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Crystal gazing:. Authentic Exercise in futility? . Aries Taurus Gemini Tumor Leo Virgo Libra Stargazing Versus Soothsaying Book reference. Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Persons of Interest History Legitimacy Pt.1 Pt.2 Prevalence Today. What Are The Signs?.
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Crystal gazing: Historical Waste Of Time? 

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Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Astronomy Vs. Crystal gazing Bibliography Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Persons of Interest History Validity Pt.1 Pt.2 Popularity Today What Are The Signs?

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March 21 st to April 20 th Symbol: – the Ram Planet: – Mars Stone: – Diamond Personality:” – Adventurous, lively, gallant, egotistical, rash, fretful Likes: – Approval, wines, riches Dislikes: – Hunger, being overlooked, physical limitations Compatibility: – Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini Aries Menu

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Taurus Menu April 21 st to May 21 st Symbol – the Bull Planet – Venus Stone – Emerald Personality – Patient, thoughtful, tireless, desirous, angry, ravenous Likes – Comfort, joy, strength Dislikes – Being inside, disturbance, being pushed too hard Compatibility – Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer

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Gemini Menu May 22 nd to June 21 st Symbol – set of twins Planet – Mercury Stone – Moss agate Personality – Witty, scholarly, open, anxious, crafty, shallow Likes – Talking, perusing, mixed bag Dislikes – learning, mental inaction, being separated from everyone else Compatibility – Libra, Aquarius, Aries

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Cancer Menu June 22 nd to July 22 nd Symbol – the Crab Planet – the moon Stone – Pearl Personality – Maternal, cherishing, family situated, irritable, shrewd, supersensitive Likes – Hobbies, sentiment, youngsters Dislikes – Failure, restriction, counsel Compatibility – Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus

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Leo Menu July 23 rd to August 22 nd Symbol – the Lion Planet – the Sun Stone – Ruby Personality – Generous, adoring, inventive, belittling, bossy, domineering Likes – Drama, kids, sumptuous living Dislikes – Small minded individuals, penny squeezing, gutlessness Compatibility – Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini

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Virgo Menu August 23 rd to September 23 rd Symbol – the Virgin Planet – Mercury Stone – Jade Personality – Reliable, dependable, fearless, particular, overcritical, stickler Likes – Analyzing things, wellbeing nourishments, cleanliness Dislikes – Uncertainty, messiness, dangers to wellbeing Compatibility – Taurus, Scorpio, Cancer

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Libra Menu September 24rd to October 23 rd Symbol – the Scales of Balance Planet – Venus Stone – Sapphire Personality – Diplomatic, sentimental, nice, Gullible, coquettish, hesitant Likes – Sharing, tenderness, the better things in life Dislikes – Violence, shamefulness, brutishness Compatibility – Gemini, Leo, Aquarius

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Scorpio Menu October 24 th to November 22 nd Symbol – the Scorpion Planet – Pluto Stone – Opal Personality – Passionate, investigative, touchy, adamant, rough, forceful Likes – Truth, sex, examination Dislikes – Flattery, individual inquiries, triviality Compatibility – Pisces, Virgo, Cancer

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Sagittarius Menu November 23rd to December 21st Symbol – the Centaur Planet – Jupiter Stone – Topaz Personality – Optimistic, genuine, philosophical, reckless, imprudent, eager Likes – Traveling, opportunity, concentrating on the business at hand Dislikes – Being secured, being obliged, points of interest Compatibility – Leo, Aries, Libra

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Capricorn Menu December 22 nd to January 20 th Symbol – the Goat Planet – the Sun Stone – Black Onyx Personality – Knowledgeable, articulate, goal-oriented, excessively prompt, voracious, unforgiving Likes – Professionalism, reason, firm establishments Dislikes – Ridicule, wild plans, dreams Compatibility – Pisces, Virgo, Scorpio

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January 21 st to February 19 th Symbol – Water Carrier Planet – Uranus Stone – the Gem Aquarian Personality – modest, unique, solid willed, self-important, introverts, unpredictable Likes – future, having some good times, sustenance allies Dislikes – impersonation, inordinate depression, the customary Compatibility – Leo and Sagittarius Aquarius Menu

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Pisces Menu February 20 th to March 20 th Symbol – The fish Planet – Neptune Stone – Moonstone Personality – Imaginative, sympathetic, sacrificial, dreamer, romantic, cryptic Likes – Solitude, secret, the strange Dislikes – Being censured, presumption, the conspicuous Compatibility – Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio

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Aries- Maya Angelou Taurus- Tony Blair Gemini- Che Guevara Cancer- John Rambo Leo- Neil Armstrong Virgo- H.G. Wells Scorpio- Steve Stock Sagittarius- Winston Churchill Capricorn- Edgar Allen Poe Aquarius- Jules Vern Pisces- Ralph Nader Libra-Gandhi Persons of Interest Menu

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Historical Horoscopes Menu Astrology was initially created in Sumaria around 4000 years prior It then turned out to be further coordinated into development amid the Hellenistic period, when it was consolidated to the Greek mythology. This is the place the zodiacs and alternate rule that we utilize today are from. As Christianity spread through Europe, Astrology faded away. Today it is generally utilized as a curiosity.

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How Valid is Astrology? Menu It is not legitimate by any stretch of the imagination. At the point when crystal gazing was made, the investigative learning of the time was erroneous in connection to the galactic capacity and arrangement of the planets. Today Astronomers and Scientists laugh at any probability that there is truth in Astrology.

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(Validity contd.) Menu One would imagine that horoscopes would be the same regardless of what source they originated from. These days horoscopes have turned out to be to some degree a curiosity Many are diverse, contain contradicting perspectives and proposals, and contrast starting with one then onto the next Here\'s a horoscope from yippee. COM for 4/15/05 for the sign pisces: Quickie: Your assessments are just sentiments. Try not to transform them into a statement. Review: Here\'s that sensation that this has happened before feeling - and this weekend is beginning simply like the last one. You most likely won\'t have any desire to go out, however - not today evening time, at any rate. Have a little social gathering at your place - little. Say, a gathering of two? here\'s a horoscope for 4/15/05 for the sign pisces from the site Don\'t stress over other individuals\' obligations. It\'s the ideal opportunity for you to have a fabulous time, so make arrangements to get out with individuals you appreciate. A shopping spree will prompt some remarkable buys. As should be obvious they contrast in standpoint and wording and have couple of similitudes The legitimacy of horoscopes is difficult to get so one must be watchful in completely confiding in them.

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Then Why is it so Popular? Menu Today, individuals have admittance to all types of media with no real exertion. Taking a gander at a horoscope is basic and can be a fun approach to envision the potential outcomes without bounds. Individuals apply the general proclamations to particular bits of their own lives. Shockingly enough, around 22% of Americans put stock in what they find in their horoscope. The length of there is interest, there is cash to be made.

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Astrology versus Astronomy Menu Astrology: The study that accept and endeavors to decipher the impact of the glorious bodies on human undertakings. (Not scientific*) Astronomy: The science that arrangements with the material universe past the earths air (Scientific*)

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