Sound Suppers and Snacks.

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8 oz squeezed orange or. Cereal with foods grown from the ground fat milk, 2 connections low-fat hotdog, 8 oz. ... jug of calcium invigorated orange grapefruit juice, some nectar ...
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Solid Meals and Snacks Healthy Athletes

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Pre-Event Meals To keep competitors from feeling hungry before or amid movement. To supply fuel to the muscles amid preparing and rivalry Energy need gave by sustenance eaten amid the earlier week Breakfast is constantly imperative

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Suggested Meal Plan Breakfast 2-4 waffles with foods grown from the ground syrup, 1 fried egg, 8 oz squeezed orange or Oatmeal with products of the soil fat milk, 2 interfaces low-fat wiener, 8 oz. squeezed orange Pre-Game Lunch Turkey sandwich, extensive apple, oats raisin treat, 8 oz low-fat milk or Peanut margarine and jam on bagel with banana, granola bar, 8 oz low-fat milk

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Travel Food The Bus Ride One hour or less One to two hours Two to four hours

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Refueling Marathons Cycling Tours Tournaments

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Post Event Meals "Fast recuperation of muscle glycogen after activity is the major nourishment objective for all competitors."

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Sample Foods for After the "Occasion" 16 oz. container of calcium invigorated squeezed orange, one container (8oz.) yogurt and one apple or 20 oz. container of game drink, a pop-top jar of fish on 2 cuts of entire wheat bread or 16 oz. jug of calcium sustained orange grapefruit juice, some nectar nut dry grain, or organic product some raisins, ¼ container peanuts, water and 1 container (8 oz.) of yogurt

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