SNAP-Ed 2010-2011.

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1,075,021,559 paid in SNAP (sustenance stamps) to Kentuckians in 2009 ... Cultivating Programs (counting holder & group) Farmers Markets (can utilize sustenance ...
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SNAP-Ed 2010-2011

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What is SNAP-Ed? Program executed to help people qualified for the Food Benefit Program to: Make sound nourishment decisions inside a restricted spending plan Choose a physically dynamic way of life Achieve & Maintain great wellbeing Avoid coming up short on sustenance Prepare & store sustenance securely

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The New Poor… $1,075,021,559 paid in SNAP (sustenance stamps) to Kentuckians in 2009 KY Unemployment 12/08=7.6% and 12/09=10.7% 716,951 Kentuckians are living in Poverty. 232,097 of KY youth are living in neediness (under age 18) 1 in 7 Kentucky Families are currently utilizing a Food Bank. Just 13.2% of KY High School understudies eat 5 or more servings of leafy foods every day contrasted with National Avg 21.4%. Just 18.4% of KY Adults eat 5 or more servings of natural products & vegetables every day in 2008.

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Keep as a main priority… Nutrition instruction must be shown & can incorporate nourishment security, sustenance planning, significance of physical action & other sustenance related subjects. Crowd must be SNAP-Ed beneficiaries &/or eligibles . (getting or qualified for sustenance stamps) Hours will be sorted by: Direct (conveying message/lesson in individual) Indirect (mailings, presents, radio… ) Administrative (administering & preparing volunteers, paper work… )

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Where to discover SNAP-Ed groups of onlookers Schools & preschools with half free and diminished lunch Housing Authority Head Start Family asset focus Senior Centers Commodity circulation areas Day camps Summer nourishing destinations WIC Farmer\'s Markets Health Fairs Grocery Stores** *These are only a couple of thoughts, every region is distinctive. **Grocery Stores with month to month $50,000 nourishment stamp recovery (see site)

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What Can Agents Do??

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FCS Agents Super Star Chef Food Safety Food Prep Food Preservation Planning suppers Reading names Hand washing WIN in KY Grocery Store Displays Farmers market demos LEAP Backpack Program Newsletters, news articles, radio projects Supervising associate/volunteers on sustenance training programs.

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ANR/Hort Agents (Emphasize the significance of products of the soil) Gardening Programs (counting compartment & group) Farmers Markets (can utilize sustenance show from 2 yrs back) Radio projects, news articles, & pamphlets Food Safety Grilling Programs (instruct about various cuts of meat & nourishment security)

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4-H/Youth Development Agents Nutrition Education JIFF Captain Fit Power Panther We Can Professor Popcorn

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Fine Arts Agent Incorporate sustenance training into expressive arts programming. Theater Songs Dance Visual Arts Resources accessible include: LEAP, Professor Popcorn, JIFF

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County Paid Program Assistants LEAP Professor Popcorn Food Champion Volunteer Program (coming May 2010) WIN in Ky JIFF Backpack Program

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Volunteers (Agents can number time overseeing & preparing volunteers BUT CANNOT tally the volunteer time for themselves.) LEAP Professor Popcorn Food Champion Volunteer (coming in May 2010) BackPack program Super Star Chef Summer encouraging Assisting qualified 4-H Clubs Grocery Store Displays *Volunteers must round out their own month to month volunteer time sheet*

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Agent Commitment Form (additionally utilize this for County Paid Assistants)

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Volunteer Commitment Form

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Volunteer Reporting Form

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How to Report SNAP-Ed Hours Agents ~report on CATPAWS-by 10 th of taking after month. Region Paid Assistants ~report on CATPAWS-by tenth of taking after month. Volunteers ~report month to month utilizing volunteer reporting form.* * Mailed by Agent to: UK Nutrition Education Program 1 Quality St Lexington, KY 40507

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Resources and Answers to Questions… Nutrition Education Program Resources: Downloadable Displays NEPieces Curriculum & Publications Power Point Presentations List of affirmed Grocery Stores FAQ\'s Visit: Bi-Monthly Newsletters: Food & Nutrition Calendar

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