others you should download. For best results, please download the record. You should have the application ( Microsoft Snapshot Viewer , Excel, Access, other) introduced on your PC with a specific end goal to open the document.

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TO DOWNLOAD REPORTS: Internet Explorer Right-tap on the report and select \'Spare Target As\'. You ought to see the normal Windows Save As.. dialog box. Netscape Navigator Click on a report. Select \'Recovery to Disk\' and snap OK. You ought to see the basic Windows Save As.. dialog box.

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About the Microsoft Snapshot Viewer The Microsoft Snapshot Viewer permits clients to see Microsoft Access Reports without being joined with the Access database. Basic establishments of Microsoft Office 2000 don\'t typically incorporate the Snapshot Viewer. To Install the Microsoft Snapshot Viewer Download a record with a (*.snp) expansion and endeavor to open it. On the off chance that you don\'t have the Snapshot Viewer introduced, you ought to be provoked to introduce it.

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Place your Microsoft Office 2000 CD in your CD drive and take after the directions. (Prescribed) OR you can DOWNLOAD the Microsoft Snapshot Viewer at At Microsoft\'s website, Click "Download Snapshot Viewer."

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Download the record, SnpVw90.exe, to an organizer on you\'re PC. At the point when the download is finished, go to the organizer and double tap SnpVw90.exe to start establishment. Take after directions. To figure out additional about the Microsoft Snapshot Viewer, go to the Microsoft Office Download Center .

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If you have any inquiries, please call me at (931) 379-7765 or email . We trust this will be exceptionally useful to you and your organization. If it\'s not too much trouble call with any inquiries, remarks or proposals you may have. Much appreciated and appreciate. Brenda Runions .:tslidesep.

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