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Don\'t Fear the Food. Systems for MenusMenu HelpersSubstitute more advantageous optionsPrepping foodsSafe Kitchen. Make an Arrangement. Basic supply ShoppingPlan around Sales Circular or CouponsGive yourself an opportunity to shop smartPick sustenances that can be cooked or arranged effectively and are healthySet a Limit for take out each weekIf you do take out, make it on day you can\'t cookChoose nourishments you can control segment and ca
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Solid Meals Healthy & Time Saving Tips

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Don\'t Fear the Food Strategies for Menus Menu Helpers Substitute more advantageous alternatives Prepping nourishments Safe Kitchen

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Make a Plan Grocery Shopping Plan around Sales Circular or Coupons Give yourself an opportunity to shop shrewd Pick sustenances that can be cooked or arranged effortlessly and are sound Set a Limit for take out every week If you do take out, make it on day you can\'t cook Choose sustenances you can control bit and calories like sandwiches or servings of mixed greens with toppings as an afterthought All hands on deck Get side things the children can settle to assist

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Strategies for arranging Menus Keep all individuals from the family educated Print/Write and Post Weekly Menu Get Everyone included Pick c olors, topics evenings (Healthy Homemade Pizza Night) or nourishments that start with specific letters for little children (Letter "S"- Soup & Sandwiches) Make it FUN and SIMPLE !!

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Strategies for arranging Menus Choose brisk sides to combine with tedious dishes Frozen microwaveable steamer vegetables Bagged plate of mixed greens packs Pre-cut crisp leafy foods Plan left overs for occupied evenings (ball games, move, church, class, or only a taxing day) Have a couple of adaptable menu days for the startling insane day. Low fat franks with entire wheat buns can be supplemented anytime. Utilize the sustenance pyramid and incorporate all nutritional categories Variety of nourishments = more minerals and vitamins

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Menu Helpers Dinner Tonight Videos - Healthy Living - Texas AgriLife Research and Extension Center at Dallas time-dilemma.pdf What\'s for Dinner Tonight? Well ordered video help for basic dinners Texas Agri - Life Extension Agency Tip Sheets, Videos, Recipes, Healthy Programs, Family Nutrition Information, Blogs & Facebook

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Menu Helpers University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) Extension in Lancaster County FOOD: Nutrition, Safety & Cooking

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Menu Helpers Recipes-Heart Healthy, Healthy Weight, Quick dinners, Vegetarian and More Tips & Ideas Magazine or Website Registered Dietitian Support

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Menu Helpers National Heart Lung and Blood Institute " Mom, What\'s for Dinner?" Check out Deliciously Healthy Meals Downloads, gifts, tips, formulas, and recordings

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Substitutions Small Changes have huge effects!!! Bring down fat, salt admission and sugar Apple sauce for vegetable oil You can decrease sugar Learn to cook without salt, utilize herbs rather Replace fat free plain yogurt for sharp cream Add canned beans or mushrooms and veggies to build up meat/protein dishes. Expands fiber and brings down fat . (canned beans tomatoes, solidified corn and soy beans in plates of mixed greens, taco meat) Rinsing cooked ground hamburger, beans and canned merchandise to lessen fat and additionally sodium recipes.pdf

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Prepare Ahead of Time Prep create after shopping for food Clean and hack carrots, celery, mushrooms, onions for simple and snappy fixes Remove berry stems and pre-cut organic product for brisk treats Make additional protein for fillings, for example, chicken or ground meat and stop for quick low fat wraps or tacos and so on

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Cook Smarter Not Harder Get the family to help!!!! Swap T.V. time for music and cooking, making supper time a fun family issue!

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Food Safety In Your Kitchen Clean-wash hands (20sec.) and surfaces with hot foamy water Separate-crude and cooked sustenances, never reuse a plate or dish that held crude nourishment! Cook-Cook nourishment to its protected temperature Print/Write and post inside a kitchen cupboard Buy a meat thermometer Chill Within two hours of cooking

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Food Safety In Your Kitchen How to defrost sustenance? Defrosting Refrigerator—The cooler permits moderate, safe defrosting. Ensure defrosting meat and poultry juices don\'t trickle onto other sustenance. Cool Water—For quicker defrosting, put nourishment in an airtight plastic sack. Submerge in cool faucet water. Change the water at regular intervals. Cook promptly subsequent to defrosting. Microwave—Cook meat and poultry instantly after microwave defrosting.

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Food Safety In Your Kitchen Safe Cooking, Know when its done! Temperature Danger Zone ( TDZ ) 40°F-140°F Food left in TDZ more than 2 hours can be DANGEROUS Ground Beef : dependably cook to inside 160° F

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Presented by: Debra B. Reed, PhD, RD, LD Texas Tech University College of Human Sciences Department of Nutrition, Hospitality, and Retailing 806-742-3068 Ext. 251

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