Solidarity and One God: Numerous Ways.

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This understanding lead to a work of supplication to God, distribution, retreats and instruction. ... Pharmaceutical Wheel & Vision Quests. Yoga classes, Tai Chi, Chi Gong. Tunes ...
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Solidarity & One God: Many Paths With God at the center point, the nearer to God we are, the nearer we are to each other… God is all there is. Rev. Claudell County M.A., ABD

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Unity is a positive, down to earth , and dynamic way to deal with Christianity taking into account the teachings of Jesus and the force of supplication . Solidarity respects the all inclusive truths in all religions and regards every individual\'s entitlement to pick an otherworldly way .

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solidarity The Unity development started with two individuals, Charles & Myrtle Fillmore , who trust they had revealed a more profound importance, a magical comprehension , in world sacred writings & Christian sacred writings. This understanding lead to a work of supplication, distribution, retreats and instruction.

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Unity history Myrtle\'s disease and recuperating (1845-1931) Charles\' contemplation encounters (1854-1948) Publications: magazines, books, handouts 1889 Modern Thought Good Business Christian Business Men Unity Magazine Daily Word numerous books… …

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Unity history Prayer work: in individual, by letter (phone, & email) Taught classes in the magical Bible Sunday evenings. Church built up at 9 th & Tracy St., moved to Country Club Plaza, KC. Solidarity Farm, now Unity Village in the 1930\'s (initial public thought, veggie lover Inn)

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solidarity now Over 900 Unity houses of worship far and wide. S piritual E ducation & E nrichment classes Personal studies To end up a Licensed Unity Teacher. M & R S program Master of Divinity Masters of Religious Studies Open to all Personal studies and/or degree Option to wind up an Ordained Unity clergyman with Association of Unity Churches.

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Five Basic Teaching of Unity 1. There is stand out Presence and on Power in the universe, recognized frequently as God or Spirit – great, inescapable, omniscient, transcendent. 2. Our quintessence is of God; thusly, we are intrinsically great. This God pith was communicated in the man, Jesus, who exhibited it. We have verifiably called it the Christ or blessed.

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3. We are co-makers with God, calling conditions and things into our life by the contemplations & emotions we hold as a primary concern. 4. Through petition and reflection, we adjust our heart-brain to God. Refusals & certifications, and reflection are instruments we utilize. 5. Through considerations, words & activities, we should experience the Truth we know.

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solidarity - book of scriptures Charles & Myrtle Fillmore considered the book of scriptures as history and purposeful anecdote – and deciphered it as an otherworldly representation of mankind\'s excursion toward profound arousing. We perceive the Christian book of scriptures as a mind boggling accumulation of works & it is an important profound asset for us.

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Unity – supplication We show petition as… Denying energy to the condition we are calling negative. With absolution With discharge Affirm the most elevated Truth*. With receptivity With appreciation

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Examples of *Truth standards. Musings held at the top of the priority list produce after their kind. As we give, we get. Giving is first. I am an offspring of God-made in the picture of God, in this manner I don\'t acquire infection. I am entire and well. There is what is in me that is more prominent than anything on the planet – I am constantly protected. Nobody and nothing is against me. Un-pardoning harms the holder. Give up & let God. I am unified with God and will all mankind. As anybody damages; I hurt. As anybody develops; I develop. What I do to others, I do to myself. Love my neighbor as myself.

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solidarity - reflection We show contemplation Relax body, receptive outlook, inhale profoundly, let go. Focus on a rehashed single thought, sacred text, thought, or sound. CF proposed I AM. (name of God in Exodus) The Silence (a condition of Oneness, no idea.) Realization a cognizant epiphany – or arousing to motivation & direction. Thanksgiving & upbeat appreciation in your heart for every one of your gifts & those to come.

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- JOINT STATEMENT FOR PEACE-The Association of Unity Churches International and Unity® Unity remains for peace within the sight of contention; for affection within the sight of scorn; for absolution within the sight of damage. Solidarity respects the numerous names for God, the numerous ways to God, the numerous approaches to love God; for there is stand out force and nearness of God and that God adores every one of us similarly. It is hence the position of the Association of Unity Churches International and Unity to urge all countries, their pioneers and their kin to swing to God by whatever the name for direction amid these testing times and seek after peace, not war, for this is the thing that distinctions the God of all our confidence customs. Solidarity remains for peace in our lifetime.

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Unity & Interfaith We have "for a long time been concentrate a portion of the characteristics of Spirit. Solidarity as a religion does not claim to have found anything new. We have basically assembled and bound together all that is great in numerous religions . We don\'t guarantee that we have found any new truths, nor that we have had any exceptional disclosure of Truth. There is Truth in each religion. It is my benefit to take Truth from any source, place it into my religion, and make it basic generally speaking of activity in my life . This is the thing that Unity understudies do." (Charles Fillmore at the 1 st Unity gathering, 1923)

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Unity - Interfaith "There are such a variety of religions. Release us ahead for ourselves: let us do what we believe is ideal and request that God be with us and to lead us and aide us… .we have acquired the best from all religions: that is the motivation behind why we are called Unity." (Charles Fillmore 1923)

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Unity - Interfaith "We have been tested that we have drawn our convictions from Theosophy, Christianity, Hinduism, Rosicrucian, Buddhism and different religious frameworks thus we have. We have gone after the brilliant string, the Truth in all religions and we have discovered it, for we have discovered Spirit… .we are moving over the limit of the new age. We are here to rededicate ourselves to immaculate, unchangeable, unadulterated Truth God in man (& lady) and man (lady) in God." (1967 Fillmore Festival)

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Unity Institute & Interfaith M. Div. also, M.A. in Religious Studies Program SCS 514 World Religions MAS 604 Interfaith Prayers & Services SCS 611 Wisdom Literature of the Axial Age SCS 620 Religions in the Axial Age Unity Institute Catalog [PDF]

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Unity Centers & Interfaith Sufi moving Passover Seder & Christian Communion Eastern & Western thoughtful supplication Medicine Wheel & Vision Quests Yoga classes, Tai Chi, Chi Gong Songs or serenades from world religions Zikr – La illaha l\'illah Allah Pagan – copying dish discharge Peace petition administration, Dec 31, twelve Greenwich time: delegates of world religions petitions

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Prayer for Protection The Light of God encompasses me. The Love of God encases me. The force of God ensures me. The nearness of God watches over me. Wherever I am, God is.

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