Socrates Malta School Instruction Comenius.

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to enhance proficient advancement of staff straightforwardly included in the school training segment, to advance the learning of dialects and intercultural mindfulness. ...
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Socrates Malta School Education Comenius

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Success in the first year of the Comenius Program Increase in the quantity of ventures 2000 - 6 projects 2001-36 ventures

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Overall Objectives of Comenius (all through the first year) to upgrade the quality and strengthen the European Dimension (by empowering transnational co-operation between schools), to enhance proficient advancement of staff specifically included in the school training area, to advance the learning of dialects and intercultural mindfulness.

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Comenius Team Set up in 2000. Held its initially meeting on twelfth June 2000. Comprised of individuals from the Socrates Co-ordinating Committee and individuals from the Socrates Office at the University of Malta. Meets frequently to delineate the procedure for the usage of the Comenius 2 program in Malta.

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Publicity Intensive media battle - official statements, radio and TV programs Dissemination of data - pamphlets, flyers and notices Organization of various data sessions Participation in different national occasions by method for data stands (AMITEX Fair, Back to class Fair) Website - -overhauled frequently -applications and rules are online Information sessions at schools Comenius Partners in Malta booklet to help in accomplice discovering

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Socrates Office Provides specialized exhortation and help on the distinctive phases of building up a venture. Hold up close and personal meeting with venture co-ordinators and accomplices. Advance the accessibility of Socrates opportunities. Help members to make contacts and discover accomplices. Keep up cozy association with the Technical Assistance Office in Brussels and with other National Agencies.

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Comenius 1 - School Partnerships first March 2000 6 schools presented their applications and were endorsed -5 School Projects -St. Aloysius College, B\'Kara -Chiswick House School, San Gwann -Guze Delia Primary School, Siggiewi -Theresa Nuzzo School, Marsa -Adelaide Cini, Girls\' Secondary School, Hamrun -1 Language Project -Sir M. A. Refalo, Center for Further Studies, Gozo

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Comenius 1 - School Partnerships first March 2001 30 School Projects 4 Language Projects 5 School Development Projects 5 Renewals 44 applications were submitted 36 applications were affirmed

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Selection Procedures 2 eliminates Assessment conveyed at a national level Inter-office discussion Management instruments Guidelines for applications SOCLINK NETY

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4 activities were submitted and endorsed. Comenius 2.1 - European Co-operation Projects for the Training of School Education Staff

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Comenius 2.1 - European Co-operation Projects for the Training of School Education Staff

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Comenius 2.2C - Individual Grants for In-administration Training 2000 199 applications got 46 Primary 104 Secondary 49 Post-Secondary 4 In-administration courses endorsed Europe in Primary Education, UK Promoting an European Dimension in the School Curriculum, UK Schools independence, quality and cooperation, Italy Learner Autonomy and the Role of the Teacher, France

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Comenius 2.2C - Individual Grants for In-administration Training 2001 40 applications submitted 28 applications affirmed Examples of In-administration Courses : Creative ways to deal with learning Developing Educational structures Project Management The Social Context of Achievement another methodology and in-administration instructor preparing

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Comenius 2.2 - Call for courses for the Comenius Catalog 18 applications were presented by Maltese Co-ordinators for incorporation in the Comenius Catalog Website 2002/2003

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Comenius 3 - Networks 2 applications were submitted - TEPEE - Towards an European Portfolio for Environmental Education - RIAC - Regional Identity and Active Citizenship

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Promotion and Information Comenius Seminar - Comenius : Towards European Co-operation - twentieth and 21st October 2001 Comenius Information Meeting - ninth February 2001 Comenius Information Meeting - thirteenth July 2001 Info days with MIC, different State/Private Schools (Malta & Gozo)

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Events and Information Activities Conference on the Implementation of the National Curriculum - ninth - eleventh June 2000 Comenius 1 Contact Seminars (11 educators) Comenius Network Information and Promotion Day in Brussels Comenius 3 Contact Seminars (3 educators) Comenius National Agencies Meetings in Brussels

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Comenius Week The European Commission and the Socrates/Comenius NA mean to compose a progression of mindfulness raising exercises under the name of Comenius Week from the 24th to the 27th November 2001. This occasion will comprise in different decentralized data and scattering exercises occurring amid the same period in each of the 30 Socrates/Comenius taking an interest nations. These exercises will be highlighted by one focal occasion at European level in Brussels. 1 Maltese schools will go to Brussels while 5 different schools will take an interest in this occasion from Malta.

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Future Activities Comenius Week 2 Comenius 1 Contact Seminars -Arts in the Curriculum -Challenging Schools

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Deadlines first November 2001 - Comenius 3 - Pre-Proposal Applications first March 2002 - Comenius 1 - School Partnerships - Comenius 2.1-European Cooperation Projects for the Training of School Education Staff - Comenius 2.2B - Language Assistantships - Comenius 3 - Full-Proposal Applications fifteenth March 2002 - Comenius 2.2C - Individual Grants for In-Service Training

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Structure of Comenius Overall Priorities Equal Opportunities Pupils at danger Children of transients, Gypsies, voyagers and word related explorers Pupils with exceptional instructive needs

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Who can take an interest? Understudies, understudies and different learners All classifications of instructive staff, (for example, educators, head instructors, managerial staff, administration staff, direction advisors and overseers) All sorts of instructive foundations Education powers at nearby, local and national level

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Comenius - Three Actions Comenius 1 - SCHOOL PARTNERSHIPS Comenius 2 - TRAINING OF SCHOOL EDUCATION STAFF Comenius 3 - NETWORKS

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Comenius 1 Comenius Plan School Partnerships Mobility

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Comenius 1 - needs Pupils with uncommon instructive needs Intercultural instruction, battle bigotry and xenophobia Equal chances of ladies and men Schools lacking knowledge in European collaboration Disadvantaged schools and students

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Comenius Plan Short and straightforward paper Tool for school to arrange and assess exercises under Comenius Outcome of reflection and examination between all performers concerned Point of reference for the National Agencies

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Comenius Projects Subject Aims Timetable of exercises Duration Budget

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Comenius 1 - Project Types Three undertaking sorts : Comenius School Projects Comenius Language Projects Comenius School Development Projects

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Comenius School Projects Objective : to create and strengthen the European measurement of school training Format : no less than 3 schools from no less than 3 nations for a long time most extreme Area : any topic or theme of normal enthusiasm to the partaking schools

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Comenius Language Projects Objective : to enhance students\' inspiration and ability to learn outside dialects Format : 2 schools in 2 nations for 1 year Priorities : - the slightest generally utilized and taught dialects of the EU - professional and specialized schools

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Comenius School Development Projects Objective : to enhance school administration and pedagogical methodologies School focused : administration and staff Format : no less than 3 schools in no less than 3 nations for a long time greatest Area : any topic or theme identifying with administration and pedagogical methodologies of regular enthusiasm to the taking an interest schools

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Examples Integration of students with extraordinary instructive needs Integration of ethnic minority bunches Preventing and fighting prejudice and xenophobia Conflict determination; counteractive action of viciousness Equal open doors amongst young ladies and young men Acquiring aptitudes in the dialect of guideline Adapted showing strategies; classroom administration Involvement of middle people and showing colleagues Involvement of folks and the neighborhood group Co-operation and co-appointment with nearby powers, for example, social administrations, wellbeing administrations, occupation administrations, youth administrations and the police

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Partners other than schools Objective : to insert ventures in a more extensive school and neighborhood environment Examples : folks\' affiliations, understudies\' affiliations, neighborhood and provincial powers, organizations, affiliations, non-profitmaking associations, NGOs, historical centers and so forth

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Staff Mobility Outside activities : preliminary visits Within tasks : - transnational undertaking gatherings - head educator study visits - instructor trades - instructor situations - going with class trades

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Comenius School Projects Comenius School Development Projects Comenius Language Projects investment of set number of students in transnational undertaking gatherings class trades for min. 14 days of min. 10 students matured 14 years or more Pupil Mobility

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Standard sum Variable sum Complementary Funding Various undertaking costs Transnational portability of staff and understudies Schools Financial Support

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Further Information Schools, Organizations and Institutions which are occupied with submitting venture thoughts to be subsidized under the SOCRATES/COMENIUS Action can contact : Socrates Office or EUPU Ms. Annhelica Scerri Mr. Ivan Borg Tel : 3290 2204 Tel : 220183 E-mail :

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