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What Every Cell Phone. User SHOULD Know. Stormy Stark. Most Cell Phones Have. Texting Capability Cameras GPS Voice Recorder Potential Internet Capability. Cell Phone Uses. Phone Calls Checking Email Text Messages Instant Messaging Snapshots Listening to Music
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What Every Cell Phone User SHOULD Know Stormy Stark

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Most Cell Phones Have Texting Capability Cameras GPS Voice Recorder Potential Internet Capability

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Cell Phone Uses Phone Calls Checking Email Text Messages Instant Messaging Snapshots Listening to Music Connecting to the Internet

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Cell Phones Are Used Everywhere!!!

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In the News Sexting Tiger Woods Chris Brown Michal Phelps Twitter and Iran

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Texting and Sexting Teens send a normal of 2,272 writings for every month starting 2008 ( ) Katie Keating of AT&T: " Texting is turning out to be increasingly prominent, and developing at a marvelous rate. Content informing is currently hard-wired into our way of life. It\'s in our DNA - specific among youthful people." ( Survey discovered 60% of 16-19 year olds content while driving ( ) 12/2009 15% of 12-19 year olds in a review confessed to getting sexually suggestive material in an instant message ( `

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Sexting "High schoolers who are more exceptional clients of PDAs will probably get sexually suggestive pictures. For these high schoolers, the telephone has turned out to be such a critical channel for correspondence and substance of numerous sorts that turning it off is almost unbelievable." ( Forty-four percent of the young men say that they\'ve seen sexual pictures of young ladies in their school, and around 15 percent of them are spreading those pictures when they say a final farewell to the young ladies." Parry Aftab (

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Sexting Jessie Logan (age 18) Nude Photos Hope Witsell (age 13) Topless Photo Philip Alpert (age 18) Forwarding photographs—sex guilty party March 2009 in Spotsylvania, Va., two young men, ages 15 and 18, were accused of sales and ownership of tyke porn with expectation to disperse after an examination discovered they looked for naked pictures from three adolescents — one in primary school. (

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Celebrities and Texting Vanessa Hudgeons Tiger Woods Rihanna Unending rundown of individuals blamed including: Jessica Simpson Lily Allen Adam Giambrone John Mayer Greg Oden

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Camera Phones Michael Phelps Penn State Easy Facebook transfers Illegal electronic reconnaissance Boston 1/10 Expectation of protection

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Twitter " Twitter is a small scale blogging stage which permits you to distribute short messages of under 140 characters through various mediums like IM, cellphones and the web" ( twitter/) Users can "take after" different clients "Tweets" can be open or private Excellent advertising device

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Twitter\'s Impact "Not at all like Facebook, and most other interpersonal interaction locales, Twitter clients don\'t have to visit to utilize the administration." ( pencils 0-why-its-as yet working/) " In the crackdown taking after the debated Iranian presidential decision comes about … , the powers close down content informing, blocked Facebook and YouTube and remove the BBC Persian-dialect benefit — however they overlooked Twitter." (,2933,526403,00.html )

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Famous Names on Twitter Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore Ben Stiller Dave Matthews Allison Sweeney Ellen DeGeneres Lance Armstrong Neil Patrick Harris Taylor Swift Tom Cruise

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The End Questions? Remarks? Writings? Tweets?

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