SMERT: Vitality Effective Outline of a Sight and sound Informing Framework for Cell phones.

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The gadget can pick when to download the substance with which remote interface ... Calculation offloaded from cell phones to divider controlled PCs ...
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SMERT: Energy-Efficient Design of a Multimedia Messaging System for Mobile Devices Lin Zhong Rice University Bin Wei A&T Labs-Research Michael Sinclair Microsoft Research

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Multimedia Messaging 1 Compelling media sources 1 2 Relevant pieces built 3 Rich substance forces more difficulties on influence use ? 3 2 Tuesday, May 28, 2006 8:31PM TeleComm(96 seconds) In painstakingly worded articulation, BellSouth , AT&T , and now Verizon have tested a report that said the organizations gave tens of a huge number of buyers\' telephone records to the National Security Agency as a major aspect of the war on psychological warfare after 9/11. news program content, pictures, sound, and video

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Device power profile Communications 1600mW, GPRS System 370mW, Busy User interfaces 212mW, Display Messaging administration Energy Cost Message Text KFrames Video Size 140 10K 696K Auto Dnld (J) ~0.03 ~1.2 ~80 Manu Dnld (J) ~0.08 ~1.7 ~114 Consum. taken a toll (J) ~5 ~10 ~48 Our Goal: Optimizing sight and sound informing administrations, given the requirement of battery lifetime

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Our Approach Reconstruct message content Different levels Selective and incremental, rather than all-or-none Utilize low-control UI gadget A wrist-worn low-control UI gadget Limited substance with control interface Reduce client interferences Battery-mindful message getting Automatic downloading without vitality utilization in plain view

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MediaAlert informing framework Watch SMS Notification Fetching Media-cautions of various qualities/positions Web server Mobile gadget SMERT: A progressive interactive media informing system for versatile clients SMERT: A SMart alERT Messaging System

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SMERT SMS versus MMS/SMS 140 Bytes Short depiction of the message URL to wealthier substance Different from customary MMS/SMS: short message + control data MMS: more itemized substance The gadget can pick when to download the substance with which remote interface MMS is restricted to the utilization of cell systems Our gadget can utilize Wi-Fi, which can expend 10 times less vitality than GPRS in information exchange if accessible

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Cache-Watch Cache-Watch Caches messages from p sharpen Data store Low-influence auxiliary interface to p sharpen Interface reserve 100 X 132 Dot Matrix LCD Three arrangement of touch sensors 1: mode exchanging 2 and 3: showed content control Browse/erase/affirm reserved data Synchronized with the telephone intermittently Cache-watch 1.0

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Watch with Invisible Technology Tech-substantial watches yet to demonstrate wide social acknowledgment Invisible content Fossil Palm Watch SPOT/MSN-Direct Fossil A watch with regular appearance however one line of computerized content show Short instant messages Caller IDs

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2x8 character low-influence LCD Debugging load up Both programming and equipment will be OPEN-SOURCE! New Development at Rice

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3 Equivalent # of 20-second telephone SMS access every hour 2.3 2 # of telephone SMS gets to 1.4 1 0.7 0.6 0.5 0 0.5 1 3 5 10 Phone-CacheWatch synchronization interim (moment) Energy Efficiency Benefit Phone outsources basic yet-visit intuitive assignments to Cache-Watch Display use lessening energy decrease One diminishment in telephone instant message gets to per two hour will legitimize Bluetooth association at regular intervals Benefit increments if lower power remote individual region advances are utilized

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MediaAlert Messaging framework Watch SMS Notification Fetching Media-alarms of various qualities/designs Web server Mobile gadget SMERT: Fetching and Notification Fetching and Notification Prioritize messages Battery mindfulness (Evaluate battery) Adaptive synchronization plan

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Message Prioritization Priority is controlled by match quality and amount Keywords are gathered in levels of various criticalness Matches are tallied crosswise over gatherings; more elevated amount overwhelms lower ones; more matches contribute more. Delay-Tolerance Score (DTS) Priority score is (1-DTS) which is between 1 (most pressing) and 0 (minimum dire). Instructive (5-0) Deferrable (10-0) Critical (1-0) l m n ∑ C + E * ∑ I + F * ∑ D i = 1 i = 1 i = 1 DTS = d *(l + m + n) Critical: 1/10, 1/20, 1/30, 1/40, … Informative: 5/10, 9/20, 12/30, 14/40,… Deferrable: 10/10, 19/20, 27/30, 33/40…

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Battery Evaluation Energy Optimism Score (EOS) Battery-mindful strategies need data from both edges. Need score – the application point of view. Vitality idealism score – the gadget viewpoint. RBC EOS = ECR * EWT RBC: Remaining battery limit ECR: Energy utilization rate EWT: Expected work time

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Battery-Aware Policies Messages touch base as SMS Phone-watch synchronization plan Notification arrangement Through telephone Send to wrist Fetching approach Bluetooth Decision sent back to telephone User choice Fetch Delete CacheWatch Default message notice Message Gator on telephone

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S 6 10 Battery-Aware Fetching and Notification strategy relies on upon need score and EOS. Overlook low need messages when EOS is low Notify the client through the telephone when need is high Automatic or client coordinated getting Tradeoffs among need, EOS and message size, as Y<0, P*EOS <= 0.5: prompt P*EOS >0.5: k-outlines 0<Y<0.5: k-outlines Y>1.5: cut Fetching Factor (Y) = P * EOS - P: need score EOS: vitality positive thinking score S: the span of the littlest video design

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Communication Need w.r.t. Message Delay 1000 900 800 Fixed interim 700 Adaptive-MAX=20, STEP=1 600 Adaptive-MAX=40, STEP=1 Total # of telephone watch interchanges 500 Adaptive-MAX=40, STEP=2 400 300 200 100 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 Average message delay (minutes)

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Design Lessons Looking past the cell phone itself Energy productivity combined with ease of use Energy effectiveness != less vitality utilization Maximize informing administrations while accomplishing the focused on battery lifetime

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Conclusion and future work SMERT: a vitality proficient sight and sound informing framework Targets: Reduce correspondence prerequisite Minimize interferences to the client Methods: Device chain of command Information lavishness versus battery use Future work User concentrates on Multiple remote systems for higher vitality effectiveness (bolstered by SMERT)

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Measuring power utilization Hardware 0.1 ohm resistor in arrangement inside battery 1 KHz testing rate USB estimation gadget

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Thermal test Every One Watt expands surface temperature by around 13 deg C Simulation utilizing FloTherm Phone case temperature will be 40 deg C higher for a three-watt SMT5600. Energy component batteries have <50% productivity: one-watt heat for one-watt power

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Adaptive Communication Scheme Dynamically change telephone watch correspondence interims Traces

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Related Work Internet alarms Google cautions, Yahoo alarms, and so forth. A large portion of them depend on email Balancing application quality and vitality preservation Keeping track of force interest, supply, and use history Computation offloaded from cell phones to divider controlled PCs Standard informing structure IMS

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