SOUTH DAKOTA PANDEMIC Flu General Wellbeing Reaction Arrangement Doneen B. Hollingsworth Secretary, South Dakota Branch .

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SOUTH DAKOTA PANDEMIC Flu General Wellbeing Reaction Arrangement Doneen B. Hollingsworth Secretary, South Dakota Bureau of Wellbeing Tom Dravland Secretary, Division of Open Security Pandemic Flu Challenges Pandemic can be postponed, however not ceased
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SOUTH DAKOTA PANDEMIC INFLUENZA PUBLIC HEALTH RESPONSE PLAN Doneen B. Hollingsworth Secretary, South Dakota Department of Health Tom Dravland Secretary, Department of Public Safety

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Pandemic Influenza Challenges Pandemic can be deferred, however not halted Healthcare framework over-burden - deficiency of staff & doctor\'s facility beds - high demise rates Inadequate therapeutic supplies - immunization supply shortage - antiviral deficit Economic & social interruption - laborer non-attendance - closings, cancelations, isolates

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SD Pandemic Influenza Planning Assumptions Half of the individuals who turn out to be hostility look for restorative consideration Number of hospitalization & passings will rely on upon harmfulness of pandemic infection

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SD’s Pandemic Influenza Public Health Response Plan Follows National HHS Plan Command & control Laboratory & observation Vaccine & antiviral drug Healthcare arranging Disease regulation & travel-related danger Workforce bolster Education & correspondence

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State Roles & Responsibilities Ensure that every single sensible measure are taken to point of confinement spread inside & past South Dakota’s outskirts Comprehensive & sound readiness & reaction arranges that are practiced routinely Integrate non-wellbeing elements: - law authorization, utilities, city administrations, political authority Establish state/group based antibody & antiviral stockpiles & dispersion frameworks Provide government funded instruction crusades

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Command & Control State Emergency Operations Center initiation Incident Command System Legal dominant presences set up to bolster state reaction - isolate - general wellbeing crisis - sickness control & treatment - Governor’s power in time of calamity

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Laboratory & Surveillance Early ID & disconnection of cases expected to assist moderate with spreading of flu in groups 31 sentinel destinations crosswise over SD submit influenza examples to state Public Health Laboratory for viral seclusion and writing State Public Health Laboratory ability to test for H5 infection (ebb and flow fledgling influenza) Bird reconnaissance in progress (SDSU, GF&P, Animal Industry Board) for H5N1 winged creature influenza right now circling in world

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Vaccines & Antiviral Medication Enough antibody won\'t be quickly accessible once pandemic influenza infection recognized While government & state are seeking after stockpiles of antivirals, they are likewise anticipated that would be hard to come by SD in line to buy 25,000 courses of Tamiflu; extra buys as dollars & antivirals get to be accessible Priority bunches for immunization & antivirals distinguished utilizing elected rules - as a rule, human services specialists & high hazard

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Healthcare Planning Pandemic contamination control procedure same as regular Hospitals introduced/upgraded segregation spaces for irresistible illness control Supply of convenient ventilators loaded in every area Training/getting ready for respiratory consideration of mass losses Hospitals, centers, home wellbeing, long haul consideration creating arrangements Surge limit recognized to expand bed limit Coordinate arrangements on nearby, province & provincial level

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Disease Containment & Travel-Related Risk Community arranging basic to reaction – group level where control apportions conveyed Vaccines & antivirals constrained at first – different measures to moderate spread, permit focused on utilization of medicinal intercessions: - separation of patients & checking contacts - group based regulation, social separation (shutting schools or confining open get-togethers) - hand cleanliness & hack behavior (wash hands frequently, cover mouth when hacking or wheezing, stay home when wiped out) Travel hazard data -

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Workforce Support Pandemic reaction postures generous physical, individual, social, & passionate difficulties to social insurance suppliers, general wellbeing staff, crisis responders & crucial administrations laborers Providing psychosocial bolster administrations basic to maintaining administrations Community psychological well-being focuses, emotional wellness affiliations, school guides, therapists, clinicians, college psychological wellness experts have part in making arrangements for managed consideration of workforce amid delayed reaction

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Education & Communications - asset for suppliers, overall population & media on pandemic flu Partner instruction (wellbeing supplier presentations & distributions) Health Alert Network Stop It – Don’t Spread It (influenza aversion battle) Adapt CDC materials for utilization in SD Public instruction crusade on pandemic flu

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Next Steps Refine & activity state arrangement Support group arranging exertion - states accepting elected dollars for pandemic arranging - SD utilizing $500,000 for stipends to groups for creating neighborhood pandemic reaction arranges - trusts granted as ahead of schedule as July 1 for stage 1 - extra elected arranging subsidizing expected - application subtle elements in today’s bundles; will likewise be posted on Continued reconnaissance, improved mindfulness

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What South Dakotans can do Learn about pandemic flu Get your influenza shot Stop It – Don’t Spread It (great flu counteractive action) - spread your mouth when hacking or sniffling - wash your hands regularly - stay home if you’re debilitated Get solid & stay sound Prepare for a “snow day” or “snow week” Follow tourism warnings Work with metro & religious associations to help your group arrangement & react Support neighborhood arranging exertion

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National method for pandemic flu “While your legislature will do much to get ready for a pandemic, individual activity and individual obligation are fundamental for the accomplishment of any measures. In addition to the fact that you should make a move to secure yourself and your families, you ought to additionally take activities to keep the spread of flu in the event that you or anybody in you\'re family gets to be ill.” President Georg

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