Statistics Mapping A Case of Zambia .

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Presentation Outline. History of Census Mapping in ZambiaCensus Mapping MethodologiesEnumeration Area Demarcation CriteriaRole of GIS in the CSOChallenges confronting the Office with respect to mappingStrategies for the 2010 Census MappingUrgent fleeting destinations of the 2010 CMPLong term targets of 2010 CMPImagery Coverage and costingSpatial Data Availability for mappingWhat we anticipate from the
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Evaluation Mapping A Case of Zambia UN Workshop on Census Cartography and Management, Lusaka, 8-12 th October 2007

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Presentation Outline History of Census Mapping in Zambia Census Mapping Methodologies Enumeration Area Demarcation Criteria Role of GIS in the CSO Challenges confronting the Office concerning mapping Strategies for the 2010 Census Mapping Urgent here and now goals of the 2010 CMP Long term destinations of 2010 CMP Imagery Coverage and costing Spatial Data Availability for mapping What we anticipate from the 2010 CMP

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History of Census Mapping 1977-1980 Census mapping for 1980 Census 1987-1990 Census mapping for 1990 Census of Population and Housing 1998-2000 Census mapping for the 2000 round of Census of Population and Housing

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Census Mapping Methodology 1980 and 1990 statistics mapping techniques in light of manual techniques with kaleidoscopic compasses and drafting . 2000 Census GPS was utilized to redesign delineate yet at the same time manual plotting and drafting of maps was still utilized. 2010 Census mapping strategy to a great extent GIS based with Imagery as the base guide . GPS to be utilized to overhaul the territory posting and group foundations.

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Enumeration Demarcation Criteria Household 60-100 hh or 300-500 individuals in country EA\'s and 100-150 hh or 600-900 individuals in urban EA\'s Estimates in view of the normal provincial hh size of 5 in rustic zones and 6 in urban territories Demarcation progression/coding design fixing to Province , District , Constituency and Wards For 2010 Census Mapping a Locality name limit record to be made for scattering of little zones measurements .

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Role of GIS in CSO GIS has not been utilized as a part of pre evaluation cartographic exercises Technology generally utilized as a part of the 2000 enumeration investigation to deliver Census chart book and Thematic Maps All 2000 EAs were digitized and different authoritative topography made region, locale, supporters and ward. GIS used to disperse statistic information at these levels

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Challenges confronting the Office as to GIS utilize Inadequate coordinated and appropriately planned information distribution center and database Inadequate mindfulness inside the association on utilization of GIS in measurable offices Lack of sufficient institutional support in regards to upkeep and maintainability of GIS Inadequate exact geographic base information and Inadequate gear Skills advancement and preparing is expected to understand the capability of GIS Inadequate subsidizing and operational help to have the effect

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Strategy for 2010 Mapping Program Greater GIS information examination and spread conceivable outcomes Creation of a precise regulatory and factual limit spatial database Accurate , savvy Census Mapping operations and with the final product being precise EA outline and guide creation. Expanding the extent of insights items Further creating GIT limit inside the CSO Fast-following pertinent staff aptitudes improvement Acting as a corporate specialist co-op to the CSO Increasing the exactness and viability of registration and overview information accumulation Time and Cost Saving because of diminished hands on work exercises therefore of better study and evaluation usage strategies.

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Urgent here and now usage forms for the CMP Establish a precise cartographic base for production of exact enumeration and review cartography Essential to get high determination satellite symbolism to go about as a precise and current geographic base from which statistics mapping operations can be started. 2.5 meter and 1 meter determination for country and urban individually Procure PC gear to prepare Head office and Provincial Offices with GIS labs - 14 PCs and 10 Large Format Plotters acquired by UNFPA Procure extra hardware, for example, the A3 printers and particularly the GIS Software for boundary and picture server . Prepare staff and additionally the field staff in advanced outline techniques simultaneously with the database plan and establishment of the GIS.

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Long term targets of 2010 CMP Providing evaluation bolster amid the count and preparing stage Playing a fundamental part in examination and scattering of the Census 2010 data Designing and actualizing a neediness mapping project To make a complete Locality Name limit set got from the EA limits Continuing to deliver exact EA maps for study taking Progress following and coordinations following focus amid the 2010 enumeration Investigating better approaches for breaking down financial and socio-statistic measurements in the spatial setting Leading the insights support crusade to the clients through inventive examination and spread methods The making of a broad Census Atlas for the 2010 Population Census

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Satellite Imagery Coverage of Zambia 301 Spot scenes cover Zambia

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Estimated Costs of Imagery by Province

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Spatial Data Available for Mapping IKONOS 1m container honed satellite symbolism for a piece of Lusaka and the entire of Kafue towns. The common, locale, voting public, ward and national parks limits are accessible in advanced configuration. The 2000 Census EA limits are accessible in advanced configuration. Registration information is just connected to ward, voting demographic and locale level. No advanced topographic guide sheets just printed copy maps exist. Computerized point information with respect to class and wellbeing office areas are accessible, and in addition transport and topographic information.

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What we anticipate from the 2010 CMP A coordinated GIS that will answer current CSO Challenges: Accurate geographic base to arrange and execute enumeration and overview operations-increment exactness of information accumulation, expanding interest and profile of insights in the client group. Included examination and scattering conceivable outcomes (topical maps, and so on) will upgrade basic leadership & advocate the utilization of measurements and further increment the profile of insights. Institutional limit will be expanded due to the additional measurement GIS conveys to all the center procedures inside the CSO. The Unit will go about as Corporate specialist co-op for the entire association. Ace inspecting outlines and redesigned overview strategy expanding the exactness of studies and enumeration information Socio-statistic information gathered more cost and time successfully with less assets.

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Sample Map of Digital EA Map for Zambia

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