Sorts of Robots .

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Types of Robots. Some Literature. Motorola books not for this year. Contents about robot types in book. Topics: – Driving Robots Differential steering, synchro-drive, tracked vehicles – Omni-Directional Robots Mecanum wheels – Flying Robots Sensors, structure – Balancing Robots
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Sorts of Robots

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Some Literature Motorola books not during the current year

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Contents about robot sorts in book Topics: – Driving Robots Differential guiding, synchro-drive, followed vehicles – Omni-Directional Robots Mecanum wheels – Flying Robots Sensors, structure – Balancing Robots Inverted pendulum – Walking Robots 6-legged strolling robots, biped android robots

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Contents 0. Presentation 1. Driving Robots 2. Flying Robots 3. Adjusting Robots 4. Strolling Robots

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Service Robots

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Mobile Robot Design Mobile robots can be: • Driving • Walking • Swimming • Diving • Flying

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Mobile Robot Mechanical Design

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Our past activities control. Illustrations Controller on a robot – independent. Lynxmotion hexapod. Hexor PC associated with controller by wire. Controller on a robot. Humanoid logical robot theater (current venture 2007) PC associated with controller by remote. Controller on robot. (Robot soccer 2002) Multi-processor engineering for some robots – Hahoe robot theater .

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The Ants A Community of Microrobots

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Solette and Hopette

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Social Behavior Clustering Around Food

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Social Behavior Clustering Around Food

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Multi-Purpose Humanoid Robots This is our long haul objective . In the first place objectives: - Walking man (little) - Walking horse (huge) - Torso (MuVal)

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The most well known world\'s robot

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Honda\'s Robot

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Honda\'s Robot

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Fiction to reality Now we can look at

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Fiction to Reality: RUR

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" Gort " from the film "The Day The Earth Stood Still."

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Fiction to Reality: " Commander Data " from Star Trek, an android robot with a "positronic brain."

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Intelligent Robot Definition Knowledge Acquisition Capabilities Sensors Cameras Radar Tactile Sensors Infrared and so forth. Basic leadership System Artificial Intelligence

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COG framework has been exhibited on self-sufficient learning undertakings

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Rodney Brooks with COG

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If you can\'t bear to fabricate a human… ..

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… .and this takes us back to… ..

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ENTERTAINMENT Robots are seen on T.V. (Star Trek - The Next Generation) and in the motion pictures (The Day the Earth Stood Still, Forbidden Planet, Lost in Space, Blade Runner, Star Wars). These fanciful robots do a great deal of things that the genuine ones can not do. A few robots in films, video and PC diversions are made to assault individuals.

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From a manikin theater: Turtle

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Head of Japanese Robot

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And What About these?

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Marylin Monroe without materials ...and skin, with her maker

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There exist a few organizations that assemble diversion robots

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A leg

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A Head

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TOYS The new robot innovation is making fascinating sorts of toys that youngsters will jump at the chance to play with: " FURBY ", which got to be accessible in stores for Christmas 1998 - and keeps on being extremely prominent.

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TOYS " LEGO MINDSTORMS " robot development unit. These packs, which were created by the LEGO organization with M.I.T. researchers, let kids make and program their own particular robots.

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The $1 million-dollar Mitsubishi robot angle.

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Spiritual Robots?

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What did we learn? Many sorts of robots exist. Advance of innovation permits now to manufacture an Intelligent Robot with Perception and Manipulation under $1000. There are a few units for secondary school mechanical technology. Mechanical technology permits to clarify thoughts of control, programming, sensors, engines and different effectors, picture handling, design acknowledgment, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence Small robot that you can work in a classroom can clarify immeasurably vital standards at a small amount of cost You are no longer limited to automated arms, units permit to assemble any kind of robot.

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Possible Programming Projects Select your most loved robot: Space, military, therapeutic, and so forth Create a model of your robot: utilize your insight into trigonometry to portray kinematics of your robot Find on WWW a design bundle, you can utilize AUTO-CAD with Lisp Visualize the developments of your robot utilizing the realistic bundle Do the tele-remote interface to your robot. When you utilize the mouse or joystick or console, the robot executes separate charges

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