Standard Grade Physics .

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Why study Physics ?. Material science is stunning
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Standard Grade Physics Girvan Academy Girvan Academy, Physics Dept.

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Why examine Physics ? Material science is astonishing & wonderful Physics shows you to think Physics gives you a valuation for your general surroundings. Material science is greatly helpful when you leave school Physics is FUN !!

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More on Why consider Physics !! Material science is exceptionally valuable when you leave school since businesses know … ... Material science is troublesome so you should have concentrates hard You should be great at comprehension confused thoughts You should be great at critical thinking Lots of employments utilize physical science… .. Radiographers, space experts, geologists, pilots, restorative analysts climate forecasters, satellite and TV engineers, circuit testers auto mechanics, electronic architects and … ...… numerous, some more

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WOW !! Physicists have found , concocted and been included in… … .. Step by step instructions to make power Video Recorders The light Television sets Computers Aircraft and Radar The engine auto Rockets Digital Cameras Fiber-Optic correspondences CD players DVD players Fiber-Optics in drug CAT scanners Satellites The look for Extra-terrestial life Infra-Red cameras

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SGrade Physics Telecommunications Using Electricity Electronics Health Physics Transport Energy matters Space Physics Girvan Academy, Physics Dept.

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Telecommunications Waves Radio Television Fiber Optics Satellites Go to fundamental menu

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Using Electricity Current, Voltage and Resistance Voltage Dividers Electromagnetism Electricity in the Home Go to primary menu

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Electronics Analog and Digital Systems ( Input > Process > Output) Voltage Dividers as Input gadgets Logic Gates Counters and Displays Go to principle menu

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Health Physics Temperature The Eye and Lenses Radiation Go to primary menu

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Transport Speed Acceleration v-t diagrams Forces and Newton\'s Laws Work, Energy and Power Go to fundamental menu

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Energy Matters Sources of Energy Heat Transformers Generating Electricity Go to principle menu

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Space Physics Galaxies, stars, planets and Moons Gravity Projectiles Space Go to fundamental menu

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