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Healthy Workplace. Planning 10 Mrs. Kersten December 10, 2004. Overview. Answers to youth in the work place quiz Rights and responsibilities in the work place Review and video prep. Young workers have the same risk on the job as other workers…. False!
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Solid Workplace Planning 10 Mrs. Kersten December 10, 2004

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Overview Answers to youth in the work put test Rights and duties in the work put Review and video prep

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Young laborers have an indistinguishable hazard at work from different specialists… . False! Youthful specialists between the ages 15 and 24 are especially powerless against business related wounds. They regularly do not have the judgment of what\'s sheltered and so forth. Youthful specialists are at the most serious danger of getting harmed amid their initial six months of work.

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Only occupations in enterprises, for example, development and ranger service are unsafe for youthful laborers… . False! A large portion of British Columbia\'s childhood work in eateries, markets, and retail locations and these are the divisions where the most elevated rate of harm happens.

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Injuries to youthful specialists are generally real ones… True! There are wounds to youthful laborers, for example, sprains, cuts, and wounds… be that as it may they likewise experience the ill effects of serious wounds—cracks, disengagements. Also they can and do experience the ill effects of intense wounds, for example, removals, crushed spirits, and severely charred areas. Genuine wounds to youthful specialists most ordinarily happen in the eatery business.

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Young specialists don\'t have any wellbeing and security rights at work… .. False! All laborers in BC are secured by the Workers Compensation Act. This enactment says bosses must give all representatives a sheltered working environment, sufficient preparing and supervision, and legitimately looked after gear. Laborers have the privilege to reject work on the off chance that they trust the assignment or conditions are risky.

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Only the Workers Compensation Board (WCB) can ensure work environment security… . False! Protecting youthful laborers is a common obligation. Bosses, unions, associates, guardians, teachers, youth, the group, and the WCB all have a section to play.

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Rights and duties… . What are your rights and obligations at school? List no less than five for each in your scratch pad. How do some of these rights and duties apply to the working environment? Where may you have the capacity to discover more data about work environment rights and obligations?

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Information on work environment rights… . Job focuses School or group profession focuses WCB Supervisor as well as wellbeing and security panel/security agent Public Library Online wellsprings of work security data

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Task—Rights and Responsibilities Get with an accomplice Fill in what you believe are the rights and obligations regarding specialists and managers on the freebee. Whenever completed, come up to the board and share one thing from every segment.

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Review… .. Do youthful laborers have an indistinguishable danger of harm at work from different specialists? At the point when are youthful laborers at the most serious danger of landing harmed on the position? What are some extreme wounds that can jump out at youthful specialists? What industry do a large portion of the genuine wounds most ordinarily happen?

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Review proceeded with… Whose duty is it to protect youthful specialists at work? What would it be advisable for you to do in the event that you think an assignment or the conditions are dangerous at your work environment? What are some of your rights and obligations as a representative? What are a portion of the rights and obligations of a business?

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Video is 18 minutes in length It is exceptionally realistic and practical If you feel uncomfortable amid the video, you might be pardoned

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