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Crystal gazing Nature, History, System, Hypotheses, and Exposing Nature By Ezra Sorts Eastern Hindu Western Sidereal Placidius Connected to: Tarot Palmistry Numerology Logbook Nature of Soothsaying Nature of Soothsaying Uses identity
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Soothsaying Nature, History, Methodology, Theories, and Debunking

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Nature By Ezra

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Types Eastern Hindu Western Sidereal Placidius Linked to: Tarot Palmistry Numerology Calendar Nature of Astrology

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Nature of Astrology Uses identity horoscopes synastry/similarity bio/body/wellbeing profession

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History By Heather and Robin

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History of Astrology goes back similarly as 20,000 years Carvings on bones that are characteristic of an enthusiasm for the moon\'s movement Today\'s Astrology Esoteric Dates back 4,000 years to around 1792 bc. in Mesopotamia—modern day Iraq

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History of Astrology Big Step for Astrology Alexander the Great vanquishes Mesopotamia (331 bc.) and takes Astrology back to Greeks & Babylonians Astrology spreads through Europe when the Romans walk through Europe Society, from laborers to heads, effortlessly acknowledged Astrology

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History of Astrology The Mayans were rehearsing their own particular type of crystal gazing Developed a 260 day schedule Day you are conceived impacts your entire life They anticipated the Conquistadors in 1519 Said the world is anticipated to end 21 December 2012, in view of a 5,000 year pivot of devastation and new form

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History of Astrology Johannes Kepler the “Father of Modern Astrology” (17 th century) formulated a hypothesis to answer the star\'s enigma of Bethlehem. Ahead of schedule in the century he had watched an uncommon conjunction of planets Jupiter and Saturn in Pisces.

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History of Astrology Johannes Kepler They had all the earmarks of being a solitary star to the exposed eye—he ascertained the last date this jumped out at be 7 bc.—could this be the point at which the insightful men saw the star and infant Jesus was conceived?

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History of Astrology Evangeline Adams made Astrology well known early this century with the starting of radio She had her own show, where she gave individuals horoscopes and anticipated their future. Ms. Adams was captured for misrepresentation by fortune-telling in NY, she could have paid a fine, rather she constrained it to court.

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History of Astrology Evangeline Adams This put crystal gazing on trial, interestingly Astrology was demonstrated in a court of law. Ms Adams was given an unknown conception outline, she gave a point by point identity profile and anticipated an early demise by water, the conception graph was that of the judge’s child, who had quite recently suffocate. Considerably Hitler needed to do with Astrology

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Methodology By Ezra

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Terms Chart Signs (12) Planets (10+) Houses (12) Ascendent/Descendent Midheaven/Lower Heaven Aspects Transits Progressions Methodology of Astrology

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Methodology of Astrology Signs By Element Aries, Leo, Sagittarius Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn Gemini, Libra, Aquarius Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

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Planets Sun (Wisdom) Moon (Emotion) Mercury (Intelligence) Venus (Love) Mars (Aggression) Jupiter (Luck/Phi) Saturn (Discipline) Uranus (Change) Neptune (Idealism) Pluto (Regeneration) different space rocks Methodology of Astrology

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Houses first (Self) second (Possessions) third (Knowledge) fourth (Home) fifth (Creativity) sixth (Personal Resp.) seventh (Primary Rel) eighth (Joint Resources) ninth (Social) tenth (Reputation) eleventh (Goals/Groups) twelfth (Subconscious) Methodology of Astrology

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Natal (Birth) Chart First step Essential to everything Map Reading Signs to house Native sign to house Ascendent/Descendent Reading (cont.) Midheaven/Lower Heaven Aspects Transits Progressions Methodology of Astrology

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Theories By Ray

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Studies and Debunking By Robin and Beth

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Bastedo of Berkley led an investigation of 1,000 grown-ups (1971) . Tried identity characteristics of Leos and discovered no relationship for authority and so forth. The inclinations did not vary between signs. Gauquelin (1979) gave free horoscopes. Beneficiaries reacted to the exactness. 94% said was precise thus did 90% of loved ones. Every one of them had the same horoscope- - of a mass killer. Concentrates on In Astrology

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Studies In Astrology Australian Skeptics gathered horoscope sections for the week and appraised on great, awful, and dubious (1982). Discovered little consistency between horoscopes. For example, one said it would be a decent week, one said it would be a terrible week.

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1985 Harry Edwards checked Old Moore’s Almanac for 1984 forecasts. Under 5% were right and most could have been founded on likelihood. Renowned researchers in Astrology (Gauquelin - who had individuals rate the same horoscope - Newton). Just 10% of Americans accept there can’t be anything to it. Concentrates on In Astrology

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Self-satisfying prediction Remember occurrences not misses force of recommendation researchers who do put stock in soothsaying doesn’t demonstrate it. since clients trust it lives up to expectations doesn’t mean it does. Electromagnetic impact of a clock would be more prominent than the closest planet during childbirth. Relationship does not suggest causality. Exposing Astrology

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How would we be able to make certain that planets were given the right properties? Why arrived not errors noted from not utilizing yet unfamiliar planets, for example, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto? Most full moon studies bringing on peculiar conduct have been credited to recommendation not causality. In this way, the moon does not impact conduct. Exposing Astrology

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Astrology Video Alexander the colossal acquainted Babylonian soothsaying with Greeks Roman realm spread crystal gazing amid the spread of Christianity Caesar procured stargazers and slaughtered them on the off chance that they didn\'t finish the test. Tiberius said he saw his life in threat from obscure source and Caesar enlisted him.

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Astrology Video Chinese researchers related year with creature Mayans created logbook and day conceived connected with your destiny. Some piece of their names were taken from the day they were conceived. Forecast in sixteenth century that light cleaned hairy men from east would come years before happened

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Astrology Video Mayans Calculated date for the end of world and foundation of another request (December 2012) trusted that the world devastates itself like clockwork keeping in mind the end goal to set up the new request

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Astrology Video 1932- - archeologists revealed a fourth century synagogue. Focal point of sanctuary was mosaic. One hypothesis was soothsaying was not taboo, you just ought not love stars as divine beings. 3 astute men were most likely crystal gazers. Time of Jesus’ conception was conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn and looked like splendid star.

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Astrology Video 3 shrewd men Jupiter implies sovereignty, Saturn connected with Jews and Pisces symbolized Judea. The three astute men may have derived that the ruler of the Jews was in Judea. Keppler (father of cutting edge soothsaying) figured the last event of Jupiter and Saturn in conjunction being 7 bc.

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John “D” in Astrology 1555 John “D” employed to draw up outline on Princess Elizabeth who had been on house capture by the ruler. Ruler Mary was undermining to execute her. “D” said that she wouldn’t be executed, yet one day be Queen. Ruler Mary passes on in a matter of seconds and Queen Elizabeth names “D” as imperial celestial prophet.

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Keppler in 1608 drew outline for military officer. Planet of war (Mars) was conspicuous. Turned into a triumphant general. 1632 same general counseled celestial prophet who said conditions were unfavorable. His troops lost. He was discovered a couple of days after killed by his own officers in the month Keppler anticipated for his passing 26 years prior. Keppler in Astrology

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Hitler in Astrology 1924 celestial prophet anticipated the conception day of an awesome German pioneer. A long time later found that was Hitler’s. Hitler and his men counseled crystal gazers. At the point when one said that it was good to make peace with Britain, one of his men flew over, was captured, and spent his life in prison. After that Hitler pla

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