. South America .

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II. South American Indigenous society. A. Nazca (200BC-700AD) B. Inca (1200-1535 AD) ... 2. Land for sustenance yields changed over to money crops (ranches) ...
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. South America – physical Eastern Highlands Central swamps Western Highlands (Andes)

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Special Environments Amazon rainforest Atacama Desert

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II. South American Indigenous society A. Nazca (200BC-700AD )

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B. Inca (1200-1535 AD)

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Arrival of Europeans A. Spanish/Portuguese B. English C. French

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D. Effect of imperialism 1. Best land appropriated by pioneers (haciendas) 2. Land for nourishment crops changed over to money crops (estates) 3. Demographic decrease – 90% by 1650 99% in Caribbean islands 4. Presentation of new nourishments, creatures, innovation

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E. African slave exchange

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III. URBANIZATION - A. Spanish matrix city B. Advanced urban communities

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C. Primate urban areas - push/pull variables Mexico City Brazilian favela

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From Clawson, Latin America and the Caribbean 4 th ed

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IV. Monetary Development A. Essential area Agriculture – hacienda, ranch hacienda spanish foundation not productive but rather social notoriety specialists lived on the area estate trade situated monocrops imported capital and aptitudes occasional work effectiveness is vital

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2. Mining – oil and regular gas

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Secondary area (fabricating) 1. Mexico and maquiladoras Modern mechanical plants Assemble imported, obligation free segments Export the completed items Mostly remote claimed (U.S., Japan) 80% of merchandise reexported to U.S. Levies restricted to esteem included amid gathering

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Brazil Manaus Free Trade Zone Grande Carajas Project Highway BR 364

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Tertiary part Tourism – Caribbean, Mexico Positives – outside cash, employments, create foundation Negatives – "spillage," "enclave economy," higher typical cost for basic items, higher property estimations

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V. Political A. Cuba – Castro wet-foot dry-foot approach Guantanamo Bay B. Puerto Rico - Commonwealth

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