Stipends Pass High School Four Year Plan Tracking System .

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Gifts Pass High School. 1600 studentsGrades 9 through 12Daily calendar of seven 50 minute periodsSemester and mid-semester grading93 guaranteed staff members60 bolster staff. New Graduation Requirements. The state is currently actualizing new graduation requirements.Some of these incorporate the CIM, CAM and PASS, which will be displayed in more detail.Each school region is in charge of
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Awards Pass High School Four Year Plan Tracking System Celena Shouse-Bland

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Grants Pass High School 1600 understudies Grades 9 through 12 Daily calendar of seven 50 minute time frames Semester and mid-semester evaluating 93 confirmed staff individuals 60 bolster staff

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New Graduation Requirements The state is actualizing new graduation prerequisites. Some of these incorporate the CIM, CAM and PASS, which will be displayed in more detail. Every school area is in charge of making a framework to track this new data – which is the concentration of this venture.

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CIM - Certificate of Initial Mastery The CIM is a honor earned by understudies to show their level of scholastic execution. Prerequisites ought to be met in 10 th grade, however understudies can deal with their CIM from 9 th through 12 th grades.

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CIM Requirements Students must accomplish least scores on state tests and on work tests in an assortment of subjects. Every year there are more necessities being included.

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Class of 2003 English (Reading/Writing/Speaking) Mathematics Science Class of 2006 English Mathematics Science The Arts Second Language Social Science Physical Education CIM Requirements

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CAM – Certificate of Advanced Mastery The motivation behind the CAM is to guarantee that every understudy is set up for fruitful moves to his or her next strides. In arrangement for an effective move there are 5 objectives understudies must meet.

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CAM Requirements Develop an instruction plan and profile. Stretched out application relating to individual and profession interests and objectives. Apply profession related information and aptitudes. Arrange profession related learning encounters. Meet particular CIM execution norms.

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PASS Proficiency-construct Admission Standards System Based with respect to gauges that depict the scholarly abilities and information understudies need to show to be acknowledged into Oregon\'s seven state funded colleges.

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PASS Started in 1993 by the Oregon University System (OUS) for three reasons: PASS adjusts school admission to Oregon\'s statewide K-12 school change arrange. Evaluations aren\'t a satisfactory estimation framework. PASS furnishes affirmations workplaces with better data about candidates.

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PASS By fall 2005, understudies applying for OUS affirmation will be relied upon to present confirmation of capability in every one of the six substance territories: English (fall 2001) Math (fall 2001) Science (fall 2002) Visual and Performing Arts (fall 2003) Second Languages (fall 2004) Social Science (fall 2005)

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Diploma Requirements A REGULAR DIPLOMA is granted when understudies meet least course prerequisites, gain 25 credits and fulfill work test necessities including the Senior Project. A MODIFIED DIPLOMA is granted to a custom curriculum understudies who meet the prerequisites.

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Career Related Learning Career-related learning gauges are wide, transferable life aptitudes basic for accomplishment after secondary school – in work, additionally tutoring, family and group life.

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Career Related Learning Standards Personal Management Problem Solving Communication Teamwork Organizations and Systems Employment Foundations Career Development

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Pathways One of the ways Grants Pass High School is helping understudies get ready for their prospects is to have them select a Pathway Major. The Pathways help understudies concentrate on subjects that intrigue them. There are six diverse Pathways and each of the six offer either an expert or specialized core interest.

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Pathway Options Arts & Communications Business & Management Health Services Human Resources Industrial & Engineering Natural Resources

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Pathways Students are required to pick a Pathway before the end of their Sophomore year, be that as it may they can alter their opinions later on. This is not to restrain their alternatives – it is to center their interests. They are required to take 4 credits (8 semester long classes) from classes identified with their Pathway. They are likewise permitted 4 elective credits that could be any class they pick.

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Are You Confused Yet? These diverse necessities can befuddle – particularly to new green beans. Extend objectives incorporate decreasing perplexity by: unmistakably characterizing all graduation prerequisites making a framework to keep tabs on understudies\' development towards graduation and the way they will take after to meet the required objectives.

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My Capstone Project Create a site with data on the Pathway alternatives and graduation prerequisites. Advance can be seen at: Define the prerequisites for another four year arrange following framework for understudies\' training and profession figures.

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Current Systems Being Used SASI and CLASS XP A class booking framework. As of now all understudy plans must be entered by hand – which is one thing the new framework ought to decrease or take out. Fox Pro A database framework.

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People Involved Defining the necessities of the new framework is intricate on account of the assortment of partners included: Administrators IS Department Counselors Teachers Career Coordinators Students

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"Issues" Encountered Coordinating timetables for gatherings. Changing over the Curriculum Guide from Quark on a MAC to MS Word on a PC. Keeping the measure of repetitive information to a base (i.e. Class portrayals on the web, in SASI and in the Curriculum Guide) to diminish the time it will take to upgrade data later on.

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Future Plans – Spring Term Finish site characterizing Pathway alternatives, course depictions, testing models and graduation prerequisites Update course portrayals in SASI Re-number courses to coordinate new institutionalized state necessities Define necessities of new database framework

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Each year prerequisites are evolving. The test is being sufficiently adaptable to consolidate these new models as they are being characterized.

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