Spring 2004 – Meeting #1 February 10 th , 2004 ISAT 148.

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Spring 2004 – Meeting #1 February 10 th , 2004 ISAT 148. Madison Motorsports. Who we are Club dedicated to advancing all things motorsport, a game that is regularly not surely knew. What we do
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Spring 2004 – Meeting #1 February 10 th , 2004 ISAT 148

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Madison Motorsports Who we are Club dedicated to advancing all things motorsport, a game that is frequently not surely knew. What we do Karting, coursework (network, tech, hailing), GT3, watch auto features, introduce parts, fix autos, give learned exhortation, elite driver’s ed, auto-x, gathering, and a great deal more.

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Recent Activities Website recreation http://www.mmsports.org Concessions Night MM @ G-Force #1 Results – need them! http://www.jmujack.com/collection/?dir=Madison%20Motorsports%2FGForce%202-7 http://www.mjcomputer.net/exhibition/?dir=mmsports%2Fgforce%2F2004_02_07 Installfest #1 MM Party #3 Lorena @ Detroit Auto Show Gerald @ LA Auto Show http://www.mmsports.org/garbage/laautoshow/

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Planned Activities GT3 Ladder 2-player Arcade Mode, best 4 times development, then the remaining individuals go once more, and rehash. Plan Feb 24 – Corvette C5R @ Mid-Field Mar 16 – Integra Type R @ Trial Mountain Mar 30 – Lancer or Impreza Prototypes @ Swiss Alps Apr 13 – Class S Supra @ Mid-Field II Apr 27 – Spoon S2000 @ Trial Mountain Points: 10, 6, 5, 3, 1 Prizes: GT4 Pre-request, $25, $10

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Planned Activities Madison Motorshow April 17 th 2004 (24 th downpour date) Hillside Lot (C4) 11am-3pm, Judging begins at 1pm Categories: European, Domestic, Asian, Motorcycle, and Originality/Customization Other attractions (pending): Break Dance Club, Live DJ, GT3 tent and auto features, Concessions, pocket bicycle as well as Karting demo.

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Planned Activities Madison Motorshow (cont.) Items required: Folding tables and seats Pickup truck to transport things Racing features Volunteers to work particular errands at the show GET THE WORD OUT!!

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Planned Activities PTG Tour BMW’s dashing gathering in North America Located in Winchester, VA http://cesium.cs.jmu.edu/huntwc/PicsPTG.html Ferrari of Washington Tour Located in Dulles, VA http://www.imagestation.com/collection/pictures.html?show_all=1&start=1&id=4290482313

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Planned Activities Usual NASA and other association track occasions, stay tuned to site for the date-book which incorporates every one of them. NASA-X Apparel request MM @ G-Force #2 Visit gathering and give thoughts for dates ITR Expo #4 Check discussion for more data

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Money/Fundraising We have give or take $900 after we get our check from NASA for the Auto-X we ran last semester. Letter composition Need volunteer to head this up. NASA-X Car Show More concessions? (examine)

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Upcoming Events NASA Valentine 400 @ VIR February 21-22 Danville, VA Drivers: Many graduated class and Dave Workers: Mike, Chris, Ryan, Rob Incentives: Cash ($50-100 for the weekend) or credits (2 weekends working = 1 weekend on track), free lodging room, free nourishment, and an incredible ordeal. BRR-SCCA Auto-X (http://www.brr-scca.org) February 29 Lynchburg, VA

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Checkered Flag VISIT THE FORUM! Most up and coming data, and a decent place to waste time. Next Meeting: February 24 @ 8pm, ISAT 148 GT3: Corvette C5R @ Mid-Field Recap of Valentine 400 weekend and more occasion arranging

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