Sport in Australia.

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The most mainstream sorted out game for young men is soccer (22.2% of pop) and for young ladies is netball (18.1% of pop) 6.5 million enlisted sport members ...
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Sport in Australia Prof Peter Brown Dept of Tourism, Leisure, Hotel & Sport Management

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What are we covering today? Australian game – preparatory impressions What is game? Review of the Australian Sport System Socio-chronicled impacts on game in Australia The part and place of ladies in Australian game Comparisons with the Norwegian game framework

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Spot the stars

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Australian game – some preparatory impressions List three words or expressions that mirror your impressions of game in Australia Can you name one Australian sportsman and one Australian sportswoman? It has been contended that game has an extraordinary spot in Australian society. What elements do you feel may have impacted the improvement of game in Australia?

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Australian – A donning heaven? Social pundits from inside Australia and outside have announced that Australian\'s are fixated on game WHY?

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What is game? \'Delight, preoccupation, fun\'; \'interest, diversion\' ( Australian Concise Oxford Dictionary ) \'A scope of exercises which by and large include rules, physical effort and/or coordination and rivalry between members\' ( Lynch & Veal, 1996 ) \'A regulated amusement requesting the showing of physical ability\'s ( Loy 1979 ). Covers exercises on a continuum from play, through diversions to exceptionally focused game

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One perspective of Australian \'Game assumes an essential part in the Australian people group and touches practically all aspects of Australian life. It has characterized our national personality and is something that binds together our nation. It additionally presents to us a scope of social and financial advantages: members increase better wellbeing, social contacts and a superior personal satisfaction; our economy increases lessened wellbeing costs, higher profitability, expanded job and builds tourism. Australia\'s achievement in an extensive variety of games has improved our universal notoriety.\' Paul Keating - CAS Patron (February, 1996)

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Another perspective of Australian Sport Nationally 9.1 million people (62.4% of the pop.) partook in physical exercises for entertainment, and 7 million (48.2% of the pop.) went to no less than one games occasion in 2002. The most famous sorted out game for young men is soccer (22.2% of pop) and for young ladies is netball (18.1% of pop) 6.5 million enrolled sport members 30,000 clubs and affiliations 1.4 million volunteers Approx 140,000 representatives $1 billion yearly use by government at all levels Accounts for 8% of the economy (Gross Domestic Product) Service conveyance by Public division - all levels of government Private/revenue driven segment Not for benefit/group area

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Some wearing stars

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The Australian game framework Economic impacts PARTICIPANTS (players, authorities, onlookers) Political Influences PROVIDERS Legal Influences Socio-authentic impacts

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PYRAMID BASED SPORT SYSTEM Elite Level Sport Intermediate Level Sport Mass Participation Sport

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The Australian game framework Three segment model: Government Community Commercial/private Important site – crest government office - Australian Sports Commission

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Government segment – backing of game Commonwealth/Federal – approach "Investment versus First class", movement programs, National Sport Organization (NSO) subsidizing, world class competitor bolster State – significant occasion bolster, State Sport Organization (SSO) financing, venue advancement Local (75% of all subsidizing) – office arrangement, club bolster, volunteer preparing

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Why ought to governments include themselves in game? ?

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Community division – backing of game Volunteers at club level Officials, mentors, chairmen, players Facility administration Fundraising Player advancement Sustains the "framework"

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Commercial/private part – backing of game Equipment supplies Event administration Venue administration Athlete administration Media Sponsorship (eg Greg Norman Australia\'s first hitting the fairway mogul) Professional game classes

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Contemporary Sport Structure Elite Sport Organization Funding/Facilities International Sport Federations Australian Institute of Sport National Sporting Organizations Australian Sports Commission State Sport Institutes/Academies State Sporting Organizations State Depts of Sport & Recreation Regional Sport Institutes/Academies District/Regional Associations/Clubs Local Government

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\'Time out\' - interval

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The historical backdrop of ladies in Australian game Video – Women and game

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Key subjects encompassing the historical backdrop of ladies in Australian game History of rejection Biological myths Social traditions Patriarchal nature of games associations Media representations of sexual orientation relations

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Hegemonic forms connected with games media The relative "perceivability" of ladies in games news The "control" of ladies in games news. "Cliché" representations of sexual orientation in games news.

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How noticeable are ladies in games news? Television - 2% of aggregate games broadcasting Radio - 1.4% of aggregate games communicates Sports magazines - 6.8% of games scope Newspapers - 10.7% of scope ( Source ASC 1997 )

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Volume of scope for female game ( NH & SMH ), 1890-1990

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Proportional volume of scope for female and male game, NH & SMH, 1890-1990

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To what degree are ladies contained in games reports? Situating of articles Timing of scope Sports secured

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Gender stereotyping in games news Text Images

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Comparisons with the Norwegian game framework

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Workshop time Groups of 4 15 minutes to make a rundown of contrasts and similitudes between the Australian and Norwegian game frameworks in 4 ranges: Government approach and projects Community sport Professional game Historical and social impacts AND rundown any inquiries you may have about Australian game?

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The end… make the most of your time in Australia!

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