South-South Learning Exchange Visit Monday ninth, February 2009 Mumbai, India Country Team: Wilson MUYENZI Solange MU .

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IT/ITES in Rwanda. South-South Learning Exchange Visit Monday 9 th , February 2009 Mumbai, India Country Team: Wilson MUYENZI Solange MUKAMURENZI Richard NIYONKURU George BARIGYE Jerome GASANA. Structure . Brief Country Profile Introduction Transformation of Rwanda into an ICT Hub
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IT/ITES in Rwanda South-South Learning Exchange Visit Monday 9 th , February 2009 Mumbai, India Country Team: Wilson MUYENZI Solange MUKAMURENZI Richard NIYONKURU George BARIGYE Jerome GASANA

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Structure Brief Country Profile Introduction Transformation of Rwanda into an ICT Hub e-Government and e-Governance Conclusion

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Brief Country Profile Location: Central Africa Population: 9.2 Million Land zone: 26,338 Sq. Km Literacy Level: 74% (15 yrs or more) 45.3% of populace are < 15 years Biggest financial action is in farming

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Introduction: Rwanda\'s Vision The vision for Rwanda\'s future is cherished in the Vision 2020 for Rwanda which looks towards the accomplishment of "a cutting edge and prosperous Nation, solid and joined together, commendable and pleased with its major principals" Science and innovation has a key part to play in the accomplishment of the Vision and the objective is to fortify and coordinate science and innovation into the nations procedures and strategies to support the Vision

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To change our as of now Agriculture based economy to a learning based economy by year 2020. To utilize science, innovation and ICT as a key empowering influence of this change Two key techniques bolster the reception of science, innovation, development and ICT in Rwanda: the National Policy on Science, Technology and Innovation embraced in 2005 and the NICI Plan (National Information and Communications Infrastructure), a 20 year methodology, now in it\'s second stage (2006 –2010). Rwanda\'s Vision and the Role of ICT

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Transformation into an ICT Hub Growth of monetary exercises around ICT and Growth of ICT organizations with critical budgetary turnover World Class Telecom and IT Infrastructure Highly Skilled Work Force Enabling Business/Legal/Regulatory Environment

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World Class Telecom/IT Infrastructure National Backbone Network ( Fiber Optic Broadband) A voice and information spine arrange connecting every one of the 30 Districts including extension of the Metropolitan Network in Kigali Connecting 319 Government Agencies, Schools, healing centers, fringe posts A system security framework for all Kigali destinations and locale Headquarters Wibro Network

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Physical Network Design – Backbone Network

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World Class Telecom/IT Infrastructure 2. Energetic Mobile Telecom advertise -2 Telecom Operators (Voice and Data) - More than 85% Network Coverage - 13% Mobile infiltration rate -3% Internet entrance rate - Third License granted in Dec 2008

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Telecoms use in Rwanda contrasted and district and with Sub-Saharan Africa Total entrance (altered and portable) Average for Sub-Saharan Africa (excl. South Africa): 13.7% (Predicted Mobile development 2009) 20-23% (Predicted Mobile development 2008) 12-15% (Mobile development 2007) 7.0% 3.6% Definition: (add up to telecoms supporters – settled and versatile)/populace Date: Dec 2006 (latest information accessible) Source: ITU

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World Class Telecom/IT Infrastructure 3. Provincial Communications Infrastructure Project (RCIP - Rwanda) Roll out of broadband availability International network Enabling foundation of outsider virtual landing station

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Global Connectivity SEA ME WE 3 20 SAT-3/WASC SAFE 1 2 3 4 16 23 8 7 17 6 5 9 25 10 22 24 21 11 19 15 14 18 13 12

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International Connectivity Submarine Cable Options – East Coast of Africa with landing stations in Mombasa and Dar es Salaam Zanzibar Mahajanga Mtunzini

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Schematic of Virtual landing Point The World Bank is supporting Rwanda through their Regional Communications Infrastructure Project (RCIP) to an estimation of 24M USD primarily to bolster take off of network Rwanda MTN/Rwandatel Government of Rwanda Submarine link landing station Virtual landing station Submarine links Licensed Operators Rwandan ISPs and Operators outsider virtual landing station administrator Licensed system administrators

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World Class Telecom/IT Infrastructure 4. Karisimbi Project Air Traffic Management Digital Broadcasting Climate Change Observatory

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Karisimbi Project Karisimbi Project 50m Mast introduced on top of Mount Karisimbi Electrical power association direct to summit from Rwanda\'s National Electricity framework with 200KVA Generator go down Microwave Transmitters and Receivers – motioning from Karisimbi to Kigali (radio and transmission) Fiber Optic keep running from summit to primary street to get to future national fiber arrange

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Broadcasting Applications for Karisimbi Mt. Karisimbi with its high elevation, presents monstrous open door for simple arrangement of broadcasting administrations and other ICT Technologies to achieve numerous recipients A study is progressing with Harris Communications to build up a point by point plan to expand national communicate scope for TV and radio based around Mount Jali, Karisimbi and other transmitter locales Broadcasting Services Under Development FM Radio : Increase Range to 700 km sweep by upgrading reception apparatuses introduction (vertical and also flat polarization) Digital Video Broadcast Terrestrial (DVB-T) : taking after pilot stage increment to ten channels with high power transmitter 250 km span. (Eliminate Analog television in accordance with ITU order by 2015) Other Services Internet – taking after trial period of DVB-RCT increment energy to accomplish 50km span for rustic availability

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Communications Navigation Surveillance/Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) Rationale: No high elevation control in Central Africa now; Air security in Africa is not kidding issue; Central area of Rwanda huge preferred standpoint; Improved Air movement Services; Economic Benefits

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"Environmental Change Observatory and Weather Center" The Rwandan Government is in exchanges with MIT for organization in building and working a world class "Environmental Change Observatory and Weather Center" at the Mountain Karisimbi : The inside would exploit Rwanda\'s exceptional geographic area in the epicenter of focal Africa and the Albertine Rift. An Earth-wide temperature boost specifically, as a noteworthy constrain in environmental change, is expected to have its real effect on the African landmass, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa. The middle would offer researchers and specialists from around the globe a chance to assemble basic meteorological, seismic and environmental change information basic to actualizing suitable universal strategies to battle environmental change. Rwanda sits on the head waters of both the Nile and Congo River bowls and a finding a Climate Change Observatory here offers researchers a front column situate at ground zero for environmental change.

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Enabling Business, Legal and Regulatory Environment Enabling telecom administrative environment Telecom advertise advancement Facilitating market passage Institutional and area changes Growth-helpful telecom laws Licenses that give all telecom administrations

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Enabling Business, Legal and Regulatory Environment 2. Empowering business development environment Tax exception or alleviation on ICT related hardware Consumer assurance laws Policies that advance reasonable rivalry Conducive work law for talented experts

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Enabling Business, Legal and Regulatory Environment 3. IT/ITES Sector advancement ICT Park to advance and support IT business improvement Business Process Outsourcing Call Centers Remote Process Outsourcing

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ICT Park and Incubation Facility Established May 2006 ICT Park Tenant Community April 2008 – 13 organizations: 3 nearby settled 3 Foreign Established 6 Local hatcheries 1 Joint Venture GoR and Foreign Company being incubated  Company Names: A-Link Technologies Family Christian Network Radio and TV Africa BCS Call One Center E-Tools Gasabo 3D Design Company Dash-S Technlogies Voxiva Inc. INS Rwanda Ltd MIT Rwanda Development Gateway CGISD-NUR Demo Center ARAVINDSOFT Altech Stream Rwanda

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Kigali ICT Park 1

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Kigali ICT Park 2

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. Outline Ltd Example of Start-Up Company in ICT Park "Building SERVICES COMPANY" " 2D to 3D Conversion Experts" 26

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GASABO 3D 2D drawing 3D drawing Computer Aided Manufacturing

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GASABO 3D : Individual part & Assembly Design and Manufacture

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Gasabo 3D Design e-trade site: 2D-to-3D CAD record change

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SKILLS DEVELOPMENT Implementation of NICI has permitted to address the issue of abilities shortage Govt Ministries and Public Sector Organization composed broad preparing programs inside the structure of the NICI-2005: Network Technicians, Computers specialists, Software engineers, framework chiefs, and so on Nations Universities and universities presented new IT preparing programs in scholastic and expert ranges: Between 2002 and 2005: KIST and NUR delivered near 2,000 experts in Engineering, Technology and Computer Science ( Bsc Level) Emergence of Private ICT preparing establishments: eg , E-ICT

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SKILLS DEVELOPMENT REFORM OF THE EDUCATION SYTSEM: ICT BASED EDUCATION ICTs in Education Policy: Infrastructure Deployment, Content Development, Teacher Professional Development , and so on Implementation of ICTs in Education programs at all levels: Primary schools: One Laptop Per Child program Secondary schools: School-net venture (availability), e-learning venture (ICT gear), Universities: Open Distance and e-learning, RwedNet Teacher Training: Edqual extend (Integration of ICT in Learning and Teaching

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SKILLS DEVELOPMENT SUCCESSES KIGALI INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY made different ICT based Centers: Intermediate ICT aptitudes Development Center: trains specialists in Hardware Maintenance, arrange plan & Admin, Software Dev\'t , Web Design, ICDL, Computer Literacy Regional ICT Training and Research Center: ICT preparing and International confirmation Program African

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