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THEORIES OF AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM. Gary Klass POS232: Politics and Public Policy. American Creed Consensus Theory. middle-class dominant or "classless" society -- residual underclass. Policy trends . Limited government, except in education.
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Hypotheses OF AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM Gary Klass POS232: Politics and Public Policy

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American Creed \ Consensus Theory working class predominant or "classless" society - leftover underclass

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Policy patterns Limited government, with the exception of in training. dynamic advancement in times of "white collar class" change Government extends (in spurts) in response to speaks to working class still, small voice

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Popular belief system American Creed : constrained government., independence, confidence; tempered by duty to standards of uniformity and reasonable play. dynamic improvement in times of "white collar class" change Government extends in response to engages working class heart

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Governing foundations Fragmented organizations: Federalism Sep. of Powers Checks & Balances frail gatherings

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Class strife \ Social control business first class looks for influence and cash; mistreats poor people and common laborers

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Policy patterns restricted government in social welfare (for poor people) enormous government for corporate premiums and the well off cycles of development to control turmoil and compression uphold low wages

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Popular philosophy American free enterprise belief system is a "false belief system" that isolates legislative issues and financial aspects. class awareness is required

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Governing foundations Fragmented establishments: intended to counteract greater part control, and support debasement and business\elite control

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Minority strengthening working class mistreatment of minorities and ladies, notwithstanding power world class persecution

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Policy patterns fundamental normal for strategy is the inescapable bigotry and sexism Research depicts backfire, conservation, disintegration of past increases

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Popular philosophy naturally supremacist/sexist esteem framework that serves white, male, working class interests. Confidence in independence and constrained govt. are a cover (typical bigotry) for self-interests of the oppressors.

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Governing foundations majoritarian organizations are a risk to minority interests

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Communitarian Hyperpluralism strife among: racial, ethnic, religious, dialect, monetary classes and recipient and body electorate bunches

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Policy patterns implies tried, focused on and decentralized projects. unique intrigue governmental issues divided approaches serve to part society Societal discontinuity intensifies requests for exceptional intrigue strategies.

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Popular belief system changing estimations of incorporation and detachment among both lion\'s share and minority bunches cognizance of "shared view" citizenship interests is required

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Governing foundations divided government and focused on social approach advance extraordinary intrigue requests on government

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