SQL921: SQL Anyplace Guide.

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SQL921: SQL Anyplace Guide Dave Neudoerffer VP Building iAnywhere Arrangements August 15-19, 2004 The Undertaking. Unwired. The Undertaking. Unwired. Industry and Cross Stage Arrangements Oversee Data Unwire Data Unwire Individuals Versatile Server Venture
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SQL921: SQL Anywhere Roadmap Dave Neudoerffer VP Engineering iAnywhere Solutions August 15-19, 2004

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The Enterprise. Unwired.

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The Enterprise. Unwired. Industry and Cross Platform Solutions Manage Information Unwire Information Unwire People Adaptive Server Enterprise Adaptive Server Anywhere Sybase IQ Dynamic Archive Dynamic ODS Replication Server OpenSwitch Mirror Activator PowerDesigner Connectivity Options EAServer Industry Warehouse Studio Unwired Accelerator Unwired Orchestrator Unwired Toolkit Enterprise Portal Real Time Data Services SQL Anywhere Studio M-Business Anywhere Pylon Family (Mobile Email) Mobile Sales XcelleNet Frontline Solutions PocketBuilder PowerBuilder Family AvantGo Sybase Workspace

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iAnywhere – Who are we today? Database Mobile Enterprise Solutions Mobile Portal for PDAs

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iAnywhere – Database : From Mobile straight up to Enterprise SQL Anywhere Studio

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iAnywhere – Mobile Enterprise Solutions App Infrastructure for “Always Available/Occasionally connected” keen customer applications Enterprise applications

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iAnywhere – Mobile Portal Mobile Portal for PDAs AvantGo Mobile Internet Service 10 million enrolled clients ships with all CE gadgets Over 2500 channels to look over

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SQL Anywhere Competitive Landscape Mobile Database MS MSDE MS SQL Server CE on-gadget datastore Oracle Lite IBM DB2 Everyplace Synchronization Synchrologic Microsoft IBM Oracle Mobile Database Synchronization SMB Database Embedded Database SMB Database - Microsoft SQL Server IBM DB/2 Oracle MySQL Embedded Database Microsoft MSDE MySQL Sleepycat Berkley DB Birdstep

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SQL Anywhere Studio Components Adaptive Server Anywhere Small-foot shaped impression, self-overseeing social database with high dependability, superior out of the case, and a full scope of SQL elements over a mixture of stages versatile from handhelds to expansive server establishments. UltraLite Database framework for little gadgets, including Palm OS, Pocket PC, and Java-based gadgets, giving full exchange handling bolster, a decision of advancement models, and synchronization with big business information stores. MobiLink Synchronization and versatile informing innovation for sharing data among social databases while keeping up the trustworthiness of exchanges over the whole framework. 5

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SQL Anywhere Studio Components QAnywhere Application to application informing innovation taking into account database synchronization framework. Customer side API in Java or C/C++ or .NET stretching out big business informing frameworks to portable applications that are at times joined. SQL Remote Synchronization innovation for synchronizing ASA remotes with ASA or ASE united databases. Message based – direct association not needed. Different option for MobiLink sometimes. Advancement leveled, yet completely bolstered inconclusively. Sybase Central Management apparatus for ASA, UltraLite, MobiLink and SQL Remote. Utilizes a tree structure for simple control and administration of items. Additionally incorporates a builtin put away methodology debugger. 5

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SQL Anywhere Studio Components PowerDesigner Physical information modeler permits complete outline of database patterns. It additionally gives offices to figure out the outline of a current database and to produce SQL to make any diagram you plan. Infomaker An intense and simple to-utilize reporting device that gives you a chance to inquiry databases and make modern and viable custom reports of information. 5

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Agenda SQL Anywhere Studio 8 SQL Anywhere Studio 9 SQL Anywhere Studio Roadmap – Jasper

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SQL Anywhere 8.0 Release Roadmap

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SQL Anywhere Studio 8 Enhancements At-a-Glance Improved Performance Major upgrades to question execution motor and enhancer Additional join systems Significantly enhanced predicate investigation Histograms utilized for selectivity estimation Storage enhancements New Compressed B-tree files Improved security and ease of use Comprehensive information encryption Improved organization and investigating apparatuses Visual access arrangement displayer Stored Procedure Profiler

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Agenda SQL Anywhere Studio 8 SQL Anywhere Studio 9 SQL Anywhere Studio Roadmap – Jasper

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SQL Anywhere Roadmap Today “Jasper” Beta “Jasper” 9.0 9.0.1 9.0.2 8.0.3 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 2005 2003 2004 2006 Timings and elements subject to change

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SAS 9.0 Release Breakdown

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SQL Anywhere Studio 9 Enhancements At-a-Glance Expanded Platform and Standards Support XML import & fare Web administrations (SOAP, HTTP server) .NET Framework and .NET Compact Framework New stage bolster (Mac OS X, Netware 6.5 and 64-bit stages) Enhanced Performance and Scalability Index Consultant Query Optimizer Query Execution Advanced Developer Productivity Administration devices – less demanding to utilize, incorporated debugger Expanded ASA SQL usefulness – OLAP, Select over procs, recursive union UltraLite – Dynamic SQL, .NET part, Multiple application access MobiLink – Server started sync, record based downloads, more match up choices, MobiLink Monitor 7

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ASA 9.0.1 Extended OLAP capacities GROUP BY CUBE Additional total capacities Eg. Windowed, relapse Rank(), dense_rank() Checksum all database pages Performance Prime reserve on startup Extended improvements 9.0 on MAC OS/X ASA, MobiLink, Sybase Central, DBISQL

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Performance, execution, execution ASA 9.0.0

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High Performance Out-of-the-Box

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UltraLite 9.0.1 Extended Dynamic SQL Add DDL: make/drop table, file Subquery bolster ODBC interface Subset of ODBC 3.5 Platforms MS Smartphone Components AvantGO POD UltraLite Server support from segments Increased incorporation into .NET and AppForge segments

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UltraLite 9.0.1 Runtime Enhancements Restartable Downloads Start a fizzled download from where it cleared out off, instead of beginning once again Schema Upgrade status observing Allow one application to associate with numerous UltraLite databases all the while UltraLite Utilities Unload/reload Java UltraLite No arrangements for Dynamic SQL Java segment interface to C++ UL somewhat replaces (underpins Dynamic SQL)

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MobiLink 9.0.1 Network Failure recuperation Restartable downloads Transactional requested transfers Interop with open remote, remote LAN, dialup IP following for Server Initiated Sync Seamless combination of ASA synchronization into applications ActiveX part for ASA synchronization Enhanced User Authentication offices Java classes to help in outer client verification e.g. LDAP Apache redirector for MobiLink Server QAnywhere once in a while associated versatile informing framework C++ customer for Windows .NET customer for Windows and CE JMS Connector Uses ASA as portable message store

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SQL Anywhere Roadmap Today “Jasper” Beta “Jasper” 9.0 9.0.1 9.0.2 8.0.3 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 2005 2003 2004 2006 Timings and components subject to change

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Disclaimer Statements concerning iAnywhere Solutions\' new items are forward-looking explanations that include various instabilities and dangers and can\'t be ensured. Elements that could at last influence such proclamations are nitty gritty now and again in Sybase\'s Securities and Exchange Commission filings, including yet not restricted to its yearly investigate Form 10-K and its quarterly reports on Form 10-Q (duplicates of which can be seen on the Company\'s site). - - - - All of the data in this presentation are forward-looking explanations, as characterized previously. As being what is indicated, there is vulnerability connected with if or when any of these components will be added to the item. Highlights that are less sure are checked with ‘?’. The future component rundown is substantial and henceforth there are tradeoffs to be made. Your input is fundamental to assist us with making these tradeoffs .

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ASA Short Term Futures Release Independent: Performance whitepaper TPC/H benchmark SMB showcasing push ASA 9.0.2 Native GUID sort Web administration conjuring as outer put away method HTTP 1.1 backing for HTTP interface Enhanced Soap support for more customer situations Callout for circle full conditions SNMP operators 64-bit application support for Solaris, AIX, HPUX Deadlock investigation gear

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ASA Short Term Futures Current Certifications: Section 508 – Accessibility Continue to keep up self affirmation on SQL Anywhere Studio 8.0 and up C2 Version 7.0.2 is C2 ensured Future Certifications: Common Criteria Complete security model: clients, verification, access control, and so forth. Target Q1/2005, likely on 9.0.1 FIPS 140-2 Use of affirmed security module Target 2005 on 9.0.2 or 9.0.3

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UltraLite 9.0.2 Extended Dynamic SQL Simple Query Optimizer IF & Case expressions ISQL for UltraLite On desktop (Windows just) to any UltraLite db Sync Schema painter apparatus to produce MobiLink scripts Components ADO.NET driver Pocket PowerBuilder bolster mBA PODS – one catch sync for information and application Support for AppForge Crossfire

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MobiLink 9.0.2 Data Sync Grouped value-based transfers HTTP stream improvements Interoperability with different intermediaries and doors, treat bolster Native Apache 1.3/2.0 redirectors mBusiness Anywhere redirectors First Upload dependably lives up to expectations – permits amusement of dbs AvantGo customer one-catch sync Additional stage backing for Server Initiated Sync (SIS) Kyrocera 7135, Treo 600 QAnywhere Minor upgrades and shine

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Agenda SQL Anywhere Studio 8 SQL Anywhere Studio 9 SQL Anywhere Studio Roadmap - Jasper

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SQL Anywhere

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