SOS Exceed A Young Improvement Philanthropy.

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Winter choices comprise of the
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SOS Outreach A Youth Development Charity

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The Urgency of Youth to Sustain Winter Sports We are 12 years from a noteworthy plunge in support on the off chance that we don\'t develop youth cooperation now.

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Current Trends in Outdoor Recreation 60% of 9 – 13 year olds don\'t take an interest in sorted out physical action. A 2008 report from the Center for Disease Control recorded a twofold digit drop in support in open air exercises among youth matured 6 to 17 from 2006 to 2007. A 2010 report from the National Wildlife Federation highlighted that today\'s childhood spend all things considered of 4-7 minutes day by day outside taking an interest in unstructured play. When today\'s childhood go to kindergarten, they have watched all things considered 5,000 hours of TV – enough time to procure a professional education.

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Looking Forward: Projected Population Growth Next 25 Years

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Projecting Forward: The Changing Face of America 1900s - 1970s 10-13% minority populace 25 years back 20% minority populace Now 34% minority populace 25 years ahead 46% minority populace Source: US Census Bureau and Reach Advisors reviews of >30,000 center exhibition hall guests from >100 galleries

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Current Majority Minority States Already lion\'s share minority (CA, HI, NM, TX + DC) Soon to be dominant part minority (AZ, GA, MD, MS, NY) + America\'s childhood populace will be lion\'s share minority inside 15 years

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` Now: The Hispanic Market

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Childhood Obesity Since 1971

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Lower financial status is emphatically connected to emotional wellness issues More than 20 percent of youngsters and youths have extreme psychological wellness issues, yet under 20 percent get treatment Mentally solid kids will probably encounter scholastic achievement 17 of the country\'s 50 biggest urban communities have secondary school graduation rates underneath 50 percent Source: Dr. Gil Noam, Harvard University, 2009; Study by America\'s Promise Alliance, 2008. Psychological well-being Issues on the Rise

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Emphasize character improvement Include mentorship open doors Establish long haul connections Collaborate with schools and school locale Engage in evaluative practices and quantifiable results Reliance on a very much created educational modules Leadership preparing programs Best Practices for Youth Development

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Headquarters: Avon, CO Status: 501 (c)(3) Offers: Year-round & multi-year outside entertainment projects to assemble self-adequacy Total Participants: 5,500 yearly 3,500 through snowsports and 2,000 through wild outings, groups courses, rock climbing, trekking and water sports What is SOS Outreach?

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The SOS Participant 8 – 18 years of age Need structure and consistency Single-guardian and/or low-salary homes May live with issues, for example, substance, physical and verbal misuse. May have multi-generational contribution with the court framework. May battle scholastically.

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64% have a family unit salary under $40,000/year. 70% self-distinguished as ethnic minority. 26% have one or less grown-ups in their family. 30% had no medical coverage. 2009/2010 SOS Participant Demographics

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Adventure Sessions (1-day) Winter alternatives comprise of skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing. Summer choices incorporate groups courses, rock climbing, crest risings, cruising, kayaking, surfing, paddle boarding, open air living aptitudes, trekking and mountain biking. Institute Sessions (Multi-day) Winter alternatives comprise of the "Figure out how to Ride" snowboard and ski program, tenth mountain division cabin trips, elevated skiing, telemark skiing. Summer alternatives incorporate Wilderness trips, base camp outings, fourth grade landmark treks and shake climbing. SOS University Sessions (Multi-year) Students focus on a four-year snowboard and ski program, with every year requiring an expanded responsibility to group administration and self-awareness. SOS Programs (program choices fluctuate by locale)

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Graduate as junior guide Week-long wild treks and four-year snowsport encounters Multiple day snowsports and overnight encounters Introductory Programs – One day trekking, climbing or snowsports SOS Programs Now Focus on Long-Term Character Development

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Adult Interaction Positive Values Adventure Based Multi-Year Curriculum Expanded Partnerships Appropriate Boundaries Build Social Competencies SOS Encourages Year-Round & Multi-Year Relationships

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Positive Impacts of Year-Round & Multi-Year Programming Immediate working investment funds to guarantee that a greater amount of every commitment goes straightforwardly to programs. Formation of year-round educational modules to expand positive project impacts. Long haul connections will be made with members as SOS\' model crosswise over summer programs.

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Character Development: 5 Core Values Courage Discipline Integrity Wisdom Compassion

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SOS Participant Evaluative Outcomes Comparative skiographics Health impacts Positive behavioral effects Increases in self-regard Potential for improving the probability of better financial status Quantify potential long haul monetary advantages to the snowsports business

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SOS Health Impacts SOS members occupied with essentially more high-impact activity and a greater number of games than their associates. Self surveyed wellbeing identified with probability of proceeding with long haul in snowsports.

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SOS Positive Behavior all things considered SOS members scored higher than their associate gathering on measures of positive conduct

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SOS Protective Factors Questions Developed by Dr. Subside Witt at Texas A&M, the defensive components inquiries are directed pre and post SOS investment. They were additionally measured in this review. The scores expanded altogether with time, proposing an enduring impact of SOS introduction.

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SOS Positive Life Trajectory

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SOS Long-Term Program Impacts The information conservatively show that 1 in 4 SOS members will attend a university and come back to the game as dynamic members. They will do as such with yearly family unit salaries that are around 75 percent more noteworthy than non-degree holders. They will enter the member base at precisely the fact of the matter were we require more youth and more prominent assorted qualities, approximately 7 to quite a while from now . There is a demonstrated multiplier impact , in this manner they are likely going to bring loved ones outside.

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SOS Long-term Potential to Fill the Gap Assuming they come back to the game in their mid-twenties, their combined lifetime esteem, as far as just lift ticket income would conservatively be $30,100 . Taking a gander at it at the individual level, for each one youngster that advances through the SOS program, generally $7,500 in lift ticket related income is created long haul. At its present size, SOS is putting about 6,250 extra visits in the pipeline consistently. At current normal spend every day levels, that interprets into generally $6.2 million every year in incremental income to resorts.

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Success Story "My child has profited gigantically from taking part in the SOS program. He can investigate difficulties and kinships in a domain free from the weights of school, and is recognized for what he conveys to the group as opposed to by scholastic standards. SOS has helped him develop as a man, push his own points of confinement, offer back to the group, learn skiing and interpersonal abilities, and has added to building his certainty, self regard and feeling of self… SOS truly allows him to sparkle." - Parent of a University Program Participant

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SOS Outreach P.O. Box 2020 Avon, CO 81620 970.926.9292

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