Start at the eInstruction Landing page: einstruction.

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Enter the
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Click on the " Students " symbol Begin at the eInstruction Home Page:

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Select your school starting from the drop list. Click " Choose Course "

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Use Username and Password on return visits. Enter the " Class Key " you got from your educator.

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Use Username and Password on return visits. Enter the " Serial Number " from the back of the keypad you bought at the book shop.

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Enter the " Code " from the card bundled with your content Or select "I don\'t have a code" to buy on the web. Click " Join the Class"

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Front of Coupon Code

Slide 7

Back of Coupon Code mhhe45860333

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Create a username and secret key for yourself. Give Contact Information Enter your email to get an affirmation.

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Choose Payment with Credit Card… … or Payment with Check

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CPSOnline affirms username & secret key , and doles out a keypad number for the classroom. You can now exit or sign into CPSOnline.

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In the classroom, your doled out keypad number will demonstrate onscreen in blue when you react.

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Remember to convey your keypad to class!

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