Stipend Consistence Preparing for Sub-Beneficiaries of ARRA Assets.

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Award Compliance Training for Sub-Recipients of ARRA Funds October 5, 2010

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American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA) ARRA has objectives to invigorate the economy, make employments State Energy Plan (SEP) program - $42.1 million Energy Efficiency & Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) $9.5 million

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ARRA Important: Federal assets accompany government prerequisites You should be straightforward in all exercises You should report EVERYTHING

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ARRA Requirements keep on evolving. You are in charge of present and future necessities Read your agreement Read your messages Keep your venture director educated on issues and advance. All change orders must be endorsed by your task director. Your task administrator\'s name was given in the email that incorporated your agreement.

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ARRA To date: 228 SEP grant beneficiaries for $36.4 million 64 EECBG grant beneficiaries for $8.7 million Projects range from $699 to $2 million

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What will we cover? General prerequisites Bidding/contracting Labor norms Getting started Reimbursement process Reporting Project Closeout necessities Post-venture development

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General necessities Active DUNS/Central Contractor Registration (CCR) Oregon WorkSource Reimbursement premise just for Exhibit A-qualified costs Whistle blower Signage – more data in Tool Kit

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General necessities Photos – previously, then after the fact Tool Kit – sent to you, as of late upgraded Publicity – email draft to Ann Grim at before you convey an official statement so we can help you guarantee data and wording is exact. Huntington Elementary School Huntington

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Prior to submitting or exhausting stipend stores, deal with: NEPA – National Environmental Policy Act SHPO – State Historic Preservation Office Final duty of different assets required: Business Energy Tax Credit? Utility help? Vitality Trust subsidizing? Beginning

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NEPA Oregon Dept. of Energy has a NEPA straight out prohibition for most government funded school, open office and industrial ventures If your particular task does not fall under the NEPA all out avoidance, your undertaking director will call you If NEPA freedom structure is required, it must be endorsed by US DOE before you begin your task

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SHPO If building is on the National Register of Historical Places OR is 50 years or more seasoned: SHPO has issued a Programmatic Agreement (PA) to excluded SHPO-qualified structures for various vitality venture exercises If your exercises don\'t fall under the PA, you should get SHPO leeway endorsement Oregon SHPO Clearance Form is accessible at

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SHPO freedom structure will require: Photos of building History of every single past change to structure Description of proposed work including materials to be utilized How materials will be introduced What memorable materials will be held, reestablished, supplanted, or secured

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BETC Business Energy Tax Credit (BETC): Apply before you sign with a contractual worker. Talk about with your venture supervisor ASAP Remember your ARRA grant stores must be deducted from your qualified task costs since it is a government stipend (BETC rules) Your assessment credit is a rate of your qualified expenses

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Other motivations Bottom line – An undertaking proprietor can not get more than 100% of the undertaking costs from mix of ARRA honor and different impetuses

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Eligible costs show up in contract extent of-work Contract does not permit authoritative costs Project administration expenses are permitted if a portion of your extent of-work and spending General prerequisites City of Klamath Falls Geothermal

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Getting started Your undertaking chief will set you up on database You will finish recent months of vitality use. (See Section 5 of Tool Kit.) Project proprietor must mail in duplicates of all required government, state, and/or neighborhood licenses Jackson County Fairgrounds Central Point

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Acknowledge US DOE and Oregon Dept. of Energy association on all agreements and any arrangements. Wording is in Tool Kit. Offering/contracting Hatfield Marine Science Center Oregon State University Newport

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Requires that all the iron, steel, and fabricated merchandise utilized as a part of an open building or open work undertakings are created in the United States. There is no prerequisite as to the source of segments or subcomponents in produced merchandise utilized as a part of a venture, the length of the assembling happens in the United States. Purchase American prerequisite

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Buy American confirmation required amid venture closeout (Form 6-1a). Audit with your temporary worker early so all necessities are met. Purchase American necessity

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Buy American prerequisite US DOE has issued various waivers. Current rundown is in the Tool Kit International exchange understandings are not appropriate.

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Buy American necessity If gear does not meet Buy American Act Project proprietor and contractual worker will finish Buy American waiver structure with data on costs and accessibility (or non-accessibility) of particular thing. Waiver structure accessible on US DOE site. Waiver structure must be affirmed by US DOE before you make a buy or begin your venture.

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Labor guidelines Any task of $2,000 or all the more utilizing workers and/or mechanics is liable to Davis-Bacon Act Public ventures over $50,000 are liable to BOLI Must pay higher of Davis-Bacon or BOLI Do not utilize the joined rate book from BOLI Project proprietor must guarantee every single proper report are appended to offer records and contracts and are posted at occupation locales

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All temporary workers and sub-contractual workers must get duplicate of Exhibit 4-E. Connect to contracts. Archive! All temporary workers and sub-contractual workers must be notified of suitable segments in Exhibit B (government prerequisites) and Exhibit D (ARRA necessities). Join to contracts. Archive! All contractual workers and sub-temporary workers must finish and sign Form 4-1 (A-C) before development starts. Forward a duplicate to your venture chief. Work principles

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Labor guidelines Project proprietor must: Designate an individual in charge of work consistence Apply Davis-Bacon prerequisites legitimately For help – call your venture administrator

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If utilizing a formal focused offer process, the proper Davis-Bacon wage assurance and BOLI reference must be a piece of offer reports and last contract records. You should "secure" Davis-Bacon last wage assurance 10 days before end of offer period and archive in your documents. If not utilizing a formal aggressive offer procedure, you have to archive how you educated your contractual worker of the prerequisites and guarantee wage assurance is a segment of your agreement with them. Work norms

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All temporary workers and sub-contractual workers must finish and sign Form 4-1 (A-C) before development starts. Forward a duplicate to your task chief. Work guidelines

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All undertaking proprietors must finish and sign Form 4-5 preceding development starts. Forward a duplicate to your task supervisor. Work norms

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Verify temporary workers are not on State Ineligible Contractor List: Verify that contractual workers are not on the "Government Excluded Party List" Document confirmations on contractual workers on Form 4-5 Labor principles

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Labor guidelines Verify Oregon Construction Contractors Board (CCB) enlistment for the prime contract based worker and guarantee prime contract based worker is checking all the sub-contract based workers. See Web website: Verify temporary worker can take a shot at open ventures. See Web webpage:

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Project proprietor is in charge of: Informing, prompting and supporting contractual worker consistence Monitoring for infringement, perform secret meetings and archive to documents (Form 4-10) Investigating plausible infringement and grumblings of underpayment We prescribe pre-development meeting to guarantee all merchants comprehend necessities Labor guidelines

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Contractor must pay workers/mechanics week by week and forward duplicate of affirmed finance to venture proprietor inside 7 to 10 days. Venture proprietor must survey and start working with temporary worker to make redresses if fundamental. Venture proprietor must send affirmed finance to venture director on a week by week premise inside 2 days of receipt. Toolbox incorporates guaranteed finance structure. Work models

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Laborer/workman pay is liable to both government and state after some time prerequisite Tool Kit has more data Labor principles

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This region of task administration is imperative since inability to go along and/or absentmindedness to subtle elements can bring about inability to consent to elected necessities. Inability to consent can and results in beneficiaries paying for mix-ups with their OWN assets. Work guidelines

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Oregon Dept. of Energy will arbitrarily choose sub-beneficiaries to give duplicates of contracting reports Call your undertaking chief in the event that you have questions Don\'t risk your venture! Oregon Dept. of Energy due persistence

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Reimbursement process You ask for repayment in Web-based database. Your undertaking chief will help you. Sout

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