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Gotten from common organic products, free of fake flavors, hues and additives and is U.S. FDA ensured ... No fake shading/flavor and additives, low sugar levels, ...
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Financial specialist Presentation December 200 9

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Safe Harbor Statement CAUTIONARY STATEMENT REGARDING FORWARD - LOOKING STATEMENTS This presentation incorporates or joins by reference articulations that constitute forward-peered explanations inside the importance of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as corrected, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as revised. Such forward-looking articulations include known and obscure dangers, instabilities and different variables which may bring about our genuine results, execution or accomplishments to be physically not the same as any future results, execution or accomplishments communicated or inferred by such forward-looking proclamations. At times, you can distinguish forward-looking articulations by the utilization of words, for example, "may," "could," "expect," "mean," "arrangement," "look for," "suspect," "trust," "gauge," "foresee," "potential," "proceed," or the negative of these terms or other practically identical phrasing. We renounce any commitment to redesign any such components or to declare freely the consequences of any amendments of the forward-looking articulations contained in this to reflect future occasions or improvements. You are encouraged to consider these variables care in assessing the forward-looking explanations in this and ought not put undue dependence on forward-looking articulations since they include known and obscure dangers, vulnerabilities and different elements which are, now and again, outside our ability to control and which could physically influence genuine results, levels of action, execution or accomplishments.

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Equity Snapshot Ticker Symbol: NIUS.OB Price (11/16/09): $0.60 Market Cap: $30.7 mil Diluted shares outstanding* 51.2 mil Revenues (ttm): $55,726 Gross Profit (ttm): $25,571 Gross Margin (ttm): 45.9% * As of November 4, 2009

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Company Overview Niusule Biotech Corp., ("Niusule"), a main US open organization, through its completely possessed auxiliary Niusule Bioengineering (Hangzhou) Co. Ltd, concentrates on creating and offering nourishing items for youngsters and pharmaceutical in the PRC Introduces develop high caliber, nutritious wellbeing items and pharmaceutical from the US to China Major items: Niusule Gummy Bears, PlantFusion protein and against D serum Niusule was established in April 2008 in the United States and started offering items in China in July 2009 Total number of workers: 50

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Market Overview Double digit development rate in human dietary business sector in Asia with China as one of the real players as far as generation and utilization of wholesome supplements According to the Public Nutrition and Development Center, China\'s sustenance nourishment business sector is developing at a normal pace of 8-10% yearly and may accelerate to 15% sooner rather than later Nutritional supplement industry is exceptionally divided in China Gummy Bears (Multi-Vitamin &Minerals, Calcium + D, Omega 3, Vitamin C) are increasing critical prevalence in China. The yearly development rate is 20% - 30%* with developing premium Market Characteristics Drivers Growing white collar class populace in China Because of the one-tyke approach, guardians give careful consideration to the nutritious parity of their tyke Increasing prominence and interest for transported in and safe items Lifestyle and eating routine changes require nourishing supplements Increasingly wellbeing cognizant shoppers * Company Estimates

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Gummy Bears Derived from regular natural products, free of simulated flavors, hues and additives and is U.S. FDA guaranteed Appealing to youngsters because of their extraordinary taste and sweet like structure dissimilar to tablets or pills Gummy Bears (Calcium in addition to Vitamin D): Vitamin D, sodium and phosphorus to help kids assimilate calcium successfully, reinforcing their bone wellbeing Gummy Bears (Multi-Vitamin & Minerals): Multiple dietary supplement which gives key vitamins and minerals New Products to be presented in January 2010 - Gummy Bears (DHA): DHA contains a lot of Omega 3 which is vital for the improvement of mind and retinal of kids - Gummy Bears (Vitamin C): Vitamin C helps mending of wounds, fortifies the invulnerable framework and counteracts free radical harm Niusule Gummy Bears: Healthy and Tasty Natural Flavors: Lemon, Strawberry, Orange and Cherry

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Gummy Bears – A New Concept Serving Size: 2 chewy candies Niusule Gummy Bears Change the conventional method for furnishing kids in China with Calcium and Vitamins supplements in therapeutic shape No simulated shading/flavor and additives, low sugar levels, ensures tooth rot Superior wholesome worth for developing children Customized to oblige needs and tastes of Chinese kids

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Investment Highlights Strong business sector request and expanding utilization of nourishing items in China as there are 250 a large number of kids between 2 – 14 years of age in 2009 In FY 2010, the net deals income (aside from hostile to D serum) is required to increment 85%-100% Attractive item portfolio with target gross edge of 70%-75% High-quality items made in the US under strict global norms Developing circulation system in China Export industry is bolstered by US government, increment occupation rate

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PlantFusion Protein Allergen free, simple to process, multi-sourced plant based protein using most recent progressions in protein innovation Complete protein produced using just plant sources (upgraded amino corrosive mixed with Branched Chain Amino Acids & L-Glutamine) to bolster wellbeing and sustenance Hypoallergenic: No Dairy, No Soy, No Animal, and No Gluten Eco-accommodating - Our protein sources don\'t contrarily affect the dirt, environment or our groups Low glycemic burden and cholesterol free 100% Natural and Non-GMO Natural Flavors: Vanilla Bean, Chocolate, Berry and Natural

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Sales & Marketing Engages driving merchants to extend market reach - Contract with Hainan Qizheng to grow to 250 medication stores by end of 2009 in Shanghai and Zhejaing, and contract with Rong Sen to extend to 50 retail outlets in Zhejiang by end of 2009 -Plans to enter 20 best retail chain brands by 2010 and is in arrangements with Walmart, Carrefour, Trust-Mart, CRV (China Resources Vanguard) Mart and Wu Mei MartPlans Newspaper publicizing to assemble a solid brand name - Qianjiang Evening Paper and City Express Highly spurred proficient deals group made do with good and material impetuses - Plans to set up and enhance the preparation framework Online advancement to instruct buyers and make items accessible to a substantial gathering of buyers - Niusule\'s items are at present accessible for buy on Alibaba.com and Taobao.com, the two noteworthy B2C or C2C e-shopping destinations

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Promotion Online advancement to teach buyers and make items accessible to a vast gathering of buyers - Niusule\'s items are at present accessible for buy on Alibaba.com and Taobao.com, the two noteworthy B2C or C2C e-shopping locales Newspaper publicizing to construct a solid brand name, outside publicizing to advance the brand - Qianjiang Evening Paper and City Express - Billboards and transports all through China - The road around t he kids\' clinic of Zhejiang University institute of pharmaceutical

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Dongpo Road and Qingchun Road

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Hangzhou Tower

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Geographic Expansion Enter new markets through top notch retail establishments or grocery store in driving areas with high obtaining power buyers Establish a solid impression in the Zhejiang Province -36 retail outlets in Zhejiang Province - Enter into the Shanghai Market -Partner with driving retail outlets including Century Lianhua Supermarket, Carrefour, Trust Mart and CRV 2009 Develop new markets and increment market entrance -Beijing, Jiangsu, and Guangdong Provinces -Expand retail outlets in Zhejiang to 250 by the year 2010 - 2011 Enter second – level urban communities through organization with wholesalers -Wuhan, Chengdu, Chongqing, Fuzhou, and so on -Establish and fortify dispersion divert in new urban communities 2012 - 2013

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Growth Strategy Expand market reach and fabricate dissemination association Strengthen item organize Integrate upstream by assembling items in China Establish a solid deals and advertising program and enhance preparing Growth Strategy Increasing brand mindfulness with presentation of marked stores Employ progressed logistic capacities for conveyance

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Strong Relationship with US-based OEM Partners Long-term organization consent to secure a dependable and stable supply of superb Niusule sticky bears Exclusive appropriation rights available to be purchased and dissemination of PlantFusion protein all through China for initial six months and the possibility to stretch out for another year Products made in the United States under Good Manufacturing Processes ("GMPs") for dietary supplements Niusule teams up with Zhejiang University to extemporize and upgrade item recipe to take into account the objective populaces tastes and inclinations Approved as a retailer and wholesaler of wellbeing sustenance items in the PRC

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Financial Projection * Subject to financing

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Experienced Management and Board Qinghua Hu – Chairman of the Board. Preceding joining, Niusule Ms. Hu was CEO of Zhejiang Niusule Biotech Corp., an organization occupied with the matter of rural development, creation,

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