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Monolithic Solid Bullets. By Brandon Butschek MEEN 3344 Material Science. What is a Monolithic Solid Bullet?. It is a bullet that is made to travel in a straight path inside an animal. It is a copper alloy. It is approximately 61.5% copper, 35% zinc 0.5% tin, and 3% lead.
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Solid Bullets By Brandon Butschek MEEN 3344 Material Science

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What is a Monolithic Solid Bullet? It is a shot that is made to go in a straight way inside a creature. It is a copper amalgam. It is roughly 61.5% copper, 35% zinc 0.5% tin, and 3% lead. The projectile increases the vast majority of its quality from the homogeneity of the compound.

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Monolithic Solid Bullet

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Conventional Bullets They can separate and misshape inside the creature. This can make the shot get off target and not others consciously slaughter the creature.

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Monolithic Solid Bullets It will hold its shape and it will better go in a straight way.

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Advantages/Disadvantages It can hold its shape and it won\'t puncture steel plate. Weight? The solid strong shot expenses about twice as much an ordinary projectile.

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