Stomach muscle 118 Recommendations to Kick-Start Hybrid High Efficiency Electric Drive Trucks .

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AB 118 Recommendations to Kick-Start Hybrid & High Efficiency Electric Drive Trucks. Advanced Transportation Technologies. Clean Transportation Solutions SM. Bill Van Amburg Senior Vice President
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Stomach muscle 118 Recommendations to Kick-Start Hybrid & High Efficiency Electric Drive Trucks Advanced Transportation Technologies Clean Transportation Solutions SM Bill Van Amburg Senior Vice President California Energy Commission Workshop Diamond Bar, CA September 9, 2009

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HTUF National Conference 2008 World\'s greatest half breed truck and transport ride and drive Vehicles from Navistar, Freightliner, FCCC, Kenworth, Peterbilt, Azure Dynamics, Bosch Rexroth, Eaton, Dueco-Odyne, Hino, E-One, Arvin Meritor, Crane Carrier, NABI, JAMMA vehicle

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Hybrid Truck Technology is Critical to California and U.S. Fuel utilization decrease from HTUF field testing information Emissions/fuel lessening from HTUF dyno testing information performed at SwRI Reductions come just from half and half framework, no extra after-treatment CO2 diminishments firmly followed fuel diminishment rates Hybridization gives critical quick advantages ENERGY SECURITY : Reduced fuel utilization (30-half) EMISSIONS/CLIMATE : Reduced criteria (NOx) and GHG outflows (10-60%) One of couple of procedures to enhance 2010 discharges decreases ECONOMY : North American authority in innovation, fabricating

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Timeline to Commercialization: Hybrid Trucks Now Entering Market Pre-Production Early Production Development Production Intent Hybrid presentation 10 years behind autos yet industry is genuine, force developing Field pilot appraisals (10-50 vehicles) Initial business volumes – still high incremental cost Test models and frameworks Assembly line develops to 100+ R&D Support Purchase Incentives TOOLS: Pre-Production Deployment Support (HTUF)

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Hybrid Trucks – Front Edge of Electric Drive Transition in Trucks, Busses At First "Tipping Point" yet Need Help to Speed Early Market Hybrid truck generation volumes are still too low in early market to acknowledge value decreases Current payback period too long even with fuel/maint reserve funds Need proceeded with interest in innovation change – government subsidizes left "crevices" – especially in California, crossover Plug in electric and module mixture confront comparable imperatives However: unassuming volumes can move costs to inside business case needs: Need min 3,000 - 5,000 unit deals/year California can give a major kick-begin by driving: first buy volumes up with voucher/motivations Fleets and industry trust 4-5 year allow discount best Expand pre-creation organization, approval programs Expand advancement endeavors on next stage innovation Hybrid nd high productivity trucks moving from improvement to creation

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What\'s Needed Specifically? A Kick-Start Kick-begin program for med/overwhelming half breed and high productivity trucks and transports Meaningful financing: least $400 Million Nationally more than 3-5 years Up to 75%+ of assets straightforwardly for buy refunds to armadas Up to 25% of assets for exhibit, evaluation, advancement California\'s share? State is in front of country: its venture would speed state execution AND seed national market Minimum $100M from California more than 3-5 years for both organization (3-5k trucks) and exhibit, improvement bolster for rising stages (cannot, Class 8, connect to, enhanced cross breeds) Strong support for refund and R&D idea with armadas and industry – created through HTUF community oriented process

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Unified Hybrid Industry in DC CALSTART, HTUF and 9 noteworthy organizations – including all truck creators - layout status, advantages and needs of mixture trucks Joint call for government help for: Purchase impetuses Broader armada showings and Long term R&D speculation

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Hybrid Truck & Bus Voucher Incentive Program (HVIP) CARB staff attempted to make amazingly basic program – motivator targets a large portion of the incremental cost of today\'s half and halves If effective, arrangements are for multi-year program yet motivator may drop in future years CARB Board affirmed April 24; ebb and flow level $20.4M

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Kick Starting Hybrid & High Efficiency Trucks In Addition: Establish Hybrid & High Efficiency Truck Development Program Support pre-creation exhibition and evaluation ventures Support MD/HD crossover test and affirmation benchmarks Support R&D of cutting edge empowering advances for mixtures and high proficiency trucks Electrically determined accessories Plug-in capacity Optimized motors Advanced vitality stockpiling Export control Utilize adjust of assets (25% of prescribed California reserves = at any rate $25M)

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Coordinated Approach, High Leverage, Strong Success Case AB 118 Program ($100M+/5 years - $20M+/year) Hybrid and high productivity truck sending purchase downs and showing, R&D and bolster stores Drive cutting edge advances and abilities Early Production Deployments (impetuses) Tech Develop & Demonstrate Pre-generation convey, approve & survey Research & Development HTUF Program w/Army-NAC - National/state level activities commercializing mixture and propelled trucks

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Hybrid Tractors Emerging for Regional Heavy Applications Kenworth discloses Class 7/8 cross breed tractor: 54,500 lbs GCVW Peterbilt has comparative model – likewise keeping on testing bigger Class 8 overwhelming obligation OTR tractor Navistar uncovers Class 7/8 half and half tractor focusing on refreshment trailer applications Freightliner declares will pilot assemble a half breed tractor Dec 08 Above: Kenworth Class 8 tractor; Below: Navistar Class 7/8 tractor Left: Freightliner Class 7/8 tractor pilot; right, Peterbilt Class 7/8 tractor

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Class 8 Hybrids – New Possibility Peterbilt is currently trying this mixture model of its substantial obligation Model 386 tractor Example of the new capacities and markets rising for half and half innovation Port yard hostler cross breeds to be created in WestStart extend with Ports of Long Beach and LA Vehicles regular at port, rail and dispersion focuses

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Wal-Mart Class 8 Demo ArvinMeritor – Navistar convey exceptional double mode mixture plan for testing Electric drive at lower speeds (up to 48 mph), mixed mode at higher paces Can incredibly diminish fuel utilize, cut sit out of gear and give zero outflow at ports, urban driving Wal-Mart testing this truck and a few Peterbilt-Eaton trucks in line-pull and local substantial pull applications Wal-Mart focused on multiplying its armada fuel effectiveness by 2015

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Electric "Reefer" Units Emerging with Hybrid Systems Navistar, Freightliner and Azure show electric refrigeration units – "reefers" and icy plates - consolidated with cross breeds or vitality stockpiling Further lessens fuel copy, takes out extra motor, cuts criteria and carbon emanations

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Plug in Hybrid Trucks Emerge: Several Utility Industry Variants Commercial work trucks indicate potential for PHEV usefulness before autos Extra vitality stockpiling helps sit without moving decrease/work site motor off operations Diesel fuel costs cause fast audit of potential business case Energy Storage costs still high Dueco-Odyne first into market Plug-in half and half utility container trucks PHEV "digger-derrick" rendition 6/08, a higher power-request work truck Trucks convey 35 kwh of vitality stockpiling (lead-corrosive, 3000 pounds) for long work site operations PHEV underground compressor truck Eaton has two models Class 6/7 variation in view of generation truck, framework Class 5 "Superduty" model with EPRI Dueco-Odyne module "material handler" (above), "digger-derrick" (center), compressor truck (base). Eaton PHEV utility trucks Plug-in port

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Plug-in Energy Storage Bodies New variation of a more seasoned thought – utilizes put away vitality to work lift, apparatuses at work site Separate from and does not change customary driveline Fuel investment funds and sit without moving decrease benefits

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Bright Plug-in Van Prototype Shown "Thought" model from Bright Automotive unites light-weight body/body with half and half driveline, connect to battery pack 30 miles conceivable all-electric; mixed mode can see 100 mpg in urban conveyance obligation Front routine motor, raise electric drive pivot; 10 kwh Li-particle batteries in confirmation of idea unit

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Electric Delivery Vans Deployed by FedEx in UK Electric impetus frameworks can work in chose specialties in truck advertise Cost of batteries remains a test

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Smith to Build More Electric Vans, Trucks in US Smith Electric Vehicles dispatches new generation office in US in Kansas City area Smith likewise uncovers the US adaptation of the Newton, which has a top speed of 50, scope of more than 100 miles and a payload limit of up to 16,280 lbs and is accessible in US truck Classes 5 through 7 Unveils first all-electric utility can truck in view of Newton at EUFMC 2009 in organization with Altec, testing with PG&E Will likewise construct electric Ford Transit Connect vehicle in Kansas City

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E-Trucks at Port of LA Delivery of overwhelming obligation every single electric truck starts at Los Angeles port Partnership with the Port of Los Angeles, South Coast Air Quality Management District and a little maker, Balqon Corp. Nautilus E30 all-battery electric vehicle for work inside the port, and for short pulls outside Range of 40-60 miles for every charge, contingent upon load Charging time of three hours on 230v/480v chargers Unique association included R&D financing from the port, and future sovereignty game plan paid to port Photo: Los Angeles Times 02/25/09 Los Angeles Times,,0,6411132.story

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Freightliner CC, Parker Hannifin Show Hydraulic Hybrid Team of Freightliner and Parker Hannifin present another pressure driven cross breed stage Features Cummins ISB 2007 motor, a Parker water powered impetus framework, no transmission required Available in constrained volume for the time being Power recuperation is basic Hydraulic mixture recoups and reuses up to 70% of vitality amid the braking procedure Photo: Freightliner Custo

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