Station Trip Arranges.

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Station Touring Arranges. Supported by:. Station Venture Arranges. Supported by:. up next
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Station Travel Plans Sponsored by:

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Station Travel Plans Sponsored by: up next… Alex Veitch (ATOC)

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Station Travel Plans Alex Veitch Integrated Transport Manager ACT – TravelWise Conference 13.11.08

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Contents Travel to stations Station Travel Plan: Project foundation and overhaul Potential measures Conclusion – where are we running with this? Rundown of pilots

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Travel to stations – national diagram Source: NRTS 2008

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Why take a gander at go to stations? Business case Projected development in rail yet numerous auto parks at limit Environment & blockage Carbon impression of rail Stations cause clog Harlow Town auto park

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Travel Plans – frequently utilized as a part of different segments "A methodology for dealing with the travel created by your association, with the point of decreasing its natural effect… support for strolling, cycling, open transport and auto sharing" (DfT) Commonly found in grade schools, open area destinations, new advancements, and business parks "Strolling Bus" – regular measure

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Station Travel Plan venture – foundation Original proposition from Campaign for Better Transport Railways White Paper 2007 recommended pilot Station Travel Plans be created ATOC set up a National Steering Group to take this forward ATOC and a few Local Authorities spoke to on SG STP dispatch occasion at Derby station

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Goals concurred by National Steering Group

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Project Plan

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Research and arranging – definite overhaul Planning Local Steering Groups built up and gatherings diarised Each station to deliver abnormal state "activity arrangement" by April 09 National Steering Group to audit arranges Research Standardized overviews subsidized by rail industry (ATOC, RSSB, Pax Focus) Survey structure & postcard online at Online study – National meeting and arranging session – December 17 at DfT

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Station Travel arrangement measures - Car stopping Chiltern - Car Sharing London Midland - Green auto stopping Northern, Virgin, NR, TPE - Car Clubs

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Station Travel arrangement measures - transports Shuttle Busses Chiltern Bicester Link Warlingham Connection Integrated tickets PlusBus PTE and different items Bus-rail exchange at LSP

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Measures - cycle stopping Paying for cycle stopping? More Sheffield Stands Cycle employ Secure cycle stopping at Finsbury Park

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Measures - advertising and advancement Increased mindfulness - can produce modular movement Build adventure to station into customized travel arranging Low cost and financially savvy

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Conclusion - where are we running with this? Expanding the undertaking Over 40 extra Local Authorities intrigued 30 STPs in new South Central Franchise? Long – term: Learning from BAA "Surface Access Strategies" since mid-90s Highlights Financial: Parking demand for off-top transports Soft measures: Signage and advancement Hard measures: Dedicated rail administrations Gatwick SAS

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List of Pilot Stations

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Further Information Email: Tel: 020 7841 8052 Web:

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Station Travel Plans Sponsored by: up next… Tom Cohen (SDG) and Geraint Hughes (c2c Rail/National Express East Anglia)

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Station venture arranges – what we\'ve learnt so far Tom Cohen , Steer Davies Gleave Geraint Hughes , c2c Rail & National Express East Anglia Thursday 13 th November 2008

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Contents What makes station travel arrangements distinctive Our encounters in Benfleet and Colchester The train administrator\'s point of view Lessons as such

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What makes station travel arrangements diverse? Managers and schools Typically the association Knows a considerable measure about its intended interest groups Has some influence over them (ie can force costs, inside reason) Has some independence over the site There is regularly some feeling of group that can be abused The greater part of voyages to the association end there

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What makes station travel arrangements diverse? Stations interestingly, the train administrator commonly Knows fairly less about their clients Has next to no influence over them Manages a site claimed by another association There is not the same constructive feeling of group amongst station clients Almost all trips to the station have an ahead destination And individuals once in a while wish to abide at the station!

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What makes station travel arrangements diverse? Train administrators need to make a benefit But travelers are their business – a quality And their establishments are time-restricted Most of the entrance issues identify with area past the railroad wall, controlled by others So station venture arranges should be unique in relation to different sorts (counting those for other "destinations") More of this later

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Benfleet Station Prime worker station on c2c course Footfall 2.9m (2007) Split catchment range – Canvey Island/terrain Parking issues Strong transport and cycle markets Options for different modes Investment in station Commitment to further upgrades

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Structure for advancement of Benfleet StTP c2c & Essex County Council - joint customers Steer Davies Gleave - experts Stakeholders Castle Point Borough Council First Essex Busses and taxi administrators c2c Passenger Panel & clients Essex Access Forum Essex Police & British Transport Police Sustrans Passenger Focus

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Benfleet StTP advancement process Site review Customer study Stakeholder workshop Discussion of issues Objective advancement in framework Long-posting of conceivable mediations Formal assention of vision, goals and targets Short-posting and prioritization of measures Drafting and endorsement of touring arrangement

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Benfleet: vision and points Vision It is feasible for everybody to get to rail administrations at Benfleet station in a straightforward and advantageous way Aims Those making a trip to the station from the neighborhood so by more reasonable methods of transport, through changes in the nature of arrangement and successful advancement of the choices accessible. The arrangement will encourage a fitting level of access for all clients of the station and empower proceeded with development of the station to be accomplished in a way that is touchy to the requirements of the neighborhood group.

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Benfleet: case destinations, targets Objectives (six altogether) To empower people to settle on completely educated choices about how they get to the station To add to the proceeded with development of traveler numbers utilizing the station Targets (six altogether) Increase mode offer for transport get to (those living 5km+ from station), from 13% (2008) to 20% (2013) Comparable focuses for walk, cycle; decrease in solo auto access

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Benfleet: case activities

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Colchester STP Like Benfleet, yet Three customers – Colchester Borough Council, National Express East Anglia and Essex County Council One of the pilot stations so a few information accumulation took care of halfway A connection of territory expert arranging Recently assigned as a \'Cycling Town\' Oh, and the auto park isn\'t full… yet

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Differences of methodology A visioning workshop with the center customer assemble An early "issues" meeting with an extensive variety of partners A Benfleet-style workshop meeting will take after Data gathering from both station clients and non-clients

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The train administrator\'s viewpoint Why would it be advisable for us to get included? Understanding what makes a difference to our clients Trends in NPS scores What impacts their mode decision? Do they see any hindrances to utilization of our administrations? By what means can these hindrances be evacuated, and by whom? Can we expand our mode offer and income subsequently? A portion of our ethos of Making Travel Simpler

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The National Pilot Program A firm duty to the system over our 3 rail establishments pilots at Southend, Colchester, Durham and Darlington setting up great practice inside the business Important to build up a sound philosophy endorsement from DfT, NR, TOCs and outer accomplices measuring achievement Establish the rule that the results are conveyed by organizations to shared advantage a strong premise for future 3 rd party financing duties

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The estimation of neighborhood activities Tailored answers for every station more effect Learning more about our clients developing database, more contact Adding worth to existing railroad venture programs NSIP, Access for All, Franchise responsibilities Levering in outsider subsidizing LTP, LAA, Cycling Towns, and so forth. Positive association of nearby staff

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Future advancements? Include all our vehicle powers Stowmarket & Gt Yarmouth in 2009 Investigate the cooperation between contiguous stations 4 stations in Southend Borough Simplified applications Car stopping concentrates on – Basildon Rural StTPs on Community Rail Partnership lines Requirements for future rail establishments?

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Principal lessons so far Get association working early and keep up it Understand inspirations and potential commitments of each A significant arrangement requires this organization And conveyance of activities relies on upon it Grasp the "volume" vex what number station clients (and at what times of day)? Is auto based access to develop in outright terms? Neighborhood and in addition net blockage and carbon sways Seek a "snappy win" to look after energy

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Our contact subtle elements Geraint Hughes Stakeholder Manager c2c Rail & National Express East Anglia Oliver\'s Yard 55 City Road LONDON EC1Y 1HQ T: 0207 549 5938 M: 07798 858367 E: Tom Cohen Associate Steer Davies Gleave 28-32 Upper Ground London SE1 9PD T: 020 7910 5000 E:

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Thank you

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Station Travel Plans Sponsored by: up next… David Helmore (TfL) and Damian Price (Mott MacDonald)

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Transport for London: Travel Planning f

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