Status of Inserted Linux.

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Ubuntu netbook. Presently living up to expectations towards focusing on ARM. A few bits of gossip about them bolster Android applications ... Have new
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Installed Linux Update June, 2010 Status of Embedded Linux Tim Bird CELF Architecture Group Chair

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Outline Kernel Versions Technology Areas Embedded Distributions Resources

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Linux Kernel Versions

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Kernel Versions Linux v2.6.30 – 10 June 2009 Linux v2.6.31 – 9 Sep 2009 Linux v2.6.32 – 2 Dec 2009 Linux v2.6.33 – 24 Feb 2010 Linux v2.6.34 – 16 May 2010 5 portions in 11 months Linux v2.6.35 consolidate window simply shut 2.6.35-rc1 – 30 May 2010

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Linux v2.6.34 LogFS Asynchronous Suspend/Resume Memory edge notices for cgroups

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Linux v2.6.35-rc1 (expected) Ramoops driver Records oh no to industrious RAM so it can be recuperated later Maybe obsoletes pramfs? Tracepoint size lessening Shrinks size of bit with tracepoints turned on by around 100K Section renaming to bolster –ffunction-segments

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Patches to watch Speed up image determination amid module stacking Sorts image table and evade straight lookup cost per image when stacking a module Developer, Alan Jenkins, reports sparing 20% of time on coldboot Depends on modules being stacked Did not make it into 2.6.33 Alan said he\'ll attempt to mainline it once more

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Patches to watch (cont.) ‏ Suspend blockers Android pioneering suspend patches (successor to wake locks) More on this later

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Technology Areas

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Technology Areas File Systems Power Management Real-time System Size Tracing

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File Systems SquashFS Patches for LZMA backing were submitted to bit mailing list in late 2009, however they missed the consolidation window See Linus needs lzma library access refactored LGE (Chan Jeong) as of late submitted patches for LZO bolster Phillip said he\'d mainline them See - PATCH-1-2- - Squashfs:- include LZO-decompression-support-to28591383.html

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File frameworks (cont.) UBIFS Toshiba has covered execution of this LGE says they are utilizing UBIFS as a part of item, to some extent since it boots quicker than YAFFS2 CELF has contracted with Free Electrons to gauge UBIFS mount times and discover issue regions

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File frameworks (cont.) LogFS Log-organized record framework which keeps meta-information on glimmer Mounts truly quick (no compelling reason to work in-memory tables to begin getting to) Documentation/filesystems/logfs.txt Mainlined (after much work) in 2.6.34 CELF upheld this a couple of years prior Introduction of mainlining

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File frameworks (cont.) LogFS is new, and it truly needs testing Please give it a shot and report back!

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Power Management Suspend Blockers accommodation by Google Successor to wake bolts Lots of exchange – no determination yet See and And particularly Last thing I saw were counter-proposition to use PM QOS framework to push some "suspend blocker" usefulness outside of bit See for Alan Stern\'s proposition See for Mark Gross\' proposition

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Real-time Work proceeds on enhancing RT execution on implanted stages General work of late comprises of evacuating Big Kernel Lock CELF considered financing this, however it would seem that it will happen without a subsidized undertaking See Rowand has great data about utilizing RT-appropriate See Frank\'s presentation from ELC 2010: More information coming to eLinux wiki soon!

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System Size/Memory Compression LZO bit picture pressure It was converged in 2.6.33 Ramzswap – (otherwise known as compcache) made the 2.6.33 union window See

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System Size/Memory (cont.) Memory threshhold notices in cgroups: Can utilize cgroups to get notices of memory issues on a for each application or application bunch premise Merged in 2.6.34;a=commitdiff;h=2e72b6347c9459e6cff5634ddc815485bae6985f See Documentation/cgroups/memory.txt

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System Size/Memory (cont.) New allocator "SLEB" was proposed SLEB was rejected Linus says he won\'t take another allocator until another is expelled arrangement is to incrementally enhance SLAB, if conceivable, while attempting to maintain a strategic distance from relapses

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Tracing Ftrace Proposal to consolidate ftrace and perf ring-cushion code Ingo not exceptionally excited Lots of code may move from ftrace to perf and kernelshark New order line and GUI apparatuses See presentations from ELC and Collab summit Perf Support for information understanding on an alternate machine "perf chronicle" CELF task to make a follow design information standard

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Embedded Distributions

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Android 2.1 SDK (Eclair) discharged (28 Oct 2009) ‏ Number of gadgets as yet expanding Non-telephones beginning to show up (tablets and TVs) Google TV/Sony Internet TV Android patches expelled from mainline portion (2.6.33) Greg Kroah-Hartman discussed this at ELC Google and bit engineers had private meeting at Collaboration Summit, and hashed out some issues

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Android (cont.) Froyo (v2.2) highlights examined at Google I/O Dalvik now has a Just-In-Time compiler "Froyo runs applications up to 450% speedier" ( truly?) Actual Google I/O demo of prevalent amusement looked around 40% quicker (regarding outlines every second) Still great Flash bolster WiFi tying Batch application redesign Faster Javascript

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Meego Moblin + Maemo = Meego Intel and Nokia uniting to make single installed circulation See of stuff about this at ELC and Collab summit Early (halfway) discharge was March 31 Full arrival of Meego 1.0 was May 25

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Ubuntu netbook Now working towards focusing on ARM Some bits of gossip about them bolster Android applications Canonical is attempting to bolster machines Have new "Solidarity" netbook interface "Ubuntu Light" focused at moment on

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WebOS HP purchases Palm and now possesses WebOS OS utilized on current Palm Pre Expected to deliver on tablets by end of year I haven\'t seen a WebOS opensource website

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New Consortium Linaro on advancements and changes of Linux for ARM stages Seems like "CELF for ARM" It\'s not by any stretch of the imagination clear precisely what they are going to do

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Resources you are not a supporter, kindly do as such This is an important group asset that needs your bolster Prices just went up a bit ($7 every month versus $5 every month for expert membership) eLinux wiki mailing list

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