Sound Video In Wordpress Writes New Media Promoting and Video Points of arrival Mike Stewart.

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Sound Video In Wordpress Writes New Media Advertising and Video Presentation pages Mike Stewart 3 Greatest Web Issues for Organizations, Online or Logged off Getting a sites up and running Getting activity – I call viewers and audience members
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Sound Video In Wordpress Blogs New Media Marketing & Video Landing Pages Mike Stewart

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3 Biggest Internet Problems for Businesses, Online or Offline Getting a sites up and running Getting movement – I call viewers & audience members Building a crowd of people who knows, adores and believes you, then will purchase from you due to that relationship What if there was a less complex, speedier approach to begin in 10 minutes or less? The answer is Blogs & Video Landing Pages!

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What we are covering today… I am going to demonstrat to you what a website is, the reason you ought to blog, and why use Wordpress! Why old media promotions simply don\'t cut it any longer How new media showcasing functions for me & why you ought to set aside an ideal opportunity to be the dominator of your corner with sites, podcasts, and feature writes How to make convincing sound and feature content with no altering and have it on the web in a matter of minutes. What are feature presentation pages and how organizations advantage from them.

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What is a Blog? (Web Log) An online journal is a site that does not oblige you to be held prisoner by a website admin. The PC makes the site pages. You can learn blogging in 10 minutes or less! Wordpress is best! Your site could have it constructed in, & you not even know it! Sites have RSS which robotizes content everywhere throughout the web. Content, pictures & particularly, sound & feature you make!

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What is RSS? Remains for Real Simple Syndication. What does that intend to my business? My identity, power skill, and business proposals are naturally discovered everywhere throughout the web. I get discovered in light of the fact that web crawlers rank online journals higher than HTML site pages that never show signs of change. I make group and corner VIP. Individuals who know love and trust me, get my substance immediately when I make it.

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RSS Newsreaders & Aggregators Google RSS Reader Yahoo RSS Reader Pyro.TV Video RSS Channels

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IE7 is Now RSS Enabled 1-Click Subscription Of Blogs

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Itunes Has 1 Click Subscription To Audio and Video Podcasts

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Apple TV & Tivo Can Play Your Podcast & Videos In Your Subscriber’s Living Rooms It is your obligation to instruct your supporters of “tune you in”

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There are NO reasons! Everybody, online or disconnected from the net ought to podcast or feature blog! Everybody now online can read, hear or watch content that you distribute while you are building trusting associations with those supporters. We must instruct our prospects how simple it is get our RSS channels. Sound and feature fabricates trust quicker than whatever other media and rapidly passes on more information. Your prospects can decide to hear you on their PC, Ipod, Iphone, and now even on their TV sets in their lounge room with a TIVO or Apple TV.

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Is Old Media Advertising Failing? Do you utilize the business catalog or Google? Do you get the even get the neighborhood daily paper or do you read the news online? Do listen to the business radio or different method for radio substance? (Cds, Mp3s, Satellite) Do you watch the neighborhood news or national news on TV or from a PC/cell phone? Have you ever quick sent through a business with your VCR or your TIVO? More & a greater amount of us are overlooking old media, and are utilizing new media, the purpose behind the decay of old media’s viability.

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Old Media Is Expensive, New Media Is Pennies & Where Niche Audiences Reside! Actualities: 50 million Americans now swing every day to the web for news Association of National Advertisers inferred that TV publicizing is turning out to be less and less compelling 45 percent of TV sponsors are looking to online feature promoting.

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So What Is New Media Marketing Conversation advertising versus interruptive promoting of old media Dialog with your corner where there is a feeling of group and trust rather than being advised what to like and utilization People work with those they know, as and trust You turn into a trusted companion who prescribes items and administrations that take care of their issues You are thin throwing rather than untargeted TV

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How Do You Add Audio To A Blog? …Podcasting. You need to say something valuable, supportive and keen that your group of onlookers will grasp and be avid to hear more from you. Simultaneously, you can propose, or promote answers for issues that outcome in activities from them that profits! You need… A calm room and a mouthpiece snared to a PC on the web! Show to the world!

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Recording Software Creates MP3s The sound standard for items and the web Make CD Tracks Make Web Audio Files Edit Voice Rip Audio CDs Capture from simple sources, for example, tapes Capturing your teleseminars to podcasts

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Getting clean sound for podcasts and feature online journals set you separated from the “You Tubers” Audio Technica Pro-41

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Let’s do a sound just, or podcast in Wordpress now. At this moment we are going to record some show sound substance in mp3 in Sound Forge, spare it as 22.5 - 56kbps mp3, the FM radio quality setting for podcasting. Do some quick fundamental altering if necessary Fastest simplest substance Do an INTERVIEW!

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A Review of What We did! Written content substance in the posting box Saved a MP3 sound record. Feature you make FLV or MP4 feature records. Transferred the media by means of BlogMediaUploader Software – Pasted connection to media in a Wordpress passage field Saved presenting on web journal and the players for sound and feature were naturally implanted in blog entry keeping in mind making a RSS channel that was Itunes good - No compelling reason to learn hard programming code or complex programming to assemble sound/feature web players!

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Setup Up Podcast In Wordpress With Podpress Plugin & Publish Post

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My Video Blog Setup! Camera, Tripod and Firewire

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Video online journals are better utilizing a lavaliere receiver for close micing, But you can utilize a handheld mic as well. Sound Technic a Pro-70

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Let’s Create Vblog Content Using a Show & Tell 1 Take Approach with the Video Capture Wizard

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Blog Video Creator For Real Time Production

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Blog Video Creator Software Demo

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If you can take a gander at a camcorder lens, utilize an expert amplifier, make a unique presentation and discuss it… You could make a feature blog presentation like this one in 1 take.

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You require an amplifier, a lightsnake and a camcorder You can do close show quality podcasts and vblogs

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Only 4 controls to learn Start Stop Record Camcorder Record Your Computer Screen

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Case Studies Of Those Who Took Action Online Sales – Relationship Building Where I advise, instruct, captivate and publicize. Relationship building and item offers Have deals and advancements

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Video Resumes – Gus Cawley Made over $100K additional in the most recent 60 days on the grounds that sent feature resumes of possibility for official positions that paid those expenses. Coca Cola was astounded that he could give an email connection to feature he made!

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Coach, Trainer and Speaker – Steve Seibold Relationship building examinations and preparing which brings about offers of items and classes while having discussion with his endorsers.

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Vendor backing and input Pallet producer uses a feature site to demo items & get criticism from merchants sparing thousands in deals rep travel costs!

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Tempe, Arizona Car Dealership Sends prospects customized, secret word secured feature voyages through the autos they are occupied with to incorporate trust to accompany the dealership and purchase!

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Blogs Bring Traffic to Video Landing Pages! Additionally Adwords, SEO, JVs, Affiliates – Traffic = Viewers/Listeners Write, shoot, alter and convey site TV ads! Features that can present, visit, clarify, show client testimonials, exhibit administrations, show items, present specials, and even auspicious deals that are telecast on interest from a nearby business site

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How Do I Know This Works? Tried a few my online business and other block & mortar organizations with this strategy to see the outcomes. We will see the confirmation of 2 neighborhood normal block and mortar business contextual investigations!

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Search Frieze

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Search the Spanish word for floor covering - alfombra

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Local Home Service Business Drives nearby Google Adwords to join rundown and watch feature blog Every scene makes you need to utilize his administration without him offering anything He just calls attention to issues and he has the arrangements

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A Labor Of Love This is my fantasy I began 30 years back. Podcasting, and blogging has helped it to turn into a reality. It united 3 old companions.

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A now a little amusing to close.. An impact from my past and test of (15)

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What If… You could look behind me and do precisely what I did? You could take in the precise methods my fruitful understudies us have used to profit and benefit with sound & feature? Who might need to begin today?

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The Complete A/V Wordpress System 3 hours of DVD preparing demonstrate to orderly best practices to make podcast and feature web journal substance in addition to a CD-Rom of programming instructional exercises to demonstrat to you the straightforward snaps to blogging with sound and feature achievement . Sold Online $497.00

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All The Softwar

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