Sociedad Austral del Plata SA.

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ARGENTINA. 12/July/2008. 05/Aug/2008. Watch the distinction of shading in the water channel ... ARGENTINA. 12/July/2008. 05/Aug./2008. Attributes of methane air pockets. Surface secured ...
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Sociedad Austral del Plata SA Ernesto de las Carreras 2262 PB2 (B1643AVH) Beccar Buenos Aires ARGENTINA -

Slide 2 Advantages In The Use of Oxydol Trial Started on 12/July/08 First Results Obtained el 05/Aug/08 Ing. Daniel Herbalejo

Slide 3 Swine Farm Control On Oxidation Pond PRIMARY

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Buenos Aires ARGENTINA 12/July/2008 05/Aug/2008 Observe the distinction of shading in the water gulf range. It can be obviously watched the division of strong and clear stages.

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Buenos Aires ARGENTINA 12/Juliy/2008 05/Aug./2008 Layer of solids on the surface of first essential lake. Watch rising over the entire surface

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Buenos Aires ARGENTINA 12/July/2008 05/Aug./2008 Characteristics of methane air pockets Surface secured with Oxydol bubbles and diverse shading tones

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Buenos Aires ARGENTINA 05/July/2008 05/Aug/2008 The illumination of "waters" can be watched . Clear division of stages can be watched. It is the same picture "ZOOMED" to watch more points of interest.

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Buenos Aires ARGENTINA 12/July/2008 05/Aug./2008 The distinction talks without anyone else. It is the same region captured after application. Range of water accumulation before being exchanged to lake No. 2.

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Buenos Aires ARGENTINA 12/July/2008 05/Aug./2008 Passage range from lake 1 to lake 2. The change of water quality is extremely observable

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