Sorts of highlight stories.

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Paul Mundy 12 sorts of highlight stories. Shading storyHuman interest storyNews featureBackgrounderLifestyle featureTravel story. General featureInterview pieceProfileInvestigative featureColumnReview. Paul Mundy 1Colour story. Scene, or
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Sorts of highlight stories Twelve examples to spot, and to utilize

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12 sorts of highlight stories Color story Human premium story News highlight Backgrounder Lifestyle highlight Travel story General component Interview piece Profile Investigative element Column Review

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1 Colour story Scene, or "cut of life" Conveys climate or "feel" of occasion Can be composed To go with a news story As an autonomous piece

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2 Human premium story Focus on a man or gathering About feeling first and data second Can be composed as Focusing on sensational occasion Focusing on less emotional yet troublesome circumstance

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3 News element Most basic kind of highlight in daily papers Starts with the news Then clarifies purposes behind occasions Or inspects suggestions

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4 Backgrounder Accompanies fundamental news story Clear and succinct Gives foundation important to comprehend principle story Background preparation design Question-and-answer position (eg FAQs)

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5 Lifestyle element Service story, "news you can utilize" Information about existence and how to live it better Often in magazines Entertaining 3 sorts List (eg, Six nutritious vegetables to develop) Issue (eg, Vegetable developing for a superior eating regimen) Idea (eg, How to develop carrots)

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6 Travel Story about travel Has data for voyagers, insider tips, and so forth Often identifies with storyteller and spot

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7 General element Topic of natural enthusiasm to perusers Often held until a reasonable news occasion happens Then distributed close by news story

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8 Interview piece Confined to a solitary meeting Often being referred to & answer arrange Maybe fortified with foundation data

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9 Profile About an individual, similar to a scaled down life story But has various points of view Can incorporate meeting material

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10 Investigative element top to bottom investigation of theme Well-looked into Contains disclosures, discussion

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11 Column Regular element in daily paper or magazine Written by one writer Includes learning, mind, identity Five sorts Service and guidance (eg planting) Gossip Pundit, communicating supposition Personal (any subject reporter needs to discuss) Specialist (master on specific point)

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12 Review Review of book, film, theater, and so forth

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Source Matthew Ricketson. 2004. Composing highlight stories: How to inquire about and compose daily paper and magazine articles . Allen and Unwin, Crow\'s Nest, NSW, Australia

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