Social Programming.

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2006 Jan-Paul Nachtwey & Enrico Schnepel, FHTW Berlin
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Social Software and its impacts Social Software

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Agenda What is „Social Software"? Weblogs and web indexes Wikis and handshakes Summary

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„Social Software" – What is it? ?

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„Social Software" – What is it? interfacing individuals

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„Social Software" – What is it? support the between human correspondence, communication and coordinated effort for the most part self-sorting out help with creating and enhancing informal organizations and groups

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„Social Software" – What is it? Wikis Weblogs Webforums moment errand people email, mailing records groupware Lotus Notes, MS Exchange communitarian editors MoonEdit, Gobby Contact traders Orkut, LinkedIn, Friendster, OpenBC gather and categorise flickr,, CiteULike, Rollyo

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Software with correspondence - Weblogs (Blogs) blend of the words "web" and \'log\', additionally called "blog" show as often as possible included articles at the top more seasoned articles are accessible in a chronicle regularly given to extraordinary subjects (e.g. for "Social Software"

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Software with correspondence - index administrations conglomeration of administrations to classify content inquiry in classifications and substance of different clients. correspondence and reconciliation of various administrations with and among each other. ( Mashup Matrix )

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Software with correspondence - registry administrations - Rollyo tweaked internet searcher permits clients to take up to 25 URL\'s and make their own inquiry device – called „Searchroll"s searchrolls could be altered or changed whenever fueled by Yahoo

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Software with correspondence - catalog administrations - Rollyo Advantages labeling of searchrolls for better recovery just those locales that you know and trust are looked for data Disadvantages other vital pages won\'t not be recorded hunt is restricted to a particular part of a web space/particular website

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Software with correspondence - wikis „wikiwiki" (Hawaiian) implies „quick". content administration framework which is anything but difficult to work complex accumulations of content could be sorted out and cross connected when sparing everything is in a split second unmistakable to others everyone may alter a wiki page on the off chance that it\'s designed for unknown altering

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Software with correspondence - Wikipedia depends on MediaWiki new articles and changes are appraised and perhaps declined by a group of arbitrators incompletely or totally vandalized writings are reestablished utilizing the incorporated variant control framework comparable articles are joined superfluous pages are erased

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Software with correspondence - AI-Wiki correspondence stage for understudies of our course contains supplementary data to gave scripts notes from the addresses rundowns readiness for examination

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Six handshakes - Six Degrees of Separation studies demonstrated what number of "handshakes" are expected to associate two discretionary individuals. six "handshakes" are required in normal informal organizations like openBC or LinkedIn depend on these observations. conceivable adjustment to specialized systems. ( WP SixDeg )

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Conclusion The web as it exists today wouldn\'t be what is without Social Software.

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