Step by step instructions to shading each other line in an Excel spreadsheet .

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How to color every other line in an Excel spreadsheet. By Jim Gordon 2/15/2007. The Request.
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The most effective method to shading each other line in an Excel spreadsheet By Jim Gordon 2/15/2007

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The Request " I\'m thinking about whether there\'s an approach to shading each other line with a slight dim shading, utilizing Normal view, in a manner that regardless of the possibility that you Sort the information on those lines, the dark banding still remains where they are. I need to do this to deliver a more lucid record. I\'ve physically done this option shading banding, yet at whatever point I re-sort the information, the hues get all botched up."

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Short Answer Visit expectations/banding.htm The accompanying presentation is based upon Chip Pearson\'s guidelines Chip Pearson and Jim Gordon are Microsoft MVPs

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Step-By-Step for Excel 2004 Excel offers 56 default hues. The default dim is most likely excessively dim Step #1 - Create a decent shade of dim to utilize Excel Menu > Preferences > Color Select a shading then tap the Modify catch

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Step #2 - Set the shade of dark In the Colors picker tap the Sliders fasten Change the pop to RGB Sliders Set the each of the three sliders to 233 Click OK This change is worldwide Within this exercise manual Changes everything utilizing this shading Click OK to close inclinations

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Step #3 - Choose a Column Pick a vacant segment. It will be loaded with a recipe. Select the cell in line 1 of the segment you wish to utilize Example: This illustration utilizes the privilege most segment, IV Select cell A1 Hold the Control key Down and afterward press the Right Arrow key to move to cell IV1 (right-most top cell)

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Step #4 - Enter Formula Type or glue this recipe into the cell =MOD(ROW()- 1,2)+1<=1 Click the section header to highlight the whole segment On the Edit menu pick Fill > Down The equation populates down the segment Every other line will be TRUE or FALSE

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Step #5 - Conditional Format Click the Select All Cells catch (precious stone) From the Format menu pick Conditional Formatting Change appear to Formula is and enter or glue the extraordinary equation we utilized =MOD(ROW()- 1,2)+1<=1 Click the Format catch Select the Patterns tab Click the decent dim shade we made Click OK Click OK

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Step #6 - Finishing Touches While all cells are chosen Format > Cells > Border Under Presets click Outline then Inside catches Click OK Click segment header of the segment containing the unique recipe cells Format > Column > Hide Edit > GoTo > A1( you need to sort A1 ) > OK Done!

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