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SPIPA Youth Bunch. John Simmons, SPIPA Program Facilitator Dakotah Path, Research Right hand. Diagram. SPIPA Association and Foundation SPIPA and Far reaching Malignancy Control Arrangement SPIPA Youth Gathering SPIPA Review K.A.B Study and Practices' Study
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SPIPA Youth Group John Simmons, SPIPA Program Coordinator Dakotah Lane, Research Assistant

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Overview SPIPA Organization and Background SPIPA and Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan SPIPA Youth Conference SPIPA Survey K.A.B Survey and Behaviors\' Survey SPIPA Youth Past, Current, and Future Work

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SPIPA Organization and Background South Puget Intertribal Planning Agency (SPIPA) Consortium of five tribes: Skokomish, Chehalis, Nisqually, Squaxin Island, and Shoalwater Bay

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SPIPA Organization and Background Mission: Deliver social, human and wellbeing administrations and give preparing and specialized help, asset improvement and wanting to the Chehalis, Nisqually, Shoalwater Bay, Skokomish and Squaxin Island Tribal Communities.

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South Puget Sound Tribes

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SPIPA and Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan The SPIPA Tribes are actualizing the Cancer arrange exercises that were composed about a year prior. The execution exercises\' are sorted in a hand book and separated by year for the following five years. There are four principle objectives; Provide disease counteractive action, training and mindfulness for tribal and group individuals at all SPIPA Tribes. Recognize all screen capable tumors at the most punctual stage for tribal and group individuals at all SPIPA Tribes. Guarantee that all tribal and group individuals with malignancies at all SPIPA Tribes get growth treatment benefits that are best in class, auspicious thorough, customary, and reasonable. Guarantee that tribal and group growth survivors and their friends and family at all SPIPA Tribes get bolster.

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SPIPA Youth Conference Two years back, a prominent youth age 14, kicked the bucket of leukemia. Tumor casualty was extremely dynamic in games and social exercises Friends and SPIPA youth group concerned: "What is disease? How can one get growth?"

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SPIPA Youth Conference Preparation SPIPA will has it\'s first Youth Cancer Summit. Make it intuitive No great addresses No power point! Malignancy information is NOT exhibited in address style Instead fuses growth data for the sake of entertainment exercises Include parts of their own way of life in these exercises

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Youth Group Leaders

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SPIPA Youth Conference (Recap) GOAL: To teach youth about tumor and acquaint them with the significance of disease anticipation Main Idea: Have youth pioneers from every tribe take an interest in the association and execution of the gathering.

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SPIPA Youth Survey It is normal that 200-300 youth will go to the gathering SPIPA requested that NPCC concoct and make two reviews to provide for these young: Knowledge, Attitude, and Belief (K.A.B.) Survey Behaviors Survey

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Goal: To decide the degree of SPIPA\'s childhood information, mentalities, and conviction toward tumor and their wellbeing. We need to know all data that may put them at hazard to disease Will incorporate inquiries on points like: Cancer Health Care Diet Exercise Smoking Drugs and Alcohol Traditional Foods STD\'s (basically HPV learning) K.A.B Survey

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Goal: To decide the general conduct of SPIPA\'s childhood We need to know every one of the practices that may put them at hazard for creating growth Will incorporate inquiries on subjects like: Diet Exercise Smoking Drugs and Alcohol Traditional Foods Behavior\'s Survey

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November 2006: Speak Out Conference 1 st meeting held for youth pioneers 25 youth pioneers came (5 youth for each tribe) Purpose to prepare them for position of authorities they will serve SPIPA Past, Current, and Future Work

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February 18 th , 2007: Regroup with youth pioneers Created arrangements and thoughts on scattering malignancy data that is fun and underlines their own particular culture Ideas made by the adolescent pioneer: Fear Factor (figure wrong tumor truth, need to eat something gross!) Cancer Clue (How did John Simmons kick the bucket of malignancy?) Traditional Food Cook out challenge (with senior citizens as the judges) Jeopardy! SPIPA Past, Current, and Future Work

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SPIPA Past, Current, and Future Work Next youth meeting is April fifteenth Discuss approaches to actualize thoughts made by youth at arranging session! Conditional Date for Conference is June fifteenth & sixteenth

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