Social Scene of the United States and Canada.

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Social Scene of the United States and Canada U. S. Legislative center working in Washington, DC Capital working in Richmond Brilliant Door Span in San Francisco, CA Freedom Lobby in Philadelphia, Dad Site of the marking of the Assertion of Autonomy
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Social Landscape of the United States and Canada

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U. S. State house building in Washington, DC

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Capital building in Richmond

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Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA

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Independence Hall in Philadelphia, PA Site of the Declaration\'s marking of Independence

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St. Louis Arch in St. Louis, MO. Portal to westbound extension

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Wheat fields in north focal USA and south focal Canada

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Skyscrapers in bigger U. S. urban areas

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Shopping Malls are found in each substantial city in the U. S. A

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Great Plains Atlantic Coastal Plain Gulf Coastal Plain

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Los Angeles

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Houston, TX

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Los Angeles, CA

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New York City

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Chicago, IL

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Capital of the United States Washington. DC

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Vancouver, BC

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Ottawa Capital of Canada

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Site and Situation

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Richmond, VA created where the James River met the fall line. Boats could no more go upstream so the city of Richmond was built up. Richmond, VA

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Omaha, Nebraska and Sacramento, CA created in light of the fact that they were on the Transcontinental Railroad. Sacramento, CA Omaha, NE

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Pittsburgh, PA created where three waterways unite. Pittsburgh,PA

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Quebec City Quebec City created where the St. Lawrence River contracted.

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Quebec, City Montreal Vancouver, BC Ottawa Toronto Chicago, IL Sacramento, CA N.Y. City Pittsburgh,PA Omaha, NE Richmond, VA Wash. DC Los Angeles, CA Houston, TX

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