South Carolina Meeting 2009.

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South Carolina Annual Conference. . SC Conference Orientation 09. AgendaGeneral InformationSpecial EventsGreat Day of ServiceWorship at Annual ConferenceConstitutional AmendmentsResolutionsNominations ReportStanding Rules ReportPensions and InsuranceThe Proposed Conference Budget. General Information.
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South Carolina Conference 2009 Orientation for Lay and Clergy Members

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South Carolina Annual Conference

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SC Conference Orientation 09 Agenda General Information Special Events Great Day of Service Worship at Annual Conference Constitutional Amendments Resolutions Nominations Report Standing Rules Report Pensions and Insurance The Proposed Conference Budget

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General Information General Information Dates – May 31-June 3, 2009 Registration starts at 1:00 pm Place – Florence Civic Center Host Church – Cumberland UMC Lunch Breaks – attempt to get back on time (we will begin on time) Consider nearby sustenance (Menu\'s are found in the Hospitality Section)

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Special Events Special Events (pp iii-v) Sunday, May 31(5:00 pm) Lay Orientation – Arena Clergy Session – Exhibit Hall

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Great Day of Service Don\'t Forget to Register Tuesday, June 2 2:00 to 5:00 pm To enlist go to the meeting site at To help bunches assemble, eat, and leave together, lunch will be accessible at the Civic Center. The expense for lunch is $10. You will meet with your gathering for lunch and leave together after lunch for you site. Individuals are being requested that welcome your assemblage to send things of need. You will get a letter posting the things to bring. You may likewise discover the things on the site.

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Worship at Annual Conference Worship at Annual Conference Sunday, May 31 Ordination Service – Bishop Mary Virginia Taylor, Preacher – (Offering Bethlehem Bible College) Monday, June 1 Memorial Service – Rev. Mel Arant, Preacher Evening Worship – Rev. Jennifer William, Preacher (Offering Conference Related Homes ) Tuesday, June 2 Recognition of Retiring Ministers – "Passing the Mantle" Evening Worship – Rev. George Ashford, Preacher (Offering Esperanza UMC, Greenville District ) Wednesday, June 3 Sending Forth Service – Bishop Mary Virginia Taylor, Preacher

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Constitutional Amendments Constitutional Amendments Section C – Preregistration Packet General Instructions Materials 1. General Instructions (page C-1) 2. Proposed Constitutional Amendments (pages C-2 to C-20) Two Groups Nine changes Twenty-three alterations identified with Worldwide church Four passages have two corrections each

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Constitutional Amendments Constitutional Amendments Section C – Preregistration Packet General Instructions Materials 3. Revisions with Additions and Deletions (pages C-21 to C-34) 4. Normal Provided by the Secretary of the General Conference (pages C-35 – C-37) 5. Worksheet (Designed to help delegates arrangement for their votes) (pages C-38 – C-41)

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Constitutional Amendments Constitutional Amendments General Instructions How and When will open deliberation be led? After the Mid-morning break – Monday In the request they are printed Debate on all alterations will be one square A solitary ticket (each of the 32 corrections)

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Constitutional Amendments Constitutional Amendments General Instructions No Amendments May be Offered Who may vote? Lay individuals Clergy individuals in Full Connection How will voting be led? Qualified individuals (stand & show qualifications) Tellers disperse votes to qualified individuals (at their seat)

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Constitutional Amendments Constitutional Amendments General Instructions How are Constitutional Amendments Proposed and Approved? Book of Discipline ( ¶ 59 Article I) 2/3 Vote of General Conference 2/3 Affirmative Vote of Aggregate votes of the Annual Conferences When will the Results be Known? The Conference vote (toward the end of meeting) General vote will be known in 2010

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Constitutional Amendments The Amendments managing the Worldwide Church Amendments 3, 4, 5, 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 18, 20, 21, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32 More than a name change "focal" to "provincial" Currently Annual Conferences, Jurisdictional, and Central Conferences – can change the BOD on a constrained premise Central Conferences Outside the US – can transform anything in the BOD Passage of the corrections could make US local gatherings who could change the BOD the same way

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Constitutional Amendments Possible results (World Wide Church) 1. Negative – decrease connectionalism Regionalize like the Anglican Communion 2. Positive – let U.S. to settle on own choices about concerns identified with U.S. church It will permit abroad meetings to keep away from U.S. strength 3. A Further Matter A study council has been designated to ponder our overall structure to present discoveries 2012. Endorsement would seize their work

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Constitutional Amendments Other Amendments Amendment One - ¶4 BOD – Inclusiveness of all in enrollment and service of the congregation Consequences – may impact a minister\'s prudence for chapel participation and take an interest in the services of the congregation Amendment Two - ¶5 BOD – Ethics and Conflict of Interest Policies for chapel bunches Consequences – each congregation gathering will be required to compose strategies on morals, irreconcilable circumstance and trustee responsibility

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Constitutional Amendments Amendment Six - ¶ 15 BOD – Proportional representation at General Conference – This change would permit transitional meetings to have no less than two representatives to general gathering (right now a meeting must have 225,000 individuals and 25 church. Outcome – takes away delegates from different meetings Amendment Eight - ¶ 16 BOD – Adds the words "sex" to the duty of General Boards and Agencies (for comprehensiveness purpose)

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Constitutional Amendments Amendment Nine – ¶ 23 BOD – Representation to General Conference – No ward might have less than 100 agents to General Conference – Protects declining purviews from going beneath 100 agents to General Conference (ensures the capacity to choose Bishops) Amendment Fifteen - ¶ 32 – Shortens the rundown of who (for comprehensiveness purpose) will be individuals from the Annual Conference and abbreviates the prerequisite that a man must be an individual from the UMC to one year (from two years)

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Constitutional Amendments Amendment Seventeen - ¶ 33 BOD – Allows lay people to be individuals from the panel on examination (right now just pastorate people are permitted) Amendment Nineteen - ¶ 35 BOD – Allows temporary individuals and neighborhood ministers (who have served two successive years and have finished the course of study or a MDiv) to vote on representatives to General and Jurisdictional Conference. They will at present not be qualified to be chosen.

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Constitutional Amendments Amendment Twenty-Two - ¶ 37 BOD – Adds Bermuda toward the Northeast Jurisdiction.

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Resolutions Board of Church and Society (page 14) – presentation Wednesday Morning A Resolution to Begin Combating Human Trafficking Resolutions and Appeals – presentation – First presentation Monday Afternoon – endorsement Wednesday Morning (managing resolutions conveyed specifically to Annual Conference)

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Nominations Report Nominations Report (Registration Packet) The report will be introduced on Monday evening and affirmed on Wednesday morning

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Consent Calendar Consent Calendar (pages 79-80) Items might be expelled from the assent timetable by rounding out the "Request to Remove" found on page 81

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Standing Rules Standing Rules Changes of standing guidelines are displayed by the Committee on Standing Rules Monday Morning The Report will be found in the Registration Packet

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Report of Board of Pension and Health Benefits Pension And Health Insurance (pages 37-48)

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Purpose To accommodate money related soundness in retirement for South Carolina Annual Conference Clergy To give medicinal services to all qualified dynamic and resigned pastorate of the South Carolina Annual Conference Protection for individuals who have given their lives in support of God and God\'s kin

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Pension Clergy Retirement Security Plan (Pensions) Made of three sections Defined Benefit = Pension advantage characterized as 1.25% of the Denominational Average Compensation at Retirement every year of administration after January 1, 2007. Characterized Contribution = 3 % commitment and premium earned amid work decides advantage. Complete Protection Plan – Death advantage and incapacity

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Pension Costs Defined Benefit = $535/month for every full time pastorate (low maintenance is allocated by quarters) Defined Contribution = 3 % of aggregate remuneration (Cash + estimation of lodging or stipend) CPP = 3% of aggregate pay

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Health Insurance Medicare Companion Benefits Changes (for Retirees)

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All Health Benefits Plans Pharmacy Plan Changes

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Health Insurance 2010 Rates Active Premiums will increment 9% for the year 2010. Retiree Premiums will increment 10% for the year 2010.

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Health Insurance 2010Rates

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Retiree Health Liability Funding Plan (General Conference Mandate) 1. The Annual Conference is required by Accounting Rule changes embraced by the General Conference ( §1506.25 Book of Discipline 2008 . 2. The unique appraisal of the Accumulated Liability was $63,275,000. 3. Subsequent activities by Annual Conference diminished this to $44,512,000. 4. SC BOPHB recognized $8,500,00 to reserve a portion of this risk.

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Retiree Health Liability Funding Plan (cont) Reduce retiree endowment topping most extreme at $5,000 every year starting in 2012. Every year taking after lessening by 5% until 2015 which will decrease the appropriation to half. Financing the rest of the obligation with an extra charge on premium to be staged in starting in 2011 more than five years completely subsidizing the risk in 2030. What this implies: Premiums will increment to keep the retiree medical advantages dissolvable.

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Proposed Conference

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