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Gushing sound was conceived records that play as they download ... Encoding when simple signs are changed over into computerized information by means of bits and bytes. Some document configurations, as ...
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Sound and Video on the Web – with an indication of Flash INLS 572 · Christie McDaniel

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Audio Files – A Broad Overview Audio records were once huge, stout dreadful things to manage on the Web Streaming sound was conceived – documents that play as they download Live Broadcasts Long Audio MP3 Makes sound documents one-tenth of their ordinary size

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Analog gets to be Digital It\'s all in the signs Encoding – when simple signs are changed over into computerized information by means of bits and bytes Some document groups, similar to MPEG are compacted amid encoding Certain Settings are controlled by the client

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Sampling Rate Sampling Rate – the quantity of tests every second taken from a sign to make an advanced portrayal (discrete sign) The higher the examining rate, the more precise the computerized depiction will be Measured in kilohertz (kHz) CDs = 44.1 kHz Transistor radio = 8 kHz DVDs = 96K

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Bit Depth Bit Depth is the measure of information contained in every specimen of sound taken in the inspecting rate method every second CD Quality = 16-bits High-End Digital Audio = 48-bit profundities

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Channels of data Mono and Stereo More channels = more information

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Bit Rate All 3 consolidated Bit rate is "the quantity of bits every second dedicated to putting away sound information" (Niederst-Robbins, 2006) Measured in Kbps Smaller than Internet association

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Adding Sound to the Web Copyright Restrictions Royalty Free Sites

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Streaming Audio Downloaded Audio Streaming Audio is more effective Data Packets User Datagram Protocol (UDP) RealTime Streaming Protocol (RTSP) RealTime Transfer Protocol (RTP) Pseudostreaming

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Audio File Formats WAV/AIFF .wav, .aif, .aiff MP3 - .mp3 Apple QuickTime Audio - .mov MIDI - .mid RealMedia/RealAudio - .rm, .ra Windows Media .wma, .asf AAC .m4a, .m4p, .mp4

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Audio Files on the Web Simple Link - <a href="audio.mp3">Play it!</a> Background Noise <embed src="filename.mid" autostart="true" hidden="true"></embed>

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Video on the Web They\'re enormous! Gushing versus nonstreaming Similar to sound records

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Movie Length Keep it short! Standard: If it\'s more than 2 minutes – stream it!

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Frame Size Bigger edge = greater record estimate Full Screen = 640 x 480 Pixels Web Videos = 320 x 240 Pixels Minimal = 160 x 120 Pixels

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Frame Rate outlines every second (fps) Frame Rate makes smooth development TV = 30 fps Web = 15 or 10 fps Can even be 0.05 fps (slideshows)

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Quality Describes general nature of video picture Web – low or medium High pressure Trade with edge rate or edge size

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Color piece profundity Number of pixel hues per outline 24-bit to 8-bit profundity Reduces document size, yet relinquishes quality

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Data rate (bit rate) "The rate at which information must be exchanged for the video to play easily without interference" (Niederst) Kbps K (size of the document)/bps (length of the motion picture) For spilling video, this is imperative!

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Compression Compressing information that portrays the sound and casing pictures Lossless Versus Lossy Compression Spatial Versus Temporal Compression

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Codecs are pressure/decompression calculations Sorrenson – lower information rates for low data transfer capacity; heaps of preparing force H.264/AVC – great quality with extremely diminished piece rates – the most recent, most prominent codec Windows Media Video Codec – for use just with Windows Media Player MPEG – just for use when your video document will be a MPEG Intel Indeo – spatial and worldly pressure, with lossy pressure; top of the line machines are vital Radius Cinepak – gives spatial, transient, and lossy pressure; however creates grainy recordings. Obsolete codec. Liveliness – your video must be all PC created.

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File Formats Windows Media (.wmv or .asf) QuickTime Movie (.mov) Real Media (.rm) (.avi) MPEG (.mpg or .mpeg)

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Adding Video to your Site Link <a href="">Click here for the video!</a> Streaming Video Depends on the record sort Embedding Video

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Flash Started as an approach to add liveliness to the Web (1996) Flash is the .swf document from Flash (in the past Macromedia, now Adobe) AND the Flash module to see the motion pictures Uses ActionScript as its procedural dialect

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Use on/as a Web page Art and movement illustrations Animation and cartooning Splash pages, introductions, and advertisement pennants Interaction and route Multimedia sites Video and sound players E-trade Rich media applications Data and measurable applications Web-based preparing Distance adapting Live correspondence

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Advantages of Flash File sizes are little It is versatile Image quality is high It utilizes gushing innovation Integrated sound and video Flash configuration is all around bolstered It is scriptable It has an open arrangement Font sets are transferable Consistency

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Disadvantages Plug-in is required Older glimmer and .swf is not area 508 agreeable It generally begins on the underlying page of the motion picture Unix backing is constrained Authoring programming is required

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Flash Movies .fla – source record Flash report or blaze proofreader archive Contains the majority of the different components that make up that film and it\'s timetable data in an editable organization To set up the document for the Web, you transform it to .swf – Shockwave Flash document

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ActionScript Flash uses this to add practices and intuitiveness to your motion pictures ActionScript is an article situated programming dialect OO Programming utilizes items to plan applications and PC programs Think of items as compartments Ex: Python It\'s fundamentally the same to JavaScript

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Exporting to the Web Use the <object> and <embed> labels <object> Defines an implanted article Can go inside the <body> OR <head> Tells the program to download and introduce the specific ActiveX player for Flash documents and permits you to set a large number of the characteristics for the motion picture See <embed> Puts a program module on a page It is NOT gauges consistent It\'s old HTML (ie, < 4.01)

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More on Flash It can be incorporated with different projects like QuickTime or RealMedia Dreamweaver gives you a chance to add Flash components to a site page with a GUI

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The Many Faces of the Flash Player Plug-in for the program Stand-alone for the customer Flash-Player for Pocket PCs FlashLite – for cellular telephones

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A note … Generally, it\'s not a smart thought to require your clients to spare a module As soon as they see that they need to step to see your substance, they won\'t do it Even however modules are more program amicable now (with cutting edge programs), numerous clients still don\'t utilize upgraded programs (establishment dormancy)

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