Specialized Issues, Due Diligence and Licensing Parameters .

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Disclaimer. Nothing thus is proposed to supersede any procurement of the Commission\'s principles or open takes note.
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Sell off 78 Seminar BROADBAND PCS Technical Issues, Due Diligence and Licensing Parameters Keith Harper Engineer Mobility Division, WTB June 10, 2008

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Disclaimer Nothing in this is planned to supersede any arrangement of the Commission\'s tenets or open notices.  These slides ought not be utilized as a substitute for an imminent candidate\'s survey of the Commission\'s important requests, guidelines, and open notices.  Prospective candidates must acquaint themselves completely and stay current with the Commission\'s principles, Orders, and Public Notices identifying with the Advanced Wireless and Broadband Personal Communication Services, rules identifying with application and sale methods, and the strategies, terms and conditions contained in the Auction 78 open takes note.

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Auction 78 Licenses 20 add up to licenses 5 C1 block licenses 2 C3 block licenses 3 C4 block permit 2 C5 block licenses 1 D block licenses 4 E block licenses (incorporates incomplete markets) 3 F block licenses

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BROADBAND PCS CHANNELS Block Description Frequency Bands Bandwidth C1* 7.5 MHz/7.5 MHz paired 1902.5 – 1910, 1982.5 – 1990 MHz 15 C3* 5 MHz/5 MHz paired 1895 – 1900, 1975 – 1980 MHz 10 C4* 5 MHz/5 MHz paired 1900 – 1905, 1980 – 1985 MHz 10 C5 5 MHz/5 MHz paired 1905 – 1910, 1985 – 1990 MHz 10 D 5 MHz/5 MHz paired 1865 – 1870, 1945 – 1950 MHz 10 E 5 MHz/5 MHz paired 1885 – 1890, 1965 – 1970 MHz 10 F 5 MHz/5 MHz paired 1890 – 1895, 1970 – 1975 MHz 10 * Certain C Block licenses are "shut," just "business people" may offer on them.

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Licensing and Operating Rules for Broadband PCS: Sections 24.200 – 24.253. Permit Term: 10 years from beginning permit concede date. Parceling (partitioning geographic zones) and disaggregation (separating range) are allowed. Recharging anticipation for licensees which fulfill work out development necessities.

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Licensing and Operating Rules Build-out Requirements for Broadband PCS… 10 MHz and 15 MHz Blocks: Within 5 years of being authorized, licensees must serve no less than 1/4 of the populace in their authorized territory, or give an appearing of "significant administration" to the authorized range inside the proper 5 year benchmark from the first permit date.

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Licensing and Operating Rules in Rural Areas Rural Area: A region with a populace thickness of 100 people for every square mile or less, based upon the latest Census information. Control: There has been an expansion in most extreme power by 100%. For instance, a base station of 300 meters or less in country zones are permitted an expansion from 1640 to 3280 watts EIRP. Significant Service: Rules for 30 MHz Broadband PCS licenses were changed to permit bearers to give considerable administration. For country regions, bearers have a protected harbor alternative.

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Due Diligence Applicant Responsibility Applicants ought to play out their person due perseverance before continuing as they would with any new business wander. Candidates are exclusively in charge of recognizing related dangers and for examining and assessing how much such matters may influence their capacity to offer on, generally obtain, or make utilization of licenses accessible in Auction 78. Pending Proceedings Applicants ought to likewise know that specific pending and future applications (counting those for alteration), petitions for rulemaking, demands for extraordinary brief expert, waiver demands, petitions to deny, petitions for reexamination, casual restrictions, and applications for survey before the commission may identify with specific candidates or occupant licensees or the licenses accessible in Auction 78. What\'s more, pending and future legal procedures may identify with specific candidates or officeholder licensees, or the licenses accessible in Auction 78. Candidates are in charge of evaluating the probability of the different conceivable results, and considering their potential effect on range licenses accessible in this bartering.

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Due Diligence Microwave Relocation Most of the occupant private and normal bearer settled microwave benefit licensees working in the 1850-1990 MHz band have been migrated. Area 101.79 gives that if a Broadband PCS licensee expects to turn on a framework inside the obstruction scope of an occupant microwave licensee, it must give the officeholder no less than six months earlier composed notice, after which the officeholder microwave licensee must stop operations, subject to constrained special cases under Section 101.79.

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Broadband PCS Database Universal Licensing System: wireless.fcc.gov/uls Register: Acquire login and Password File: Using ULS Online Filing Searches: Finding Applications and Licenses

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Application Filings Antenna Structure Registration wireless.fcc.gov : Antenna Structure Registration Major Environmental Action wireless.fcc.gov : Rules and Regs, Rules 1.1307 - 1.1311 International Coordination Agreements Canada www.fcc.gov/ib/sand/concur/documents/can-nb/pcs-bb.pdf Mexico www.fcc.gov/ib/sand/concur/records/mex-nb/pcs1850e.pdf

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ULS SEARCH To seek the historical backdrop of the licenses recorded in the Auction 78 stock… Go to wireless.fcc.gov/uls and select Search Licenses Select Market Based Search Enter Market Type (BTA), Market Code (BTA492), Channel Block (F), Radio Service Code (CW), Authorization Type (Regular), and Status (Expired, Canceled, and Terminated) Search Results: KNLH733 – Westel, L.P. Select Callsign License for Westel, L.P.

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Broadband PCS Database Partial Licenses sometimes, licenses are accessible for just a divided some portion of the market, or might be disaggregated and exclude the majority of the range related with a specific recurrence square.

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Partial Market License CW-BTA460-E

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AUCTION 78 INFORMATION WEBSITES Auction Division: wireless.fcc.gov/barters General Information Pre Auction, Auction, and Post Auction Links Wireless Telecommunications Bureau: wireless.fcc.gov FCC Rules and Regulations Broadband PCS Universal Licensing System: wireless.fcc.gov/uls Broadband PCS Database International Bureau: www.fcc.gov/ib/sand/concur International Agreements

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Questions? Specialized or lawful - authorizing: Keith Harper (design) 202-418-0620 Michael Connelly (legitimate) 202-418-0132 ULS or permitting: Bettye Woodward 202-418-0620 Legal – sell off: Scott Mackoul or Stephen Johnson 202-418-0660 General closeout questions: Jeff Crooks or Lisa Stover 717-338-2868

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Technical Issues, Due Diligence and Licensing Parameters THE END Disclaimer: This introduction is given as casual staff data and help; it is not lawful counsel, nor is it a coupling supposition of the WTB or FCC. Any Questions? Contact: Keith Harper, 202-418-0620, Keith.Harper@fcc.gov

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