SORL Automobile Parts, Inc. NASDAQ: SORL.

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SORL Car Parts, Inc. NASDAQ: SORL Financial specialist Presentation Roth Capital OC gathering Feb 2007 Safe Harbor Explanation
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SORL Auto Parts, Inc. NASDAQ: SORL Investor Presentation Roth Capital OC gathering Feb 2007

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Safe Harbor Statement This presentation contains "forward-looking statements" inside of the importance of the “safe-harbor” procurements of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Such proclamations include known and obscure dangers, vulnerabilities and different components that could bring about the genuine aftereffects of the Company to vary physically from the outcomes communicated or inferred by such explanations, including changes from foreseen levels of offers, future national or territorial financial and focused conditions, changes involved with clients, access to capital, challenges in creating and advertising new items, showcasing existing items, client acknowledgment of existing and new items, and different variables. In like manner, in spite of the fact that the Company trusts that the desires reflected in such forward-looking articulations are sensible, there can be no confirmation that such desires will turn out to be right. The Company has no commitment to redesign the forward-looking data contained in this presentation.

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Corporate Profile Leading maker of business vehicle air powered brake valves in China Spin-off from Ruili Group which was built up in 1987 Revenue: $47M in ‘04; $64M in ‘05; $79M LTM finishing Sept ‘06. Solid fare: $12M in ‘04, $23M in ’05, $31M LTM in Sept ‘06 Based in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province the “Hub of auto parts” in China 1295 workers

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Production 15 Production lines in 270,000 square feet of creation space State-of-the-workmanship testing offices Advanced gear from US, Korea and Taiwan ISO/TS16949 Quality Management System, OHSAS18001 System, and ISO14001 Environmental Management System

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Major Products 40 classifications of compressed air brake valves in 800 details primarily for substantial vehicles All items fare prepared and worldwide frameworks ensured Aggressive spotlight on new item R&D in collaboration with driving car building foundations State-of-the-craftsmanship testing and generation offices with cutting edge hardware from US, Korea and Taiwan Parking Brake Valves Foot Brake Valves Clutch Servos

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Research & Development 4 licenses, 8 pending patent applications, other restrictive innovations 44 specialized staff, including 32 architects or senior designers Partnerships with driving car designing organizations: Beijing Jiaotong University Tsinghua University E-Tech Technology Co., Ltd Zhejiang University Huazhong University of Science and Technology Four-circuit Protection Valves Spring Brake Chambers Air Dryers

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2005 Export Revenues Breakdown Asia 42% Replacement 32% OEM 32% Americas 25% Africa 15% Export 36% Europe 15% Australia 3% Balanced Revenue Sources 2005 Rev OEM $21M :: Aftermarket Replacement $20M :: Export $23M

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Strategic Long Term Relationships Local OEMs rule the business sector with 90% offer Chinese made overwhelming obligation trucks are more tough and less extravagant contrasting and imported trucks Imports have a poor secondary selling and low upkeep and repair ability at nearby carports Strong associations with the greater part of the biggest makers in China OEM – as of now has 39 clients in China Aftermarket – huge, national, entrenched conveyance system International/Exports – becoming rapidly with Tata, India’s biggest car organization ($5.5 billion in income), as a main client in India

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Customers: OEM SORL is the main supplier to the predominant truck makers in China Two biggest clients, FAW and Dongfeng, represented 54% of the Chinese add up to substantial obligation truck deals in 2005 FAW Qingdao and FAW Jiefang Changchun are the main two overwhelming truck creators inside FAW family

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Customers: OEM SORL’s clients keep on ruling TOP 10 substantial truck producer (‘000 units) Big 5 takes 84% China Market Source: JD Power 2005 , UBS value research, CAICA

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Customers: Aftermarket $12.2mm in income in ’04 to $20.2mm in ’05 26% of income in 2004 to 32% of income in 2005 27 approved merchants and more than 800 sub-wholesalers

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Customers: Aftermarket Success components to win in the escalated post-retail rivalry

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Customers: International $12.6M in income in ’04 to $23.4M in ’05 27% of income in 2004 to 36% of income in 2005 Mostly substitution however starting to investigate OEM opportunities (TATA Motors) 3 approved deals focuses (Australia, UAE, and USA)

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4,500,000 2004 4,000,000 2005 3,500,000 3,000,000 2,500,000 2,000,000 1,500,000 1,000,000 500,000 0 GD Auto MICO FP MITA POLMO Air-Fren KTC Customers: International Top 7 send out clients keep on showwing trust in SORL item quality

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Significant Growth Opportunity Chinese Auto Parts Export China’s overall automobile parts deals totaled $55 billion in 2004 and are required to reach $187.5 billion by 2010, with fares from China anticipated that would develop at a yearly development rate of half Truck market: Infrastructure and regulation for persistent development Truck costs are less delicate than traveler vehicles and henceforth depend more on macroeconomic changes, for example, ecological and open approach Domestic brands have more than half cost advantage over imported substantial trucks Highway extension expanded by 38% amid 2006-2010 The Ministry of Construction arrangements to finish its enormous system of blood vessel national roadways by 2008 before Beijing Olympics Trucks’ expanding part in understanding logistic bottleneck in China Jan-Oct 06, China sent out 128,000 trucks, $788M, half YoY rev development; China traded 21,800 transports, $427M, 150% YoY rev development Source: Citigroup Equity Research, CAAM, Frost & Sullivan Research - Sept 05, Feb, 06, Credit Suisse Research, Jan 06, mgmt gauge

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Attractive Export Opportunity China Auto Parts Annual Exports & Imports China business vehicle Annual Exports The flow worldwide business sector for business vehicle air powered brake valves is over $5 billion Growth of post-retail air powered brake valves business sector is roughly 15% Global acquiring pattern is moving to China SORL’s sends out in 2006 were 40% of aggregate income (as of September 30), 36% in 2005, 27% in 2004, and 18% in 2003 USD Billion ‘05 Export Markets by Revenue Syria Algeria Belgium Iran Sudan Russia Vietnam Kazakhstan Ukraine Saudi Arabia Cuba Source: China Automotive Industry Information Network, Asimco Technologies, CAAM, Wall Street Journal August 2006

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Growth Strategy OEM: Enhance brand acknowledgment and create associations with other truck makers Export : Strengthen vicinity abroad by setting up associations with extra approved wholesalers Penetrate the post-retail fragment to pick up name and quality acknowledgment and afterward enter the International OEM market M&A and JV: Over 1,400 car parts organizations situated in the Wenzhou region can get to be potential M&A targets or JV accomplices R&D: Invest in cutting edge valve innovation Continue organizations with driving car building establishments Cost Control: Reduce material and vitality utilization; strict waste estimation Maintain exclusive requirement quality control

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Revenue ($millions) Net Income ($millions) 64.2 5.0 4.8 46.8 33.1 1.2 2003 2004 2005 2003 2004 2005 Significant Revenue and Profit Growth 39% CAGR of offers amid 2003-2005 107% CAGR of net salary amid 2003-2005

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Revenue ($millions) Net Income/EPS ($millions and dollar) 79.2 6.4 5.7 60.8 4.4 45.8 0.47 0.43 0.33 9 month ‘05 9 month ‘06 LTM* 9 month ‘05 9 month ‘06 LTM* Significant Revenue and Profit Growth * Ended September 30, 2006.

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Strong Balance Sheet December 1 st 2006, SORL finished a take after on open offering and raised $32.7M.

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Xiaoping Zhang, Chairman and CEO Co-originator of Ruili Group President of the Ruian Auto Parts Association in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province Vice President of China Federation of Industry and Commerce Auto & Motorbike Parts Chamber of Commerce Xiaofeng Zhang, COO Co-organizer of Ruili Group – General Manager Spearheads SORL’s deals and advertising exertion David He, Senior Manager of Investor Relations Illinois CPA and recompensed CFA assignment MBA in Finance and MS in Accountancy from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Senior Relationship Manager in corporate keeping money with Credit Agricole Indosuez in Shanghai Zongyun Zhou, CFO Certified Public Accountant in China Chief Financial Officer of Shanghai Huhao Auto Parts Manufacturing Company Limited, a joint endeavor between the Ruili Group and Shanghai Auto Group, 2002 - 2004 Management Team

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Investment Highlights Market Potential China is the world’s 2 nd biggest auto business sector and 3 rd biggest in auto generation Export potential: Current worldwide business sector for business vehicle air powered brake valves is over $5bn Opportunities for product offering extension and reciprocal acquisitions Industry Leadership SORL holds a main business sector position in the accompanying items portions in China OEM compressed air brake valve fragment Replacement air powered brake portion Solid Operating History Strong financials: 37% general income build year over year Successful development of fare deals by 83% from 2004 to 2005 ($12.6mm to $23.4mm) with top notch items that meet worldwide ISO affirmations Sales to main seven global clients grew a normal of 92% in 2005 Strong brand value – SORL is one of the main 10 most perceived brand names in the car parts industry in China Source: CAAM, Management gauge

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