STATE specialized curriculum Consultative Board.

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Give strategy and procedural direction concerning custom curriculum and related administrations for youngsters with incapacities in the State. ( Part B/Section 619) ...
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STATE SPECIAL EDUCATION ADVISORY PANEL PRE-SESSION Office of Special Education Programs Annual Conference Washington DC August 17, 2009

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Presenters Barbara Buswell—Director, Region 5 PTAC Jeanna Mullins—CA Service Coordinator, MSRRC John Copenhaver—Director, MPRRC

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Purpose Provide data for State staff and Panel individuals in regards to their SEAP capacities, parts with the SPP, APR, Levels, OSEP confirmation visit, and talk about the significance of dynamic guardian inclusion. Members will be acquainted with another site that contains SEAP assets.

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PART 1 An audit of the reason and elements of the State Special Education Advisory Panel

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The Big Picture U.S. Division of Education Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services (OSERS) Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) Technical Assistance Projects Part C Lead Education Agency (LA) Interagency Coordinating Council (ICC) Advice to LA Special Education Advisory Panel (SEAP) Advice to SEA Part B State Education Agency (SEA) Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing. Babies, Toddlers, Children, and Youth with Disabilities John Copenhaver 2007

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Important Laws for SEAP Members to Understand IDEA FERPA Section 504 ADA NCLBA State Nurse Practice Act

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IDEA Amendments of 2004 Public Law 108-446 NCLBA—2001 Public Law 105-117—1997 (IDEA) Public Law 102-119—1992 (IDEA) Public Law 101-176—1990 (IDEA) Public Law 99-457—1986 (EHA) Public Law 98-199—1983 (EHA) Public Law 94-142 — 1975 (EAHCA) Public Law 93-380—1974 (EHA) Public Law 91-230—1970 (EHA) Public Law 90-247—1968 Public Law 89-750—1966 (ESEA) Public Law 89-313 — 1965 Public Law 89-10 — 1965 (ESEA) The Legislative History of Special Education P.L. = Public Law 108 = Congress Number 446 = Number of Laws went amid this session RESULTS ACCOUNTABILITY PROCEDURAL SAFEGUARDS ACCESS

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Purpose for Panel Provide arrangement and procedural direction regarding specialized curriculum and related administrations for youngsters with inabilities in the State. (Part B/Section 619) CFR 300.167 Advice — Guidance—Suggestions

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Advocacy To take sides To bolster something To argue your case/position To support a position To contend NOT A PANEL ROLE

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Advocacy There are gatherings in the State that identify with backing in nature Protection and Advocacy Agency (P & A) Parent Training and Information Center (PTI) Community Parent Resource Center (CPRC) Disability particular promotion bunches

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Advisory To offer exhortation To educate To advice To prescribe To propose To guide PURPOSE OF SEAP

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Functions Have a working comprehension of every capacity. All Panel exercises ought to identify with the SEAP capacities.

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Advisory Panel Functions Advise the SEA of unmet needs inside the State in the training of kids with handicaps. CFR 300.169(a) Comment openly on any standards or directions proposed by the State in regards to the training of kids with inabilities. CFR 300.169(b )

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Advisory Panel Functions Advise the State in creating assessments and investigating information to the Secretary under Section 618 of the Act. CFR 300.169(c) Dropout rates Graduation rates Discipline Participation in Statewide Assessment SPP/APR  Data

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Advisory Panel Functions Advise the State in creating remedial activity arrangements to address discoveries distinguished in government checking reports under Part B of the Act. CFR 300.169(d) Advise the State in creating and executing strategies identifying with the coordination of administrations for kids with incapacities. CFR 300.169(e)

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Advisory Panel Functions The SEA, in the wake of erasing by and by identifiable data must Provide the Advisory Panel with the DPH discoveries and choices and Make those discoveries and choices accessible to the general population. CFR 300.513(d) & 300.514(c)

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Advisory Panel Functions – Optional Advise on qualified understudies with inabilities in adolescent restorative offices and grown-up detainment facilities .

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PART 2 Provide recommendations of the Panel part with the SPP, APR, Levels of Determination, and OSEP Verification Visit.

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General Supervision IDEA Regulations Emerging State Special Education Advisory Panel Roles State Performance Plan Levels of Determination Annual Performance Report Continuous Improvement and Focused Monitoring

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OSEP Verification – Areas of Emphasis General Supervision Fiscal Accountability Data

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Role of Panel – Verification Visit Be acquainted with OSEP check visit. Know the zones of accentuation. Take an interest in OSEP telephone call—REMIND TO KEEP POSITIVE Suggest change methodologies to right rebelliousness from OSEP confirmation visit. Demand the State chief and/or SEA staff report on their OSEP confirmation visit.

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State Performance Plan A six-year plan to enhance projects and administrations for youngsters with handicaps 20 Indicators Compliance and Performance APR = Annual Review of SPP

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SPP/APR SPP = IEP for State APR = Annual Review of SPP Challenge—information is one year old.

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Possible Roles – State Performance Plan Understand the relationship between the APR and SPP. Give direction to the SEA in creating quantifiable and thorough focuses for markers under every need zone. Demand the State give reports on the SPP and APR in any event every year to the Panel enrollment. Utilize the SPP/APR information to create board needs.

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Annual Performance Report Annual Review of SPP February of every year High stakes Relates to SEA level of determination

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Possible Roles – Annual Performance Report Provide counsel and direction to the SEA with respect to the substance of the APR. Demand that the State Director or SEA staff give an upgrade at every board meeting in regards to advance toward State anticipated targets. Propose change methodologies for zones of resistance. Utilize the APR information to create board needs.

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State Levels of Determination 300.603(b)(i-iv) Meets Requirements Needs Assistance Needs Intervention Needs Substantial Intervention Know and comprehend your State\'s Level of Determination

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Possible Panel Roles – Levels of Determination Understand levels of determination. Know your State\'s level and what it implies. Recommend systems to help your State enhance the level. Comprehend and give recommendations with respect to class locale levels. Use levels information to build up Panel needs.

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PART 3 An outline of the basic part of guardian inclusion in the SEAP. Data around another site for SEAP assets.

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Membership of Panel The enrollment of the State consultative board must comprise of individuals designated by the Governor or some other authority approved under State law to make these arrangements. CFR 300.168(b )

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Special Rule The greater part of the individuals from the board must be people with incapacities and guardians of youngsters with handicaps. CFR 300.168(b)

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Membership of Panel Parents of youngsters with handicaps ages birth through 26 Individuals with inabilities Teachers Representatives of foundations of advanced education State and nearby training authorities Administrators of projects for kids with incapacities State delegates from Child Welfare in charge of child care * Bolded shows new with IDEA 2004. Agents of other State offices Representatives of tuition based schools and open sanction schools At minimum one illustrative of a professional, group, or business association worried with the arrangements of move administrations to kids with inabilities Representatives from the State adolescent and grown-up revisions organizations State and nearby authorities that speak to destitute kids CFR 300.168 (c)(1-11)

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Birth to 26 Years The guardians\' kid must be inside this age range. OSEP Letter, 2008

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Critical Role of Parents make up over portion of the Panel enrollment and assume a basic part with the Panel\'s capacities and giving exhortation. Guardians give a purchaser point of view and approve the consequences of SEA arrangements and methods.

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Parent Training & Information Centers IDEA approves no less than one Parent Training and Information Center (PTI) for every State. Group Parent Resource Centers (CPRC) are additionally supported through IDEA to serve focused under-served families. The PTI and CPRC help families and teachers to find out about IDEA and to take an interest effectively in the Individualized Education Program (IEP) process.

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Parent Training & Information Center Many States incorporate PTI staff on their Panel. PTI staff have information and ability about IDEA and can be an asset to the SEAP. PTI staff are in direct correspondence with vast quantities of families and instructors. Numerous States direct a SEAP meeting at their PTI every year.

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Roles for Parent Involvement and the SEAP Serve as SEAP Officer Participate on SEAP Committees Be included with Indicator 8 – Parent Involvement – and different markers Provide point of view and counsel to SEA

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Announcement of Resources for SEAPs There is another site that contains profitable assets and data for State staff and SEAP individuals in regards to the SEAP. Go to

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Partnership The site was a shared exertion between OSEP, PTACs, and the RRC Program. OSEP PTAC RRC

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Homepage Links About Advisory Panels SEAP Resource Materials OSEP Leadership Pre-Session IDEA SEAP Authority State Contacts

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