Storm Harm Evaluation Convention.

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Utilizations evaluated tree thickness (Very low, Low, and so forth.) Based on information from ... Will rely on upon accessible time and cash. ...
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Storm Damage Assessment Protocol Analysis and Reporting

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Overview Estimating Engine Report Means Resources

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Estimating motor Engine worked as Excel ® spreadsheet 6 worksheets Home/ReadMe – route, help PreStorm Data – setup information PreStorm Analysis – preparatory examination PostStorm Data – harm information PostStorm Analysis – report structure Codes, query tables – useful components Use of Excel ® in light of client study

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Hyperlinks for simple route

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Procedure Methods I Starts with field information Simple scaling by road miles Relies on test size being adequate for harm change No measurements connected for crisis use

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Procedure Methods II Pruning, evacuations: direct Debris: depends Pre-storm information Uses figured tree thickness No pre-storm information Uses evaluated tree thickness (Very low, Low, and so forth.) Based on information from 13 Northeastern people group Local costs utilized, tho midpoints recommended

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Report Means

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Report = Calculation page (PostAnalysis tab) Methods noticeable Advantages Credibility Ease, speed

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These qualities can be balanced by end client

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Validation Sampling demonstrated on report Means of arbitrary inspecting Percent road miles tested Numbers determined right on sheet Debris Pruning, expulsion Local expenses indicated

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Future Wish list Add 6-mo. harm stock Tree-by-tree Inspired by FS technique after Katrina Convert to single VB application Integrate with STRATUM Will rely on upon accessible time and cash

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Resources One-quit shopping: Resource/Learning Center Protocols, reports 8pp reflexive handout

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