Step by step instructions to Contact YOUR Group of onlookers.

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The most effective method to Contact YOUR Crowd The Easy Way YOU ARE As of now An Extraordinary COMMUNICATOR Union Lobbyist Guardian/Relative Games/Music Devotee Church/Synagogue Group Dissident Concerned National You Definitely Know Your Gathering of people Your Family Your Group Political/Group Pioneers
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Step by step instructions to REACH YOUR AUDIENCE The Easy Way

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YOU ARE ALREADY A GREAT COMMUNICATOR Union Activist Parent/Family Member Sports/Music Enthusiast Church/Synagogue Community Activist Concerned Citizen

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You ALREADY Know Your Audience Your Family Your Community Political/Community Leaders Local Celebrities News Media Your Fellow Union Members Your Agency Other Agencies

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Push the Easy Button

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EASY DOES IT Determine Your Goal Make Your Goal Universal Develop an One-Page Plan Develop a two-sentence (or less) Message Get Your Message or Idea to Your Audience Bring More People into Your Sphere of INFLUENCE!!

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Keep Your Message Simple Limit your message to one issue Make it a “sales pitch” Create a message that speaks to the lion\'s share Don’t waste time going on and on Don’t over think/Use foundation materials Make a message that anybody you just met would see effortlessly

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Your “Easy Button”Plan Who are You Meeting/Trying To Reach ? What is Your Goal? What Does The Other Person (Persons) Want ? Is There a Time Element Involved? Will You Reach a Joint Resolution OR Do You Have to “Sale” the Issue?

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Selling The Issue : The Drama Factor What Makes This Issue Compelling, Exciting Enough for Your Audience to Care? What Your Audience Can Do to Support the Issue or Help Get the Message Out? Pass on a Sense of Timeliness and Urgency?

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TACTICS To Reach Your Audience In-individual “One on One” Communication Telephone Lunch/Breakfast Meeting Press Release/Flyer/Pamplet Newsletter/Advertisements Internet Stage an Event/Protest

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Event Planning: The News Conference Brainstorm!! Figure out What Message/Idea Will Draw Reporters to Your Event (The Drama Factor) Put Together Your EBP Include a Timeline Get a Committee Create a Media List Set the Time That Will Get the Most Reporters to Your Event Send out a “Save the Date” Card for Internal Audience Logistics Determine Speakers/Refreshments/Rainy Day Plan Keep It Simple!!

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Press Release or Media Alert??? You Don’t Have to Do Both But Both Should Include An Element of…

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Your Press Release One Page Catchy Headline Convey a Sense of Urgency Tell the Story in the First Paragraph Emphasize Your Credentials/Why Are You Telling This Story Use Quotes From Credible Sources

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Your Media Alert The Drama Factor The Catchy Headline Where, When, Who, Why Contact Information – After Hours Link to your site or AFGE site for Additional Information

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KEEP IT SIMPLE Get HELP!! AFGE Communications Department Public Relations Expert in Your Town/City College/University PR Department The AFGE Web Site International Labor Communications Assn.

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Additional Tools/Tactics Local newsmakers and sentiment pioneers Presidents of nearby outsider gatherings eg. NAACP/Fraternities/Sororities/Church/Synagoge Your Central Labor Council Speaking engagements at colleges/sch

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