Sound Waves From Aurora Borealis.

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Sound Waves From the Northern Lights. Photograph obligingness of Bjorn Jorgensen, 18 January 2005, ... The aurora is made by a chain of occasions, starting with vitality ...
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Sound Waves From the Northern Lights Jada Maxwell Photo civility of Bjorn Jorgensen, 18 January 2005, close Tromsø, Norway

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"Cooperative energy implies conduct of entire frameworks unpredicted by the conduct of their parts taken independently." - Buckminster Fuller

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Can attractive waves in the aurorae change into sound waves? What makes the aurora? Sound waves from the aurora Wave change on the Sun Beginning to answer my inquiry

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What makes the aurora?

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The aurora is made by a chain of occasions, starting with vitality from the sun. Chain of Events Image affability of Tom Michalik

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The Magnetosphere Image obligingness of Minnesota Technolog

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Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) Illustration by Steele Hill, cordiality of NASA

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South-North Magnetic Orientation of CME

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North-South Magnetic Orientation of CME

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Magnetic Reconnection on Dayside of Earth

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Magnetic Field Lines are Drawn Back to Magnetotail

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Magnetotail is Compressed

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Magnetic Reconnection in Magnetotail

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Particles Spiral Down Field Lines Image: Fundamentals of Physics , 2005

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Particles 2 Particles Spiral Down Field Lines Collide with nuclear and atomic oxygen and nitrogen Emit vitality as light

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This Creates the Aurorae Northern Lights = Aurora Borealis Southern Lights = Aurora Australis Image kindness of Shawn Malone

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Nearly Mirror Images Aurora Borealis Aurora Australis Images politeness of NOAA

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Can we hear the aurorae? Episodic confirmation of auroral sounds murmuring, popping, crackling, swooshing relates with movements of light

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6 minutes Sound would take no less than 6 minutes to fly out from the aurora to the ground No recordings of capable of being heard aurorae

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Explanations of Audible Sounds Psychological Freezing Breath "Brush release"

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Evidence of Infrasound from Aurorae Humans can hear somewhere around 20 and 20,000 Hertz (Hz) Infrasound is underneath 20 Hz Currently being researched Gas extension

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The Sun Creates Sound Waves

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Sound Waves on the Sun Created by Convection

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Sound Waves Propagate through Sun\'s Atmosphere Sun

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Energy of Sound Waves is Transformed into Magnetic Waves Sun

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Types of Magnetic Waves Alfvén waves (s-mode) Magnetosonic waves (p-mode) Images affability of Georgia State University BBC activitys

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My Question Can attractive waves in the aurorae change into sound waves?

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Magnetic Waves Earth

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Transform into Sound Waves Earth

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Finding Beta Gas (climatic) Pressure Beta = β = Magnetic Field Pressure β = 1 ?

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Resonance All material has a recurrence that it vibrates at Matching the recurrence permits the material to assimilate vitality Singing wine glass

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Resonance in the Aurora When β = 1, Energy from attractive waves can be exchanged to the environment Found the right recurrence

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When Beta = 1 β = 1 ? At 120 km Near base of aurorae

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More Questions to Investigate How does β fluctuate? Contrast gas extension hypothesis with wave change How much may Alfv é n and magnetosonic waves each add to this impact? Which will probably change?

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Thanks to: Dr. E.J. Zita for her direction and supportive examinations Beth Stinson for guideline in PowerPoint

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Image Sources: NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration) Shawn Malone Tom Michalik Minnesota Technolog Fundamentals of Physics , Halliday/Resnick/Walker, John Wiley & Sons, 2005, p 746

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