Snohomish Area Tourism Department.

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Use the 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympics as an impetus to showcase Snohomish ... escaping the Games. Urging groups to arrange pre-and post-Olympic occasions in Snohomish ...
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Snohomish County Tourism Bureau State of Tourism May 2008

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Tourism IS monetary improvement "Tourism is financial advancement. Tourism implies occupations and wage for Washington families and business". Senator Christine Gregoire

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Snohomish County and Pierce County Comparative Snohomish Pierce County Visitor Spending $ 823.4 million $ 842.7 million Transportation and fuel $ 231.9 million $ 201.7 million Restaurants $ 213.6 million $ 233.4 million Retail stores $ 126.3 million $ 140.3 million Recreation and entertainment $ 112.1 million $ 122.8 million Accommodations $ 96.5 million $ 97.2 million Grocery stores $ 42.9 million $ 47.4 million

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Snohomish County and Pierce County Comparative Snohomish Pierce Jobs 9,260 10,870 Payroll $192.2 million $214.6 million County taxes $ 13.7 million $ 17.8 million State taxes $ 47.0 million $ 47.0 million *Estimated by Dean Runyan from 2005 income and occupation information from the Bureau of Economic Analysis and 2006 finance information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Hotel Occupancy Snohomish County had the most elevated inhabitance of all provinces in Washington State in 2007 at 72%.

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Tourism in Snohomish County grew 5.9% in 2006. 222,450 web guests in 2007. Guests to SCTB guest focuses expanded 30% more than 2006. Agency staff went to 14 exchange appears and led 3 deals missions bringing about 2,611 leads for tourism organizations. Occasions and traditions booked contributed $14.5 million in financial effect – a 42% expansion in monetary effect more than 2006. Lodging inhabitance levels were 72.0% in 2007 – the most noteworthy of all provinces in Washington. Inn motel charge accumulations were up 16%. Accomplished $288,179 of free media scope. Snohomish County Tourism Bureau Brief Overview of 2007

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Snohomish County Sports Commission The SCSC has kept on creating associations with occasions rights holders, venue administration, and city and province parks offices. Through the endeavors of the SCSC, a proposed tourism advancement region is being considered by the cabin group as a subsidizing source to expand sports promoting endeavors.

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Travel, Tourism and Hospitality One of Washington\'s Largest Industries Only aviation and programming had essentially more noteworthy payrolls in 2006 when contrasted with the travel business. Guests from outside Washington State produce $250 of duty income for each Washington family unit. Guests from different areas create an extra $140 of assessment income per family unit. 36% of explorers in Washington are from Washington; 53% from different U.S. states and 10% are from universal destinations – Canada including 30 – 35% of all global spending.

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Travel, Tourism and Hospitality In Washington State, rustic areas are more subject to tourism than urban districts, despite the fact that urban provinces have larger amounts of tourism spending and travel produced livelihood. Main ten districts with the most elevated extent of travel-produced work are rustic.

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Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Travel-Generated Earnings as a percent of aggregate Earnings: Pacific – 10.4% San Juan – 14.5% Skamania – 16.2% King – 2.3% Pierce – 1.2% Snohomish – 1.3% Skagit – 2.1% State Average – 2.1% Data gave by CTED, Washington State Statewide Travel Impacts and Visitor Volume 1991 – 2007, distributed December 2007

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Travel, Tourism and Hospitality This industry is a considerable manager of ladies with ladies holding a normal of 52% of the occupations. This industry is an extensive manager of minorities with 35% a greater number of Hispanics and 12% more African Americans than the normal U.S. industry. * 2002 Travel Industry Employment report, CTED

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Travel, Tourism and Hospitality vast normal compensation is $13.16 every hour, or about $27,380 yearly. ** Working entrepreneurs are extremely basic in this industry with a higher extent of working proprietors than any of Washington State\'s essential assembling commercial ventures. ** Washington State Office of Community Trade and Economic Development Olympia, Washington December 2007

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Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Everyone needs to begin some place. Section level occupations in the travel business have constrained experience prerequisites and are accessible to the individuals who are youthful or new to the work power. Low maintenance occupations are critical to understudies, second employments, homemakers. Aptitudes are effectively exchanged and specialists are effortlessly advanced.

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Tourism Overview – the Changing Landscape What has changed in Snohomish County since 2000? New private ventures are set up and keeping on extending.

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Tourism Overview – the Changing Landscape Capital Projects – Nine undertakings have been finished Future of Flight Lynnwood Convention Center Adopt-A-Stream Everett Events Center Edmonds Performing Arts Center AquaSox Everett Memorial Stadium Museum of Flight Restoration Center Nippon Business Institute garden Imagine Children\'s Museum

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Tourism Overview – the Changing Landscape Increased worldwide rivalry for explorers dollars Internet utilization developing leveling the playing field Regional travel is urged because of post 9-11 efforts to establish safety, airplane terminal burden elements and the high cost of fuel.

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Tourism Overview – the Changing Landscape Agri-tourism is another and developing industry. Lodging inhabitances are solid and new improvement is in procedure. Skate America 2008 2010 Olympics opportunities and SnoGold\'s inclusion

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2010 Games – At a Glance Dates : Olympic Winter Games February 12-28 Paralympic Winter Games March 12-21 Estimated Participants : Athletes and Officials – 6,700 Countries Olympics – 80+ Countries Paralympics – 40+

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2010 Games – At a Glance Visitors & Tickets : Event tickets – 1.8 million Estimated guests – 250,000 Media – 10,000 Volunteers – 25,000 (diversions); 10,000 (services) Investment and business opportunity : An expected $8-10 billion will be gone through regarding the 2010 Games

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About SnoGold 2010 Initiative drove by Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon Collaborating with urban communities, organizations, associations, group gatherings and people to boost monetary and perceivability opportunities

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SnoGold Goals/Objectives Utilize the 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympics as an impetus to showcase Snohomish County to guests originating from around the globe, guaranteeing a noteworthy Snohomish County encounter that makes the craving to return whether for business or joy. Amplify open doors for new and existing Snohomish County organizations to profit by north-of-the-outskirt exercises. Position Snohomish County as a 2010 Olympics data asset to both County inhabitants and national and worldwide guests.

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SnoGold Audiences Snohomish County organizations, laborers, inhabitants, urban areas, groups, associations, and tribes Regional, national and global guests to Washington State and British Columbia pre, amid and post-occasion B.C. business group/VANOC Participants of the 2010 Olympics – people and groups Governments, chose authorities, organizations and tribes Media – provincially, broadly and globally

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Snohomish County Executive Office SnoGold 2010 Initiative SnoGold 2010 Executive Committee (Organizing Body) SnoGold 2010 At Large Communications Committee Tourism Committee Business Development Committee Work Groups as Needed Work Groups As Needed SnoGold 2010 Structure

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Business Development Tactics SnoGold attempts to: keep organizations educated of Games related open doors create associations with key players in B.C. draw in new organizations to the County and get ready business group for the deluge of explorers convey Olympic groups to Snohomish County for preparing and future rivalry opportunities

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"Taking the Scenic Route": Tourism Tactics SnoGold effectively advances Snohomish County as the "Portal to the Games," is effectively working with and distinguishing travel-related organizations required in the Games. Attempting to draw in B.C. occupants escaping the Games. Urging groups to arrange pre-and post-Olympic occasions in Snohomish County. Effectively looking for an Olympic light visit.

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The Future of Tourism in Snohomish County Tourism is an always showing signs of change, element and monetarily huge industry for Snohomish County. Tourism will soon be a $1 Billion Dollar industry in Snohomish County.

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Snohomish County Tourism Bureau Amy Spain

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