Space Educators Handbook twentieth Anniversary DVD 1989-2009 Jerry Woodfill Morning Topic: Dec. 1, 2008 .

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Space Teachers' Handbook 23 th Commemoration DVD 1989-2012 Jerry Woodfill. Media Limit Increment: From 700 MBs to 4.7 GBs. History of Handbook Onset Date: October 22, 1989. Foundation. Space Teachers' Handbook: An outgrowth of JSC's (1989) New Activity Office (NIO).
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Space Educators\' Handbook 23 th Anniversary DVD 1989-2012 Jerry Woodfill Media Capacity Increase: From 700 MBs to 4.7 GBs.

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History of Handbook Onset Date: October 22, 1989

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Background Space Educators\' Handbook: An outgrowth of JSC\'s (1989) New Initiative Office (NIO). NIO\'s contract was: "To go where none had run before with NASA innovation." None had gathered/sorted out/digitized NASA open area content and realistic assets into an intuitive space reference book.

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Background Continued The Apple Macintosh with its uninhibitedly accessible "HyperCard" application was the impetus for the venture initially named: THE SPACE ADVOCATES HANDBOOK *The extend created numerous firsts in the universe of computerized/content/graphical intuitive substance:

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Background Continued SPACE EDUCATORS\' HANDBOOK firsts: First advanced/content/graphical/intelligent substance: Digital Comic Book: "The Apollo 13 Story" Digital Version of NASA SPINOFF magazine Digital intelligent graphical guide of the United States getting to state related information, for example, state space explorers, space commitments. Advanced intelligent "point and snap" memorable timetable connecting to notable space occasions

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Background Continued Still More Space Educators\' Handbook firsts: First intuitive Space Art content First intelligent Astronaut life stories First intuitive NASA noteworthy mission documents First intelligent NASA Mission/Astronaut records. In the first place intuitive space cites documents

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Background Continued Still More Firsts: First Interactive space instruction records First Interactive space timetable records for each schedule day in space history First intelligent sci-fi/space innovation documents contrasting real NASA make with scifi partners First intelligent space investigation records including kept an eye on investigation ideas for missions to Mars, come back to the Moon, and so on * First intelligent space information records for measuring and costing sponsor frameworks, mission plans including mass property/framework cost calculations

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Background Continued Still more firsts: First intuitive computerized space history records First advanced intuitive space shading book First advanced Space Mathematics intelligent records in view of printed NASA distribution SPACE MATHEMATICS

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Background Continued AND ONE PROUD SECOND! The Second intelligent space science computerized content graphical document portraying the planets and components of the universe. (The first was a HyperCard stack delivered in Australia on a Macintosh PC.) The SPACE EDUCATORS\' HANDBOOK digitized NASA open area cosmology productions as a HyperCard record freely.

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Handbook History (1989)

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Handbook 2009

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Benefits Include previous different Space Educators\' Handbook CDROMs on a solitary Data DVD which plays on for all intents and purposes all computers created over the most recent three years, i.e., tablets and desktops.

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Growth (23 Years) 14 Megabytes (10 HD Diskettes) 3.5 Gigabytes ( 1 DVD) 1989 Black and White Images Only (Bit Mapped) RGB Color (600 or more dpi) No stable, aside from mechanical sounding discourse synthesizer 100s of .wav sound clasps Crude 1900s toon like movements 2009 100s of .wmv shading video motion pictures and clasps

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DVD Content Space Educators\' Handbook Robotic Educators\' Workshop HyperSpinoff Search Program Added Video Content: Example: Chariot and SPR (Small Pressurized Rover)

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