SPRING 2003 Volume 2, Number 2.

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BUSINESS Data Frameworks Division. BIS•e•Times. SPRING 2003 Volume 2, Number 2. Visit our site at http://bis.cba.cmich.edu/. CMU AITP Understudies Bring Back Honors. INSIDE THIS ISSUE:.
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BUSINESS INFORMATION SYSTEMS DEPARTMENT BIS•e•Times SPRING 2003 Volume 2, Number 2 Visit our site at http://bis.cba.cmich.edu/CMU AITP Students Bring Back Awards INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Central Michigan University understudies showed their academic take a shot at March 27, 28 and 29 at the Association of Information Technology Professionals National Student Conference at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. Eric Pynnonen of Midland won two ahead of everyone else grants, one for the database task and one for the undergrad understudy paper/presentation rivalry. “It is striking that Eric won rivalries that are so different” said Dr. James Cappel, AITP co-counselor and BIS office employee. “The database rivalry includes specialized aptitudes, though the paper/presentation occasion obliges composed and oral relational abilities. The database challenge alone had more than 50 sections so it’s very much an accomplishment.” ( proceeded on page 2.) Faculty Activities 2 Student Groups 3 MSIS Information 3 New Faculty 4 SAP 4 Scholarships 5 BIS Department Sponsors 5 MIS Advisory Board 6 WHEN CMU CALLS DURING A FUND CAMPAIGN, DIRECT YOUR DOLLARS TO HELP YOUR DEPARTMENT: AITP, Account 44007. Business Teacher Education, Account 43055. BIS Discretionary Fund, Account 41911. Ima Chambers Scholarship, Account 64593. MIS Advisory Board Fund, Account 64435. MIS Endowment Fund, Account 66665. William Wolhgamuth Scholarship, Account 64564. Winsor Scholarship, Account 64133. FROM WHERE I SIT Monica Holmes, Chair BIS Department As dependably, time flies and at the end of the day the BIS-e-Times has news for you. The most energizing news is the five\'s contracting new employees, i.e., four MIS and one BTE/business correspondence. They are a fine expansion to the office\'s qualities. I am likewise particularly glad for the way that understudies in both the BTE and MIS majors and minors take numerous elective classes together. As we probably am aware, BTE graduates in the secondary schools are our first contacts with those understudies who may need to come to Central to study business. In this issue, we have included a section perceiving the benefactors to the BIS division, and in the following issue, we plan to include news about our graduated class. In any case, keeping in mind the end goal to do that, we have to get news about you. Dr. Blast was the acting director while I was on my vacation. He simply completed his holiday this past spring. In the fall, Drs. Cappel and Hwang will be going on their holidays. While holidays may seem as if the workforce are taking their get-aways, nothing is further from reality. They chip away at examination extends that could include joint effort with workforce at different colleges, gathering information for these undertakings from organizations, and even re-attending so as to tool themselves workshops and courses and in addition going by organizations to watch how business ideas are connected in the work environments. I was blessed to invest some energy at Eli Lilly in Indianapolis, IN and to have the chance to perceive how our previous MIS graduates are doing there. Vacations and comparable examination leaves are basic to staff who can set aside an ideal opportunity to take a shot at exploration and instructing without different duties on their time. Nothing is more energizing to the BIS workforce than to catch wind of the accomplishments of their understudies. AITP has at the end of the day demonstrated that they are a match for their associates at different colleges and schools. While we are pleased with the way that each spring semester they pack up their rigging to contend with different understudies, this past spring they exceeded themselves and conveyed a few prizes home to CMU. (Proceed on page 2.) CONSIDER STARTING A BIS OR MIS ALUMNI ASSOCIATION IN YOUR COMPANY, CITY, AREA: email Dr. Elizabeth Kemm at kemm1e@cmich.edu or call her at (989)774-3817

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BIS.e.Times: Volume 2, Number 2. Spring 2003. Page 2 From Where I Sit (proceeded from page 1.) CMU Business Students Take Home Awards ( Continued structure page 1.) The AITP understudy aggregate additionally earned the Best Chapter in the Region honor for the fourth successive year. Other individual grant victors include: John Griffith of Lakehurst, NJ who set second for the graduate understudy paper/presentation rivalry. Tarun Damodaran of Bangladore, India, took third place for the graduate understudy paper/presentation rivalry. Clint McPherson of Clinton Township, Colleen Cline of St. Clair Shores and Dave Miller of Boyne City all got noteworthy notice for the frameworks investigation and configuration rivalry. Greg Boehmer of Shelby Township, Robert Mistele of Bloomfield and William Vendt of Utica earned the Associate Computing Professional Certification subsequent to passing two examinations at the meeting. Other CMU understudies passed one examination and can take an extra examination at next year’s meeting to end up affirmed. “We are glad for our 20 understudies who participated,” said Cappel. They effectively went to workshops and all took an interest in no less than one rivalry. It was an extraordinary learning background, and the understudies spoke to CMU well.” Cappel and AITP co-counsel Zhenyu Huang additionally partook in the meeting. The occasion included speakers from IBM, Robert Half Technologies, State Farm Insurance, Purdue University’s Biometric Institute, and numerous different associations. Give or take 600 understudies and workforce went to the meeting. What\'s more, these understudies took it upon themselves to take the Associate Computing Professional Certification exam. This is the first occasion when that any CMU understudy took such an exam. Nothing awes businesses more than the understudies\' drive to enhance themselves. Dr. Csapo keeps on applying her vitality to the business instructor training project which now has more than 100 majors and minors. Consistently, she utilizes her gift to pull in more understudies to the BTE program. She is exceptionally upbeat to have Dr. Karl Smart working with her. Together they are dealing with another showing focus for the Master of Science in Information Systems. One thing we need to do is to hold the graduate BTE classes in the nighttimes or weekends in spring 2004 versus having them in summer 2004. Search for more news about the business instructor training understudies in the following bulletin. In this season of spending plan requirements, we are thankful for the liberality of our givers. With your money related help, we have the capacity to give grants to the understudies furthermore to AITP for their exercises. No blessing is too little as each penny checks. Much thanks. Right now, we are redesigning our site at http://bis.cba.cmich.edu so that our look-and-feel will be in a state of harmony with those of the College. On the off chance that you have any news or proposal, please email me at monica.c.holmes@cmich.edu or call me at 989-774-4364. I am constantly upbeat to get news that I can use in the following BIS-e-Times and/or meet with you. Some Faculty Publications Dr. Nancy Csapo-“Certification of Computer Literacy,” The Journal , vol. 30, no.1, 2002. Dr. Richard Featheringham-Interactive Applications: Punctuation, Capitalization, and Number Style , Kendall/Hunt Publishing Co., 2003. Dr. Richard Featheringham and Dr. Nancy Csapo-Business Communication: Topics and Activities , Kendall/Hunt Publishing Co., 2002. Dr. Monica Holmes-“ADR Solution for Academic Workplace Conflicts,” Dispute Resolution Journal, vol. 57, no. 2, 2002. Zhenyu Huang-Internet EDI Adoption: Trust in Technology and Application Knowledge. AMCIS Proceeding , page 2222-2227. Dr. Anil Kumar-“Toward a Deeper Examination of Global IT Theory and Frameworks,” Journal of Global Information Technology Management , vol. 5, no. 4, 2002. Dr. Karl Smart-“Assessing the Need for Printed and Online Documentation: A Study of Customer Preferences and Use,” The Journal of Business Communication , July 2001. Three Cheers The BIS Department might want to compliment the accompanying employees for their accomplishments: Dr. James Cappel on being elevated to partner educator in Fall 2002. Dr. Nancy Csapo on additionally being elevated to relate professor in Fall 2002. Dr. Nancy Csapo on accepting residency beginning in Fall 2003. Dr. Roger Hayen for getting to be president of the International Association of Computer Information Systems (IACIS). Dr. Monica Holmes for another term as division seat. DaimlerChrysler Lab Rededication On October 24, 2002 the DaimlerChrysler Lab in Grawn was rededicated. On the off chance that you come to Mount Pleasant, come and see the new lab format which is conductive to teacher understudy communication.

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BIS.e.Times: Volume 2, Number 2. Spring 2003. Page 3 Spotlight on Student Groups to instruct the perfect of administration as the premise of all commendable enterprise to support city obligation Current Activities This year the section took part in the yearly “adopt-a-family” group administration action. The part embraced a group of four and acquired garments and toys as Christmas presents for all relatives. Numerous individuals lead by officers went to the MBEA 2002 Annual Convention in Novi, Michigan, October 24 and 25. Our section authority for the 2002-2003 school year incorporates: AITP What is AITP? Relationship for Information Technology Professionals is an expert affiliation made out of administrators, examiners, software engineers, and other IT experts who offer an enthusiasm for data innovation and its

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